LINKFEST: The Rise of Slutty White Womanhood

I’ve been holding back on writing a topic about the rise of slutty white womanhood, which includes their voluntary vices and lust for black men, the rise of female hypergamy and interracial swingers. I’m providing multiple links in regards to the epidemic of white female teachers caught in sex scandals with their students (including black teens). Regardless of the legality of the latter, the message proves that the insatiable desire of the female desire (which paradoxically leaves most men out in the cold) is unstoppable and is finally becoming an outlet.

There’s a lot I can say about all of this. But whether you assume I’m condoning this behavior or not, the reality is that an adult woman who has sex with a teenage male is not comparable to adult men having sex with teenage females, but that’s another story. And it’s not because of the notion that males and females view sex differently.

Teachers in Louisiana accused of having threesome with 16-year-old student

A Teacher Who Slept With Her Student Put Inappropriate Photos On Facebook

Teacher fired just because she was a stripper gets $45,000 settlement

2 thoughts on “LINKFEST: The Rise of Slutty White Womanhood

  1. Gonna have to disagree with you here bro. Most male rapists were molested or raped by a woman in their childhood. I had countless friends in high school who had “girlfriends” that were in their 20’s and 30’s when we were just in our teens. More than a decade later almost all of these guys are bona fide woman haters and/or alone. I have a friend who was 16 at the time he dated a 24 year old single mother. She played with his mind and now at 27 he hasn’t had another girlfriend since. He still deals with women but just sexually, he won’t trust one at all. Even when the end result isn’t this extreme if you look up the research done on boys who were sexually abused by women once they reach adulthood you see sex addicts, men who avoid women, men who hate women, men who have become homosexual, men with trust issues, depression, self harm, suicide, etc. So though we as a society may be less educated about it, the writing on the wall is too clear to ignore. The end result of sexual violence against boys is as destructive as it is against girls.

    Well, much of this stuff is not discussed for various reasons. For one, in a society that pedestals women, it’s easier to paint males in general as ‘scum’, because they believe men who complain about sexism is like the rich complaining about the rising cost of living. In teenage years, boys and girls see sex differently. Even in adolescence, most boys want to smash as many hot chicks as possible, like adult males do. This natural instinct and basic curiosity of boyhood is attacked in feminized American public education. Rape is something totally different. Truth is, even grown-ass men have women playing them like dummies. Unfortunately, people get too involved in their feelings and cannot differentiate great sex and love – some adults are highly guilty of it, sad to say. It happens because people play games, people are ‘slow’ and the ultimate package deal is hard to find.

    As far as my reasons for avoiding most women, sex plays a part in it because most women aren’t worth my time, because of their looks and sexual reciprocation. But most importantly, I grew up in a predominantly matriarchal black community and I saw the healthy amount of disrespect women had for men. I always predicted that most men and their sons would realize most women arent’ worth the trouble that they cause. This is certainly not a bad thing, as it causes many guys to raise the bar and set their standards higher, which is what I’ve done. Therefore, no time is wasted.

  2. Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Rick James, Ike Turner. All men that were sexually assaulted or raped by women or girls in their childhood. If that list doesn’t tell you everything you need to know then I don’t know what will. Some of them were teenagers, some were prepubescent. Some of the attackers were grown women, some were under 18 but still older and much more mentally mature than their victims. The end results are too clear, uniform and definitive to not acknowledge them brotha. Though I see through the lie of feminism like you, I also see a lot of men walking around with irrational anger towards women and as I stated in my previous comment for those I know personally, sexual violence perpetrated by a woman is in their past. All the men who were treated well by woman reciprocate and in turn treat women well. I can’t ignore something this blatant and I encourage you and everyone in society not to as well, our ignorance is creating monsters out of men because their angry that no one helped them when they were boys. To make matters worse unlike girls they don’t know in many cases they were abused, they just believe their escapades with older women are notches on their belt and as such can’t even figure out why they’re so angry to begin with.

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