Delusional Women Have No Clue On How to Differentiate “Thick” and “Fat”


I just want to point out something most men fail to understand. Only very few guys with high standards tend to shudder at the sight of this fuckery…

In the west, delusional women and desperate, impatiently horny men have no clue on how to differentiate ‘thick’ and ‘fat’.

This has been the case for a very long time, particularly when it comes to attracting most black men. In today’s hookup culture, the decimation prevails…

Why do some blacks like fat, flabby women? The reasons vary. More than 3 quarters of all AA women are overweight/obese. Since most black men don’t have the bravado or finances to travel abroad or afford better, they’re stuck with that. I understand the concept of having a fetish, but some fetishes are – in my view of things – bizarre. Some guys have preggo fetishes, foot fetishes, transsexual fetishes, etc.

Some of you may feel “pussy is pussy”. Growing up, I’ve heard guys openly admit they’d have sex with a fat, ugly woman providing she wears a mask or a paper bag around her face. I vehemently abhor that. The overall male thirstiness for sex (which has escalated by the allure and possibility of sex showcased on social media), select rap music and feminism in the west has made it to where many of us have lowered the bar. Whether it stems from natural selection, a slave mentality or whatever else, it leads to a new brand of perversion.

I definitely understand black men enjoying thick, curvy women with extra ‘handles’ to grab on. In fact, I had repeated multiple times with Mika (briefly mentioned here) – a mulatto escort who looks like a lighter Beyonce. She was taller than me, a borderline BBW with a real thick butt who felt immensely gratifying, especially in cowgirl and doggystyle positions. I literally begged her to let me do her right in the ass, even though I considered it a ‘punishment’ for her missing a last appointment, but she was too squeamish. She did let me paddle her ass red while she bit a pillow right after she sat her big ass on my face as I tossed her salad with Nutella! Damnit, I miss her!

Weight distribution is relevant when it comes to not only aesthetics, but sexual performance alike. Slender women and borderline BBWs – to an extent – are very flexible, fun to dominate, easy to bend, flip over, twist like pretzels, have standing 69 with, etc. You can’t do that with fatties. Sex with fatties are nasty, too much work, they tend to stink faster and have a harder time wiping and washing their asses and other hard-to-reach parts of their torsos. It may feel good to have them put their weight on you via cowgirl or face-sitting and they might take dick like troopers, but that’s it. In most male-centric avenues like strip clubs, brothels and such, you don’t find fat chicks at all. For one, most know better than to play themselves like that, because what self-respecting man is gonna spend his hard-earned money on them, let alone have psychological fantasies about them?

Let a chick think about that the next time she stuffs her fucking face with packets of Chips Ahoy cookies and Red Robin burgers advertised by that annoying white girl!

Sara Baartman
Sarah Baartman was sexually degraded for being fat just as much as she was for being black.

I’ve already explained how black sexuality has been degraded by white America. Without making a broad generalized swipe towards an entire demographic of people, western white women mimic brown-skinned women and their heritage in order to attract men. Look at what it’s turning into:

Black men’s ass obsession has invaded western pop culture and now, every woman wants to have a big, circular booty to where some chicks pay for it. What’s worse than that is the epidemic of fat-ass white girls with excess amounts of fat, adipose tissue, excess skin, spider veins and cottage cheesing around her legs and thighs somehow think she’s thick and thinks she’s hot shit… All because she got pursued by some thirsty-ass brotha who’ll run through anything with a crack. Now she assumes she has what it takes to compete with a black or Latina girl.

One significant mark behind why western women have become so fat and borderline-obese is the epidemic of burnt-out single mothers who work 10 hours a day (daily commutes + rush hour included), then having to tend to her badass kids and clear her head from pent-up anxiety. Thus, she feels she has no time to really pay attention to her looks and mental health. Along with maintaining a balanced diet regimen, that would be the smart thing to do. Since gyms today have day-care centers, there really is no excuse for that shit.

Most folks will agree with me on this; even white guys who’ll even finalize the likes of Iggy Azalea or Kim Kardashian as ‘fat’. But white men have tried for years to persuade the general public that “thin is in”, for the same reason they prefer extremely twiggy East-Asian girls. They classify any white woman as ‘trashy’ if she’s ever had sex with a black guy, whether she’s fat or not… unless maybe she’s Sarah PalinBut the best response to that is no response!

I won’t waste much time attacking what other men are attracted to, but the desperation of men who lust after certain types of women and body types creates an extremely low-grade cultural manifesto. The anti ‘fat-shaming’ memes recklessly tossed about by feminism doesn’t make shit any better in a lethargic, saturated fat/carbohydrate infested America. This proves that western culture, feminism and impatiently horny men will take what’s unacceptable and transforming it into something desirable. Their self-inflicted stupidity only makes the competition pool that much shorter. Ergo, lives are made easier.

You can give people a mirror as a method of tough love, or you can simply punish or avoid such people by not interacting with them and let them wallow in their own shit like pigs and flies. Either way, it proves you have a point of criterion you won’t reduce. You’d think people would get sick of having a shitty existence after enduring exhausting bouts of trial-and-error. Instead, they want to play the victim role when life repeatedly beat the shit out of them – even when they themselves are the common denominator.

But what else is new?

2 thoughts on “Delusional Women Have No Clue On How to Differentiate “Thick” and “Fat”

  1. I feel you on your points but if i’m gonna keep it 100…….

    I love fucking chubby women. I know you and everyone else is going to disagree but just hear me out. Much like you, as a young’n I absolutely abhorred the very site of a bigger woman and stayed with the thick and slender types. In college I befriended a girl who I would classify as chubby, not necessarily fat. A few rolls, love handles and what not but definitely not this behemoth whose body sagged out the sides when she sat down on a chair. After a few weeks texting back and forth she aggressively made it clear that we should “hang out” and spend time together. I invited her over thinking it would be just that and within half an hour we were at the beginning of what may have been the greatest romp I ever had in my life-no lie.

    What I realized was that though this was indeed a woman on the larger side of the scale, in relation to me as a man the terms big, fat, chubby etc are relative. What I mean by that is, as a woman who was slightly under 5 feet tall she was still very light and easy for me to pick up as a fully grown man. The extra weight and size resulted in an increased warmth while I was inside her and overall when she was on top. Like you pointed out, that cowgirl with a fluffy is absolutely UH-MAY-ZING. The extra weight put more pressure as she bounced up and down off of me and the simple fact is I’ve yet to be with a woman smaller than her where this position was even close to being as pleasurable.

    I still have a weight and appearance limit but honestly, the chubby (not fat) women don’t look bad at all once they take their clothes off and even when they have clothes on if they know how to dress correctly as a big girl should then they can even look fly in their own way outside the sheets. The women in the still pic are a great example, if your a big girl, just wear a loose dress when you go to the beach. It will cover the rolls and still accentuate the ass and breasts as it should. If your out and about don’t wear skin tight clothes as your body will look like mashed potatoes stuffed in a bag, wear something a little more loose.

  2. Like you said, the fatter the female population gets, the lower standards have to fall for the average Joe to get sex. Negroes don’t like fat women…Negroes with little money and social status like fat women. Look at Negroes with money and they don’t date fat women, white or black. Look at the beautiful white woman Eddie Murphy had on his arm. White dudes went ballistic when they saw the photos. Remember the white volleyball player TO was running around with?

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