A Few Thoughts on the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Controversy



– Without making an extensive blog topic about this, I just wanted to briefly provide my thoughts of the popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey, my thoughts on the movie and how certain sexual lifestyles and feminine tastes easily makes the scam of white feminism and white-knighting look even more retarded…


First of all – I went to see the movie this past weekend and ordered my tickets in advance, because I knew the movie would have been sold out – which it was. The theater was laced with young white women, applauding during specific scenes and secretly getting moist between the legs. I not only predicted it, but I sat next to three young white females who were in awe of the dominance of the Christian Grey character. It also happened when the song I Put A Spell On You came on during the credits. I decided to see the movie, even though I had not read the book and have no interest in doing so.

What I’ve known about this story for years is that it has created a slew of wannabe Doms who have no clue about the concept of BDSM, masochism, sadomasochism, S&M and sexual dominance is all about – which I will not get into at the moment. But pop culture and public opinion in general always had a way of influencing people that certain trends were somehow ‘cool’ or the essential route to take. But the truth is, pop culture and public opinion somehow ruins many aspects of lifestyle choices, whether they’re objectionable or virtuous. What this also proves is that the scam of white feminism and it’s ‘rape culture’ cognitive dissonances are just that – scams and cognitive dissonances. And I’m not saying this just for the sake of a book that sold hundreds of millions of copies nationwide, which causes the complaints from feminists who hate male sexuality that it somehow promotes ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘domestic violence’ to pale in comparison – especially as it pertains to what consenting adults do behind closed doors, by their own admission.

Secondly – As far as my personal opinion about the movie, I felt there was far too much hype surrounding it, which was done on purpose. Especially considering that it was released on Valentine’s Day weekend of 2015. I’ve written last year about my thoughts on Valentine’s Day, which is considered a lovers’ ‘holiday’ where women are overvalued. It’s also a time where hundreds of millions dollars are spent by men as a strange way to show their SO/LTR some sort of gratitude, in hopes or getting some boring, regimented sex – or the possibility of sex, at least. It’s not enough that western society caters to women as a whole, because they are the ones who spend more money (than men) on consumer garbage. But since, as Brad Pitt’s character said in Killing Them Softly, “America is not a country, it’s just a business”, it’s easy as pie to cater to a specific demographic who keeps the gravy train from spoiling. The filmmakers (like all businessmen) knew what they were doing by releasing the cinematic version of this ‘love story’ on V-Day. It was an insanely smart business strategy and it worked, even though the movie sucked (I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed). Hell, it may even be the highest grossing film of 2015.

Again, I have no interest in reading the book, but something tells me the book was much more intense than the way it was depicted in the movie. It was too soft-core and it lacked the intensity and adrenaline in 9 1/2 Weeks, Secretary, Lies, Crash (1996) or Sex & Zen. But too much intensity may not be a good look in the eyes of the general public, especially in post-feminist America – which is also why cinematic stories filled with action and machismo are almost nonexistent, or are just a thing of the past. If you think I’m lying, ask yourselves why there’s a massive decline of movies in the crime genre, let alone a decline of real-life masculinity outside of urban cities (where people have no reason to play nice in societies who’ve shown them little to no generosity).

Third – As I’ve mentioned in the first point above, the fact that millions of women (single or attached) are flocking in packs to see this movie (based on a highly successful book) proved just how futile and pointless feminism and regurgitated ‘rape culture’ chants truly are. Am I saying that it’s okay to rape anyone? Absolutely not. Does Fifty Shades Of Grey have any rape scenes in it? Absolutely not. If anything, it’s all about consensual BDSM, violent sex and limits being tested among consenting men and women. More than half of the movie was spent on the submissive female’s determination on whether she wanted her endurance levels to be tested or not. But when she got what she asked for, it was too much for her to endure because, unlike the other women in Christian Grey’s life, she was not only a stranger to intense sadomasochism, but she was also in love with him.

What this also proves is the natural selection of women attaching themselves to the dominant male, or dominant men. Like Beyonce asks in a song, “Who wants that perfect love story anyway?” But most people since childhood are taught to go though life with a cordial, amicable and milquetoast existence, which is also futile and counterproductive. Because this leaves most men extensively questionable and clueless in regards to female sexuality, which goes back to why Gen-Y women are only interested in less than a quarter of the male population. This also causes most men to drive themselves batty, asking questions like “Why does she keep running to that abusive asshole?” This is especially true in a time where black celebrities are constantly ostracized by western society by exercising dominion over women, even in more extreme scenarios.

– The success of Fifty Shades Of Grey (whether most of the female demographic enjoys BDSM or not) proves that there’s a significant amount of women (and men) who could care less about feminism’s cries, white knighting and captain save-a-hoe beta logic. The rise of female hypergamy and promiscuity also proves my point. I’ve said before that social and sexual butterflies have no time for that shit, as they’re too busy constructing their own lives, with their own desires and needs included.

But for some reason, people just love firing their weapons at noises in the dark.

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Controversy

  1. “Black celebrities are constantly ostracized by western society by exercising dominion over women, even in more extreme scenarios.”

    Are you talking about Hollywood’s treatment of black men in movies and television, by making them eunuchs and non-existent in films, while Hollywood continues to raise the SMV (Sexual Market Value) of white men in films and television? Or at the very least, give white men an active sex life, while virile black men have been made to become sterile in Hollywood?

    I was speaking of incidents involving domestic violence (Ray Rice, Chris Brown) and black men changing the games women play in divorce/family courts (Usher, Ludacris) and how they get attacked rampantly, not just by feminists, but TMZ. I could care less about black men being neutered in Hollywood, because in real life, we already know which brand of guys makes panties drop on a regular basis.

    Rather if it’s “Black Sails” with mulatto and white women, “Marco Polo” with asian women, or any primetime television show with black women, it seems white Hollywood is trying to re-establish white dominance over the darker/foreign women once again in order to satisfy their own racist ego. While black men go unnoticed and sexless throughout Hollywood media by deliberate force, it seems like Hollywood is positioning itself as a last bastion of white hope, where white men are unchallenged to have easy access to women. But we see what happens when their white glory days are challenged by other races of men and female hypergamy, as is the case of Elliot Rodgers.


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