Defiling America’s Sweethearts


Recently, there was an article written by Matt Forney at Return Of Kings about where young white girls get money from to engage in the materialism and a dreamworld most women of ‘other’ ethnicities aren’t provided with. The article brought to light of the most vulgar and darker side of white female sex tourism (where black men are not present – I say that because most folks assume that female-initiated foreign travel flings usually include black men).

The article assumed that most young females who use Instagram expose themselves as sex workers, thanks to the reckon amount of selfies laced with materialism, attention-whoring and sexual availability. But then, it exposes the most horrifying form of vomit-inducing decadence in relativity to human sexuality in collaboration with degenerate Arab culture…

Young blonde (white female) sex workers fly to Middle Eastern countries to engage in unnatural sex with Arabs for tens of hundreds of dollars; which includes white women being used as public toilets (literally being shitted and pissed on). In some instances, the women voluntarily return the favor.

This also gives us a glimpse of what happens when the lunacy of white feminism meets the degeneracy of Arabic culture.

As far as my contempt and disdain for Arabs as well as the religions of Islam and Muslim, that makes for another topic. The liberal’s refusal to publicly chastise it doesn’t make it any better. It also warns us not only how stupid much of American culture truly is, but it should also warn us of whom the american public fears the most. I think we’re all smart enough to put two and two together there.

My beef with Arabs persons, Muslims and Islamic religions deals with their culture’s tendencies to justify degeneracy, slavery, murder, hypocrisy and it’s horrific hold on women and children. Though most religious regimens justify the same shit, I find Islamic ‘principles’ to be even worse than Christianity (created by whites, who are equally deplorable). To date, female family members are engaged in ‘honor killings’, which includes being decapitated, tortured, stoned to death and forced to eat fecal matter, in broad daylight.

This highlights the hidden reality that people reap what they sow. If you don’t pay for it, your children will.

Now, this proves three key elements pertaining to not only how whites are receiving their karma, but how degenerate they and Arabs are alike.

1) The emasculation of white males – White men are losing their hierarchic power, which includes their loss of control over their women first. In post-feminist societies, female hypergamy prevails, which leaves most men hanging. White males turning to homosexuality, incest, ‘law-and-order’ cheerleading, gun obsession, alcoholism, ‘game blogs’ and longing for traditional family values proves just how much they are afraid of losing – or how easily they are losing. Did I mention this isn’t happening only in the USA? Throughout history, white males always feared of losing their women to ‘other’ men who wield more power and stamina than them. That insecurity has now transformed into a living nightmare.

While white america and on-point simps further their own cause by spending time on useless ‘thug-blaming’, attacking black pop culture and other attempts to deface black masculinity, overachieving Arabic men in the middle east are even busier literally shitting on “america’s daughters”. In fact, they are abusing white pussy worse than black men ever could. This will eventually create a larger camarilla of emotional transsexuals, nice guys and manginas in The Anglosphere.

2) The deflation of white pussy – Within the past several decades, white men have tried their hardest to keep non-white men away from their women, while diametrically telling the world how ‘beautiful’, ‘infantile’, ‘scared’ or ‘feminine’ they are. Thanks to alt-lifestyles, pop culture, cheap international travel, integration and white female celebrities being publicized as ‘massive train wrecks’, the white beauty standard is diminishing. As white men have lost their leverage with white pussy, the women are free to give it to whoever, whenever and however they please. Even ‘law enforcement’ and the marketing genius of playing ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe’ cannot stop women from acting on their worst impulses. Because of that, white pussy no longer has the ‘value’ it once did – especially if it involves being sexed up by blacks. Thus, the men feel the women are ‘tainted goods’ and have nowhere else to turn to, especially if other races of women generally refuse to give them the time of day.

This is why they said “stay away from those n*ggers, or else they’ll force you to start whoring.” or “would you want your daughter to marry one?” This is also why certain escorts cater to the fragile egos of certain men by stating “no black men” in their ads. This is very similar to the inferiority complexes of feminists and race-CONscious groups who provide ‘goddess recognition’ to women, because it raises the price of pussy.

3) History repeats itself, as the tables turn – People of various heritages have been through far too much drama and misery involving whites. For the ones who aren’t brainwashed, their presence alone gives certain people a reason to lash out. Even with this being done voluntary on the blonde females’ account, doesn’t anyone think this could be a slick way to inspire disgust or declare war onto white America, by trashing ‘america’s sweethearts’? Not only have whites attacked the masculine and feminine traits of men and women of other ethnicities. They have also told the world “blacks are oversexed”, “blacks are abusive”, etc. But who’s more oversexed and abusive than whites and the Arabs who they now refuse to openly criticize? The tables are turning in an irreversible manner, which also means the gig is up for certain people.

Matt Forney, the article’s author, is a man who previously applauded how middle eastern men deprive their women of baser instincts. But now he complains about the same vile bastards using white women as public toilet bowls, which reveals his idiocy. In the same article, he somehow believes paying for sex hurts women and men. I mean, this coming from a guy who is an advocate of ‘game’?

