Time Constraints Takes a Toll On Your Health

I understand that time is the greatest enemy of humans, since eternal life is nonexistent. In western societies, time constraints are sadly seen as normal. As a result, most people rush to get from point A to B, while others waste their time on regimented bullshit and compliance with the status quo, which leads to more people rushing to get from point A to B.

Because of restrictions bestowed upon adolescents, many of them rush to enter adulthood. As they enter adulthood, many of them realize it’s not all fun and games – particularly for those living on their own and those who are married with children, which is another waste of time.

In spite of the facts, everyone’s in such a rush to become adults, have their own place, find some sort of soulmate or make it to hostile work environments on time, based on someone else’s watch. Most people live based on someone else’s rules and time constraints. Not to mention the fact that people waste their time with failed institutions and believing they aren’t supposed to be in authority of themselves. So, as people waste their time, they run out of time to live for themselves and do anything useful, let alone escape the concept of group-think.

Blacks are unique to a degree because of their failure to operate like this – unless they are corporate drones, in a state of emergency, or are standing in line for Michael Jordan shoes, or trying to get some pussy. So, they operate on what’s called CPT (colored people’s time). Similarly, look at the quality of life in third world countries. Without name-dropping, they have no time constraints, no deadlines and no hysteria caused by time limitations given to them by society, their parents and their ’employers’ (slave masters). They have superior interpersonal relationships than those in The Anglosphere (white-dominated societies), where everything consists of commerce, academia and law-and-order scams. The Anglosphere suffer from time constraints and wasted time, which feeds off of eachother and places added pressure unto the human psyche, driving everyone batshit.

Wasted time, like rushing (based on time constraints), leads to severe cases of burnout and other types of maniacal behavior. Thus, bad decisions are made without conscientiousness and it makes others knee-jerky. Quality pastimes have to be done with care, like sex, conversing, driving and rational decision making. Rushing also stems from people being too dependent on others for status or basic existence, which also takes a toll on you.

Time is of the essence – I know that. I know nothing lasts forever, which is also why trends are set and the cost of living increases. This is also why women, by their own admission, give the best years of their lives to ‘bad boys’ and other dudes with an omnivorous audacity. They know once they become a certain age (40-50), most men won’t give them the time of day. Whereas by the time the average man gets into his 50s and above, he may as well hang up the lifestyle of bachelorhood. And yes there are exceptions, but how many are there? How do most people spend their time in the USA anyway?

Most of our time is spent on all things in relativity to conformity and obedience. Valuable time is wasted on obedience to authoritarian figures who could care less about us. Then, there’s obedience and loyalty to ‘the god delusion’, failed institutions, maintaining high GPAs and IQs to enter universities, with no guarantee of job stability and career trajectories. Time is also spent on analyzing the characters of other people whose anger, unluckiness and other ‘issues’ rubbed off on us somehow. Time is also spent on scams of ‘legalism’, morality and conformity. Then, there’s daily commutes, shitty jobs with shitty pay, discovering and inventing our own identities as adulthood creeps upon us.

Then… yes… there’s time wasted on taking high risks, whereas the reward is not as high as the risk taken. This includes shitty marriages, friendships with snakes in the grass… not to mention dating mediocre people in hopes of carnal outcome, which takes far too long to occur. Men waste even more time further pursuing possible sex partners who never dropped their drawers amid the third date, thus they keep trying.

Tragically, this is normalized in The Anglosphere. That time could have been spent on starting a business, learning to be an independent contractor, smashing “bad bitches”, exercise, eating healthy, traveling, reading redpill blogs, spending time with pets and family members, learning new languages, watching sports games, etc.

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