An Obvious Veracity about Reality TV, Pop Culture and TV Shows Like “Empire”


For the past decade, I couldn’t help but notice the rampant glorification of viragoes. While this type of female behavior has worsened over the years, I’ve observed various types of criticisms on social media and blogs about a popular new television show called Empire.

Empire is a show created by black filmmaker Lee Daniels, who has a knack for telling stories that show blacks in a slavish and disfavorable, yet realistically dark sense (Monster’s Ball, The Butler and Precious). Empire tells the story of a dying, self-made CEO/hip-hop mogul and his barely tolerable ex-wife (who spent nearly two decades in prison for drug trafficking) who somehow feels she is entitled to his fortune. After being released from prison, the ex – named Cookie – exercises her rambunctious cutthroat element in nearly every human transaction she’s in, shows her ass in public, even in a literal sense and in front of her three sons, who she pits against eachother to rationalize her own status.

Empire is such a television show which, in a utilitarian sense, is not that far-fetched from most reality-based TV shows which deals with human heart-attacks waiting to happen – in this case, bloodthirsty female vultures trying to obtain the ‘grand prize’ (money, status, ego or the dominant male). This offers the general public a glimpse of how women truly behave among one another and towards the men and children in their lives. No speculation; I’ve seen white women behave in very fucked-up and erratic senses towards other women in competition for status. This also includes practicing one-upmanship over their peers to be the first to give up the ass to popular black studs (aka “female hypergamy”). It’s just that white women are less violent and more slick about their nefarious tendencies. Otherwise, they aren’t that different from the sistaz.

Advocatus Diaboli explained perfectly how female consumerism plays a part in the epidemic of television going into ‘pussy power’ mode (which usually begins at 11am on most U.S. televisions). So, since women are becoming empowered in financial and legal senses, they can get away with anything they please, like the American police. While this is nothing new to most of us who are active in real-life situations, it only seems that way to the general public because of the rampant production of shows which depict black female characters being strong and obnoxious – most male characters are either gay, weak, pussy-whipped, subordinate and therefore, vulnerable. As a result, the women have more balls than the men.

Certain elements of the show (like other shows) also reveals how the government and their peons (employees) use women as honey traps in attempts to crush powerful, dominant males.

Some of you may say “no other race of people would allow themselves to be portrayed in this light because they have more tact.” There is some merit to that line of thinking, which is why it’s hard to find Asians on Jerry Springer and Maury, let alone an Asian rendition of Jersey Shore, The Game or Nip/Tuck – but that’s not to say Asian Gen-Yers don’t live like that, because they do. While a certain demographic enjoys this source of entertainment, I’m aware of the other moralistic and black race-CONscious fucktards who yell from the rooftop that it’s some conspiracy theory created to destroy black families or the image of black women. Bull-fucking-shit!

Reality TV, pop culture and television shows like Empire, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bridezillas and Flavor of Love and other elimination-based reality/game shows showcases the grim realities of competition and humans being disposable. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheating wives, power-hungry women in positions of power or people in general who screw over others (including family members) to get the grand prize. But, how is this different from what goes on in America’s boardrooms, where people do spiteful, underhanded shit to get raises, promotions and other perks?

There has always been some ingrained desire among humans to screw over and dominate others, even though nothing is gained from it, except the illusion of power, vanity and status. Nearly every relationship is based on that sum-zero platform where someone gains, someone loses. There’s no way of getting around that, ever.

Some may either think it encourages vainglorious behavior, but art imitates life. Life, unfortunately, also imitates art in a generation of people who have a massive identity crisis. So, while impressionable people might think that shit is acceptable, it’s already been normalized in daily life. It is a true reflection of the lifestyles and desires of underhanded people (in this case, women) who lie, scam, cheat, steal, scorn, abuse and fuck their way to the top. But hasn’t it always been like this? What makes anyone assume that women would be exempt from screwing people over? Because white male patriarchy says women are the ‘weaker’ sex?

