YouTube Spoken Word: Thugtician’s “Thugblaming: Just More Racism”

Here’s an old video I’ve discovered from a participant in the old “Wall Of Silence” (Black MGTOW) movement started on YouTube back in 2009-2010. His name is Thugtician, a black man from the U.K. who was well aware of the effects of feminism and the disenfranchisement of males in The Anglosphere. This spoken word is intensely true, even in today’s age where white societies and clueless blacks blame the fate of single mothers on black alpha males.

He admits there are racial overtones in the rhetoric of black men being “sexually irresponsible” and black men being the cause of their own misfortunes lashed out against them by bitter black women and racist ‘american law enforcement’. He explains that white males are in fact worse than black men when it comes to the treatment of women. White males like to be seen as ‘chivalrous’, yet they make up the majority of pedophiles, rapists, prostitute killers, child abusers and other types of abusers of women (the same can be said about Arabic men).

This is especially true in a decade where there are rampant attacks on black manhood, which have gotten more exposure thanks to pop culture and modern technology.

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