The Disney Myth: 1

game over

First off, let me start this topic/series off with what The Disney Myth actually is and where I’ve got it from. In David J. Ley’s 2009 book, Insatiable Wives, he explains that The Disney Myth is generally a fairy-tale-like belief that “love will conquer all” and that if you fall in love with ‘the right person’, then it’s “happily ever after” from thereon out. As if it’s not possible to become attracted to someone other than your SO. If you ever argue, put hands on eachother, divorce or experience a tragedy beyond your control, let alone find yourself attracted to someone else (whether it’s sexual or not), guess what? There is no “happily ever after” in that.

Recently, I’ve stumbled across a Facebook post written by Hollywood actress Jada Pinkett Smith (the wife of Will Smith), where she believes a war on men is basically created through promiscuity, ‘warrior culture’ and the preference of money and lust over love and stability. To use a quote from her — check this out:

“The woman […] has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of such nonsense, but unfortunately, this idiocy has prevailed into the perspectives of most people. This is especially true in regards to not only feminists, white knights and educators, but the older generation, who’s still running shit, even though their time is running out.

Here’s where I dissent…

Women (and their white knighting lapdogs) love providing lip service and empty slogans about love, but never follow through with it. Even they use divorces and their offspring as ultimate retirement plans. Even if that weren’t the case, it’s unnatural to surrender your life to one person only. Just as important, in societies where women are put on pedestals, havoc is wreaked. What people don’t understand about all of this ‘love’ shit (like ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘bootstrap’ lecturing) is that we’ve tried that before. For years. And it still hasn’t worked. Even when it did, how long did that last before it was dismantled by others? The only true love that lasts forever is the love between parents and children, pets and their owners, businessmen and commerce, or insecurity and self-hatred.

As far as these women go, love – like chivalry – is illogical. Not just for the notion that women killed chivalry, but honestly… has anyone ever put into perspective of “risk vs. reward” or the amount of reciprocation for sacrifices made? Have you looked at the interior lives of men who’ve made sacrifices for the sake of shit like ‘love’, ‘chivalry’ and ‘loyalty’?

Can love really conquer all? Can it really? Is there that much love in the world to where some idiot will allow himself to endure sexless marriages, overpriced honeymoons, anniversaries, wasted youth and being on the verge of falling off the deep end? Even in a ‘perfect’ world where most people preferred love over money, people have their options, whether you like it or not.

Can love really outweigh power and control? Can it outweigh greed and adventure? Or is this another Disney Myth mindlessly tossed in the air by feminists, pompous actresses, white knights and stupid men who want so badly to invent time machines to reverse it back to the “good old days”? A time when people lived life slow and did what they were told? A time where women were loyal, men were workhorses and children knew ‘their place’?

Women are the biggest perpetrators of that shit, because they don’t put their necks on the line like men do. Unfortunately, a handful of men are following their lead, under the blind assumption that doing ‘the right thing’ will offer some sweetheart of a deal in the future. Hierarchies built on the so-called foundation of loyalty, fidelity, love and even control were easily dismantled and destroyed, even to date. Whether it’s the fault of other humans, new regime, the system, the matrix or whatever… that can’t used as an excuse anymore.

Royal marriages, arranged marriages and traditional hierarchies were never good. Not even for whites, but especially for blacks and women. In the plantation era, that plus the illusion of ‘god’ was all they’ve had – that was what whites (and Arabs) reduced them to. They had no other alternatives and avenues to lean towards. Blacks and women have been at the bottom of the food chain for centuries. And people still want to operate on blind faith, or invest in failed institutions?

Isn’t longing for a ‘perfect world’ of love, traditionalism, loyalty and voluntary slavery a disheartening act of despair?

Variety is the spice of life. Oddly, so is psychological warfare. Both are not only used in every aspect of human relationships, but it provides us with a sense of adventure and reminds us that we’re alive. Both are used even when it comes to maintaining businesses, jobs, basic human selection or dealing with human scum, on-point simps and uppity bitches. However… psychological warfare can be crippling, if it goes unchecked and unlearned. Isn’t life hard enough without dealing with ‘love’, spirituality and other scams, drugs or genetic mental illnesses that can cripple you?

Tell me, what’s more superior than nature taking it’s course, which is what’s happening in today’s world? Every relationship is based on a zero-sum platform, by nature. Unlike a supply-and-demand relationship, where both parties get what they want, walking away happy. Women embrace vanity and exuberance. Men embrace money and carnality.

Even for the single mother with kids who’s single, by her own admission – even she realizes today you prosper more when you’re alone. More men and their sons are waking up to the harsh realities that women’s only power is sex in nature, black OR white. Before any of you say “what about the woman who’s somebody’s mother?” – well, a woman has to get fucked in order to be a mother, doesn’t she? Unless, she finds a sperm donor and even that is sexual, in nature.

I’ve said this about the spirituality scam – the concept of “happily ever after”, like “good vs. evil”, fucks us up. But again, women regurgitate that shit more than anyone else. And look where it has gotten us so far (especially black men)? Power and control has always outweighed love and a multitude of infrastructures (female ’empowerment’, capitalism and legalism included) proves my point, even in today’s world.

But regardless of all of the concrete evidence written in stone, people continue to delude themselves with nostalgia and those are the primary demographics of people who get dicked. Society provides far too much lip service about loyalty, patriotism, delayed gratification and sacrifice, only to impale the very idiots who believe that shit.

The primary goal of human existence is to stack your chips, get your body tight and then put yourself in a position where you aren’t dependent on anyone. This is something that should be done in your teenage years, your 20s and your early 30s. Anytime after that may be too late. The ultimate goal should never be about pleasing society, let alone finding the ‘right woman’ to sweep you off your feet. Now, if we’re talking about pussy being used as a positive motivating force, then splendid! I notice that for a lot of guys who operate based on the allure of paid sex and/or escaping typical western cunts and LTRs in general. For some of us, our first mission is to battle our nemesis (whether it’s your personal demons or second-party interference) and unlearn standardized dogmas bestowed upon you. Stop wasting your fucking time listening to women, old folks and traditionalists bombinate about what they want.

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