PHOTOPLAY: Nicki Minaj Pics

Beautiful Gurrlzz

Okay. So, here are some photos of Nicki Minaj, including a few from her new 2015 calender. Regardless of if her booty is paid for or not, you have to admit, she’s still a worthy member of “Badbitchica” (the land of ‘Bad Bitches’).



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One thought on “PHOTOPLAY: Nicki Minaj Pics

  1. A little nip/tuck is OK, but you don’t want to go overboard. Back in the 90’s, Traci Bingham was jaw-droppingly hot on Baywatch. But, too much plastic surgery ruined her face and she looks like a tranny now.

    LOL – I’ve seen worse. Prime example: Lil’ Kim. That trash is hideous.

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