Ending the ‘War On Drugs’ Would Disastrously Obstruct American Revenue


My perspective on the futile ‘war on drugs’ finalizes that it is not only a total devaluation of humanity, but a blatant attack on common sense and pragmatism. There’s something obscene about societies and laws who prey on people who either fell on hard times or did what came naturally just so that a “few” people can continuously be spoiled and coddled to. It reminds me of a melancholic rap lyric by rapper Young Jeezy, which states:

“Tonight I can’t sleep. We livin’ in hell.

First, they give us the work, then they throw us in jail.”

Without dwelling into the heart of the matter, conservatism, white sexual insecurity and a determination to further disenfranchise blacks and Latinos via economics has played a significant role in the American drug war, which has also invaded parts of Central America and Latin America. The government, capitalists and oligarchies know this is their trump card – but now, more people are hip to their scams. That said, some people are under the assumption that since whitey has been exposed, they have certain blacks doing their work for them.

I’m cognizant of black race-CONscious idiots assuming rap artists who ‘promote’ drug distribution via rap lyrics are somehow responsible for putting more blacks in jail/prison for petty drug charges. Other black race-CONscious go on witch hunts and moral crusades by saying black drug barons are ‘killing their own people’. Yet, they lack the guts to stand up to the white men and governments who are doing the same exact shit, but with worse aftereffects. Truth is, the ‘war on drugs’ happens to be not only an excuse to massively incarcerate black men, Latinos and poor whites. More substantially, it is a booming business – like blacks doing free menial labor that whites were too fucking lazy to do.

Ending the ‘war on drugs’ would retrogress revenue, unless greedy white businessmen found ways to profit from the legislation of it – which is what they’ve done recently with ‘medical’ marijuana. Historically, the same happened with alcohol. The government has found a way to keep the cash flow coming in, though the wealth will not mobilize. This is something blacks have been highly imprisoned for within the past 50 years. And while we’re on the subject, why are blacks still imprisoned for that shit? And tell me, what’s the difference between generic or street marijuana? Aren’t they both used for the same thing, whether people have epilepsy, MS or not?

I’m quite confident that ending the drug war would give capitalists and governments new methods to devalue humanity, insult the intelligence of the public and further disenfranchise people they personally fear or despise. My guess is that they’d raise taxes or the cost of living, destroy contraceptives or create some new ‘war’ to profit from – ‘war on prostitution’, ‘war on profanity’, ‘war on men’, ‘war on kids’, ‘war on landlines’, ‘war on analog TVs’, ‘war on pitbulls’… You get my point.

I suppose creating new technological inventions, gadgets and toys aren’t enough for them to get rich off of, although most Gen-Y folks think twice about buying shit they don’t need, unless it’s the latest iPhone or a pair of Jordans. Maybe they’ll build more prisons to house more disobedient non-conformists, but how many people would actually stand for that? Will they even have a choice?

America’s drug war has bizarrely ruined more lives than the drugs people choose to get high with in itself. While I see what heroin and crack does to people, isn’t it as damaging as binge drinking, drunk driving, birth defects via alcohol usage or overdosing on OTC medicine and prescriptions? What about the side effects caused by overdosing on anabolic steroids, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Ibuprofen or even PDE5 inhibitors? How’s about hyperactive schoolchildren forced to take Ritalin, even without the parents’ consent?

What I’m saying is that any drug can kill a person if they overindulge, regardless of it’s legality. But… at the end of the day, it ultimately depends on who profits from it.

Take Eric Garner – a huge black man who was harassed by cops for distributing loose, untaxed cigarettes (a major sin according to the government). This is the same shit Muslim Arabic shopowners get away with in urban gas stations, liquor stores and tobacco shops – the disrespect these cocksuckers have for blacks is just as deplorable.

The same rigged rules apply when it comes to prostitution. The world’s oldest profession was alright until black men got into the mix. Then feminism comes about, loaded with lonely black women and pasty white suburbanite oinks. They, like captain save-a-hoes, created a popular urban myth that sex workers ‘degrade’ themselves to support drug habits. Well, consider several things:

  • Is this different from… let’s say… cougars and MILFs who gets “white girl wasted” and fucks 3 guys in one night?