So, I guess gaming women (thus turning them bitter) and whore-chasing (aka, trying to find ‘the one’, leading to soul-sucking and overpriced marriages) is less damaging and more sane, right? This is one of the reasons why I don’t waste my time fucking with game blogs written by morons who lack pragmatism, but that’s not my sole reason for writing this topic.

What can be concluded of this is what can also be observed in the sex industry, specifically porn: It’s usually white females who will leave their sexual standards at the door when currency, glitz and glamour is provided. The freakiest pleasures most women of color will engage in are ‘backdoor deliveries’, group sex or engaging in some BDSM. Among my dealing with escorts (which are usually black and mulatto), they’ve had points they would not go beyond, whereas even more gullible white women can be easily persuaded.

Then again, non-white women do not express much interest in being “america’s sweethearts”. Nor do they have any interest, let alone tolerance for being pissed and shitted on, regardless of general feminine obsessions with materialism and “the finer things in life”.

I’m aware there’s white men who like being defecated on by a black female dominatrix, just like white punks who like being sodomized by third-rate brutes. It goes deeper than it being a ‘fetish’, because they feel it – like interracial swinging – will create some type of ‘racial harmony’ and are plagued by ‘white guilt’. I’ll also add that it’s one thing to be viewed as an ‘object of desire’, but massive perversion being voluntarily accepted for fame and perks implies that said persons are no superior than barnyard animals who wallow in shit.

The most ‘questionable’ lifestyles I’ve ever heard of involving non-white women is their voluntary involvement with rural/urban drug barons, gun-toting thugs and ex-convicts who are bound by tethers. As far as black women voluntarily involving themselves with sexually irresponsible black men who knowingly spread life-crippling STDs and illegitimate children, that is the true result of ‘game’ and what it’s really about.

While I’m not giving women free passes for their reckless choices, I have no respect for any man who will knowingly render a person worthless. However, white and Arabic males make up the biggest demographic of woman abusers, child abusers, rapists, family killers, AIDS carriers, terrorists, prostitute killers and other human scum who dream of various ways to fuck over humanity, for power or profit.

Blaming capitalism, materialism and specific occupations alleviates the accountability people ought to have for their own actions, which creates a larger slew of freak accidents waiting to happen. Aside from this being an abhorrent, but unearthed way of whites receiving their karma, this also proves just how decadent whites are, by their own admission.

Black men who pedestalize white women only do so to either make themselves feel more masculine and to revive themselves after bouts of emasculation lashed out by the mythical ‘angry black woman’. Others assume white women are more feminine or less drama-inducing, but they are bullshitting themselves badly. While I feel sorry for most of them, they truly need to think twice.


To be clear, I am not against pay for play (unless it’s done involuntarily, overpriced and involves ‘the stroll’), nor female sexuality becoming an outlet. But what self-respecting woman in her right mind would allow someone to literally shit on her, regardless of any price named?

– This gives me more of a reason to conclude that it’s time to leave the white trash alone.

3 thoughts on “Defiling America’s Sweethearts

  1. Good response post to ROK. You’ve touched on one of the best kept secrets among gulf Arabs; their massive hypocrisy on sexuality. I’ve been to Bahrain, I’ve seen it. The hotels are bursting with poor Nordic and eastern European sex slaves. This will never be talked about in the mainstream media. The ego of the white man simply can’t allow him to accept that his ivory ‘goddess’ has been reduced to an Arab sex toy.

    As I’ve stated, being an object of desire has intrinsic value. But to go this route? As far as the fragile ego of specific men, it can instantly be crushed once they realize they can’t lose something they’ve never had.

    I’ve seen Russian girls over there who easily be in magazines. In fact I saw a documentary a while back that touched on how the Arabs and Japanese trick these Russian teens by promising them modeling gigs. After they show up, they wind up as prostitutes.

    What woman of sound mind and reason would allow herself to be ‘tricked’ into doing something against her will or nature?

    Porn also has shattered the myths white men have erected around their women. I mean ‘two girls one cup’. Lol Really?

    Never saw that video, never will. Bottom line, white females are nasty and voluntarily do acts other races of women will not even dream of.

  2. Shit, same shit over in Korea and Japan. tons of poor Russian girls end up as prostitutes over there. Old asian dude will flag down any blonde white chick thinking she’s a sex worker.

  3. I came across your site just recently and really loving the content, keep up the good work. I agree that some of the richer Gulf Arabs are some of the most degenerate scum that there is but I fail to see how you link this to their religion. It is precisely the fact that they reject their faith and it’s practices that they end up engaged in such activities. They have an excessive quantities of wealth to spend and it has ruined many of them completely. I’m not here to discuss the details of Islam as a religion or defend it by any means but maybe you are conflating a degenerate Gulf Arab culture of the 21st century with a religion which many of those involved in such activities can be said to profess in name only. You come across as a clever chap but though I haven’t read any of your articles on Islam I feel almost sure that you misunderstand or are misinformed about the faith. Feel free to hate it but allow yourself to be fully informed first.

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