What Do You Need Them For?


Not too long ago, I was at the gym – Upon freshening up in the locker room, I noticed several guys engaging in conversation about women. It ranged from women using men to pay their utilities (with or without repayment) and how much they love drama. I ended up in the middle of it, which is something I don’t do often (I choose to stay in my own lane) and an older guy in his late 40s conversed exclusively with me. Knowing I was much younger than him, he went on about how the younger generation of men have more avenues and options.

The general attitude among the men went along the lines of this: If I have to go through all of that, what do I need her for?

Dealing with today’s women in societies full of ‘goddess recognition’ (The Anglosphere, The Middle East, etc.) is similar to dealing with American ‘law enforcement’. You have to tip-toe through a landmine, be psychologically ready to pass stupid mind games and while it may seem unavoidable at times, in general, it’s not worth it. You may ask yourself if I’m comparing women to the police. Well, both have their similarities, especially when it comes to lack of accountability, expecting to be bailed out after doing stupid shit and possessing ‘perks’ everyone either fears or depend on. Except ‘law-and-order’ only has the power of weaponry.

Women’s only power is sex. Without sex in nature, women’s roles as mothers, wives, LTRs and SOs are generally useless.

I’ve heard women say the same about men in general, whether they are established or dependent on ‘big daddy government’ (the welfare state, the child support hustle, etc). Regardless of how today’s woman can make her own money, she has no reason to waste her time or peak years on a man who is either incapable of getting her rocks off, or one who can’t fix things in her house.

Only when a woman’s kids become incorrigible or when her youth license expires does she become in favor of finding ‘mr. right’. That or she attempts to sucker men into signing marriage contracts. It worked for slaves, you know. In plantation era, married men (slaves) were less likely to rebel or run away.

Paid sex, porn, strip clubs and hookup culture has made it hard for average, mediocre-looking drama queens and fat, Spongebob-looking hoes to get men to surrender their lives, dignity and paychecks to them. This is similar to the prohibition; even then, women complained about men spending more time at bars or getting high than with their decomposing wives. I know I’ve made mention of this before, but the ugly truth bears repeating. Not to mention, most people are slow. History repeats itself because idiots refuse to learn from or about their history…

Fast-forward to 2015: women still complain about younger generations of men preferring immediate gratification. Why? Because it’s all about them. Your opinions, desires, needs and rights are null and void to them. Even on social media, if you say anything that goes against their belief system, you will be blocked, your comments will be deleted and she will achieve a gathering of clueless idiots who will kiss her ass in hopes of a score. In real-life, it’s no different. Though traditionalism is dying, the older generation are still running shit. Traditionalists, feminists, religious fanatics and race-CONscious people may occasionally gang up and tell anyone who’s dumb enough to fall for it to find religion and go the ‘old school’ route. None of which is foolproof. I could write an entire topic dedicated to the myth that fat, ugly, clergy women are nicer, which is another lie. I’ve seen far too much disrespect lashed out on total strangers by these types of women, but that’s another story.

In today’s world, women – like rich workaholics – can pay landscapers, gardeners and handymen to do their own yard work and install appliances in their homes, in exchange for money or, sometimes, sex. If they want to complain about men viewing them as pieces of meat, that’s too damned bad. Because guess what? Women view men as Energizer batteries. Once a man or men runs out of energy and stamina, she has no use for them, let alone a reason to respect them. This even comes from a caliper of ‘good girls’ whose duplicitous tendencies catches up with them eventually. It’s very similar to some stupid, piece-of-shit man who attacks or cheats on his wife repeatedly, then expects her not to ‘get him back’.

My point is this… Other than sex, occasional conversing, having a ‘get-high’ partner or having a warm body to lay next to… what do you need them for? Love? Fuck love. My mother even told me once that too many people are six feet under on account of ‘love’. Besides, without all of the emotional crap (except in a BDSM format), sex is even better.

The slogan ‘love is blind’ has more merit than most of you want to believe. The writings are on the wall of how fucked up people in general are, but for some reason, folks choose to persist under the assumption they can change a person. Do you want an emotional connection? Get a dog or adopt a kid. Wanna engage in a pissing contest? Start some shit in a ghetto hood, set up a pseudo UFC match and let that suppressed rage out. Want to overindulge in conversation? Have nothing more than a FWB/NSA union with women, or hang out with your guy friends. Wanna spread your genetic ‘legacy’? I wouldn’t recommend that you reduce yourself to a breeder. I would say become a sperm donor, but because women can be so salacious, we see how that’s turning out!

I’ve noticed a disturbing celebration of married couples disregard platonic relationships that were embraced since high school or beyond. Pompous female celebrities publicly admit their husbands aren’t ‘allowed’ to have female friends, because it’s somehow ‘good for the marriage’. While this isn’t as bad as women who isolate their husbands away from their own unmarried friends and siblings, the question is… why do people allow this shit? If you have to go through all of that, what the fuck do you need them for?

Generally, in order for the high-value man to maintain an unrivaled existence, he must always embrace the ‘risk vs. reward’ concept when it comes to dealing with human transactions. Ask yourselves whether or not a woman under your radar is even worthy of spending time, money and energy on. Never settle for less than your specific standard or taste in a woman and even then, if she is not reciprocal to your desires and if she’s not willing, then fuck her.

No one woman is worth catering to, nor caring about (let alone chasing) if she is not advertising her sexual availability to you, whether it’s exclusively to you or to a group of men whose attention she craves to validate her esteem to make her life easier. I’ve said this before: women outnumber men by at least 10:1; for black men, the ratio is much higher. That said, there is no reason to chase, violate or worship one woman. Doing stupid shit like that will only ruin it for yourself and the next generation of young men who wants to get their dicks… oops, I’m sorry… ‘feet’ wet.

Remember: Do not be an asshole. It will work against you in the long run. As long as you don’t get married, have kids, spread life-crippling STDs, share a house with a woman, fall in love, work for a woman or use physical confrontation, she can never have any dominion over you.

If society, your race or some capricious woman call themselves trying to ‘check’ you for acting on your natural impulses or shame you into accepting traditional roles and provide ‘goddess recognition’ to women… ask the following question: What do you need them for?

Or you can take it a step further, by asking them “what do you do other than look pretty, spend my money and waste my time providing a bunch of lip service?”

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