  • Is this different from people who work tiring city jobs spending their weekly paychecks on their gambling addictions?

  • Can the same be said for welfare recipients who spend $50 a week on cigarettes, beers and other drugs to calm their nerves?

  • Is it more ‘manly’ to spend up to several hundred bucks on dates with no promise of reciprocation?

  • Human sexuality is far from degrading. Yes, some guys pay a female dominatrix to piss and shit on them and slam them in the ass with strap-ons. But isn’t the theme similar to law enforcement who gets paid to steal from and shit on people, which creates a bigger audience of losers who pay to get off on someone else being defiled? Isn’t that something that The Anglosphere and Muslims are notoriously good at?

  • Is this really about saving grown people from themselves, as if they’re a bunch of toddlers who ‘accidentally’ drunk kerosene? Or is it about making examples of certain people who they either don’t like, or see as a threat to their fragile infrastructures? How can a grown person allow themselves to be ‘exploited’ or ‘trafficked’ unless they are physically feeble, brain dead or too forgiving?

  • Are white cougars who engage in female sex tourism ‘degrading’ black studs by fucking them in exchange for currency? The same white women who are against renting time don’t mind engaging in it, as long as it’s done with a black stud or a gutless beta provider. Some idiot will try to twist it and say black men are ruining the ‘sanctity of white womanhood’.

  • How many of these ‘moral high grounders’ come to the defense of female celebrities who’ve either knowingly spread HIV or committed suicide (Marilyn Monroe, Phyllis Hyman, etc.) because they found their lives to be too desolate to carry on with?

But again, the fake outrage depends on who’s dime people are having fun on.

I forgot to mention the dirty cops who plant evidence on average people and black business owners who they are sickeningly jealous of. The same shit happened in the 1920s during the collapse of Black Wall Street. That history has already repeated itself: A history of talented black men whose lives are ruined with false rape claims and arbitrary women who knows all she has to do is say one sentence and people automatically come to her defense, without evidence. And even when she’s caught in a lie, where’s the compensation or insurance?

Then, there’s the association fallacy – where cops prey on innocent people, leading to arrests, asset forfeiture and other types of highway robbery, all of which leads to more revenue generation. This creates a very toxic undercurrent where more blacks imprisoned for petty drug charges and other consensual ‘crimes’ – which creates less prison space for pedophiles, rapists, murderous policemen, white collar criminals and even judges who sentence people based on personal vendettas and kickbacks.

It’s easy to tell people “go to college”, “get a safe job” or “do it the right way”. They fail to realize that the world is filled with smart, broke MFs as much as it’s laced with the working poor. People go that route to either support themselves, do what comes naturally or because they are not fit to take orders from another person. There are people who would truly feel degraded if they had to work at McDonald’s, ISC, Ikea or Macy’s (especially during the holiday season). Plus, working longer hours for the same pay means you’re being paid less. Time is money! In today’s economy, employers want people to have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to do jobs 9th graders can do.

Without the money generated from this form of anarchy, the game would be up for the ‘elites’. Add to that if every black guy would be release from the industrial prison complex for drug trafficking, it would be hard for them to get hired. But it would be hard for the guys at the top, too, unless they found new ways to decimate people.

One thought on “Ending the ‘War On Drugs’ Would Disastrously Obstruct American Revenue

  1. Not much else I could say, except good stuff.

    I only really approve of marijuana being legalized, mostly for the hemp. Hemp can be used for building materials, oils, and they just recently found out it can be used as a superconductor.

    Every country that has legalized drugs, or replaced incarceration with treatment, has less people who do drugs, and the real trouble comes from people who came from countries like ours, and they attempt to cut loose.

    Really enjoyed the read. You’ll be hard pressed to eliminate the greed and envy that comprises Western society.

    Yes. Any sane-thinking person living in the USA knows it’s not that fit to live in, regardless of the perks and materialism thrown at them. That said, I can’t blame them. Places where drugs are legal don’t have the reckon amount of drug users. Then again, people like to get high. What is it our business?

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