You see, nearly every aspect of human nature has become filled with viragoes who feel that a man’s job is to build them a ship (an empire) and allow them to automatically take charge. Thus, they bring nothing to the table except greed, bad manners (attitude) and some pussy.

Men build infrastructures and legacies, only to provide the women in their lives luxury. Yet somehow, they get far too ahead of themselves and feel they’re entitled to call the shots, even if she voluntarily accepts the status of being a cyclical trophy wife. When their original strategies (retirement plans, entitlement issues and one-sided hypergamy) backfire against them and their youth license expires, you end up with a commonality of women who live vicariously through others (celebrities, fictitious characters, their sons or their simp-ass sperm donors/overachieving idiot husbands). We’ve seen the outcome in matriarchal societies and public education, infested with multitudes of ugly bitches with control issues.

Tom Leykis stated not too long ago that diva-induced daytime television has made western women stupider. As a result, it screws the rest of us up, unless you’re one of those young single guys who has other outlets.

Peculiarly, the same people who praise Empire and Real Housewives will complain about rap music and it’s possible effects on young black men preferring instant gratification over things like LTRs, spirituality and other ‘Kodak moments’. This would make up for another topic post, but if anything, rap music (to a degree) provides young men a glimpse of true power, which includes how to deal with authority figures, women and the status quo. This includes doing whatever it takes to make money, maintaining self-respect and coming to the conclusion that while pussy may be the sweetest joy or form of escapism, pussy is interchangeable. Some people may listen to rap lyrics that celebrate promiscuity, easy money and drug use and say “that’s not a lifestyle”. Actually, it is a lifestyle. For the rich and shameless – whether they are The Hamptons, Hollywood executives, entertainers, or black urban dickheads with killer instincts.

But a specific demographic of men – especially those in LTRs and elder black men – don’t have it that good like unattached Gen-Y guys do. They’ve spent their prime catering to women, doing ‘the right thing’ and succumbing to the scams of marriage, spirituality and patriotism.


  1. It is often said that when someone sits down to watch TV or go to the movies, they want to see a more glamorous or exciting version of themselves. Watching James Bond or Jason Bourne in car chases in various countries breaks the tedium of sitting behind a desk.

    Adding ethnicity is a different issue. Understandably, black people would rather see themselves as strong, attractive characters. Same holds true for other groups. Most white guys do not look like Jon Hamm or George Clooney, but men will buy suits they wear in the movies.

    People whose lives are not exciting live vicariously through others, even cinematic characters and celebrities. Women do this well, but certain men are following their league, whether they’ve been feminized or not.

    As for shows that feature trashy behavior, it does appear that black viewers are far more willing to support – but they did draw the line “Homeboys in Outer Space” back in the 90s :).

    I remember that show. Never saw it, but I was a kid when it hit the airwaves.

    There was an attempt to make a Korean-themed Jersey Shore knock-off called “K-Town”, but it was limited to online viewing, and never went anywhere. OTOH, many Asian groups pushed hard for the short-lived show “Selfie”, which featured John Cho as a leading man opposite Dr. Who’s Karen Gillan. The show was cancelled after six episodes by ABC, but groups pressured the network to air the rest of the episodes on the ABC website and Hulu. Professional critics, including Vanity Fair magazine, called it the dumbest cancellation of the season, given the chemistry between the two and online viewing numbers were going up weekly. Cho’s and Gillan’s ethnicity were not central, but it was ignored either.

  2. I agree that day time television is unwatchable. I don’t have cable and don’t watch much beyond pbs and Seinfeld. I disagree on the conspiracy theories about black people on television. Once is a coincidence, twice is a pattern. It is no coincidence that the majority of predominantly black television is filled with buffoonery and mind numbing drivel.

    Yes. While a show like Empire is not as bad as other television shows, the glamorization of the ‘Cookie’ character is atrocious. But again, it represents the true desires, mindsets and lifestyles of certain types of women. I’m sure the same can be said about men who glamorize cinematic villains.

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