How Roman Holidays and America’s Gun Obsession Stems From White Sexual Insecurity


– inspired by an article on BUZZFLASH.

One of the key reasons for terrorism against humanity nationwide stems from the financial greed and sexual uncertainty of white men (and – to a large degree – Arabic culture). I’ve gone in depth about how ‘high-IQ’ claims stems from sexual inadequacies. Without getting too into historic elements, I wanted to bring up white America’s gun obsession, cheerleading of legalism and the psychological impulse to enforce suffering and displeasure unto those who trigger their phallic jealousy.

I’ll be purposefully nihilistic.

In Maggie Paley’s book, The Book of the Penis, she states that most symbols of power are shaped like a penis – be it guns, dynamite sticks, architectural buildings, airplanes, etc. Without getting into other specifics, let’s just say that some people place too much emphasis on other mechanisms of power because they are lacking in more vital fields. And of course, this too goes for blacks who place too much emphasis on sex as a substitute for finances. Not that it’s generally a bad thing, but it has its consequences.

But most non-white cultures were doing just fine eating, drinking and mating (fucking) – whether it for recreation or procreation – until whites decided to invade territories and colonize shit.

Let’s talk about the concept of a gun… Guns are used not only to kill or hunt people (or animals), but to intimidate people. A gun is a mental thing. It can be used to command attention and bully people into submission – even without being loaded. It can also be said physically feeble, emotionally damaged punks are quick to pick up a gun in an attempt to massage their own egos and jeopardize public safety. Weaponry gives it’s wielders the illusion of “I am the most dangerous man on the planet.” Remove that, he’s nothing.

The white male’s obsession with guns, weaponry, high IQ claims and law-and-order compensates for his sexual inadequacies, plus the reality that they are no longer ‘first choice’ for women. But how is this different from a man who loses the woman of his dreams to a ‘better’ lover? only to go on revengeful rants and suicide missions, killing her, her new lover(s) and then himself? Then again, how can you lose what you never had?

For whites, legalism, corporations and weaponry are ample substitutes for limp-dickery. To date, they have waged a war on those who are better than them. Call it “White patriarchy’s last stand”.

This was the case with Elliot Rodger who – contrary to public opinion – was more of a misandrist than a misogynist. He hated guys who were capable of getting something he was deemed unworthy of: Sex. Black men weren’t spared especially. In the court of public opinion, Elliot Rodger had ‘affluenza’, or some other disorder we haven’t heard of until recently. Similar to other white males who went on shooting rampages, all sorts of excuses are used to justify their terrorist meltdowns. For unarmed blacks who were harassed or targeted by police, their fates were justified by association fallacies or Nuremberg defenses.

To be clear, I’m not saying blacks are incapable of jeopardizing public safety, or everyone who possessed weapons lack carnal ability. But consider something… Blacks, Latinos, immigrants and women do not kill people in massive droves, even if they have mental defects. If anything, mentally ill non-whites turn on eachother like treacherous dogs, because they don’t have the killer instinct to attack their real nemesis. Similarly, after 1999’s Columbine High School massacre, people yelled gun control. The latter incident has occurred in urban ghettos years before then. Where was the public outrage? Where were the ‘gun control’ advocates? I guess it all depends on who gets shot.

When Floridian black teenager Jordan Davis was murdered by Michael Dunn, a racist white man, Dunn tried to play the safety card, which didn’t work. His excuse was that black males “espouse” violence and disrespect for women. It’s quite evident Michael Dunn was a fat, pasty, pussy whipped white man who was an NRA enthusiast, had streaks of white knighting in his bloodline and – like most american white men in positions of ‘power’ – felt sexually threatened by teenage black boys. I could write a book containing so many examples of how white sexual insecurity and white-knighting triggers terrorism and pillaging. There’s even a century-old movie depicting this.

I’m pretty sure many people – ‘law enforcement’ included – believe that if blacks were somehow systematically killed off, the world would be ‘a better place’. Their actions, lack of accountability and even rampant attacks of black culture and sexuality demonstrates just that.

Prior to the civil rights movement, blacks were denied gun ownership. But then came Malcolm X, then Huey Newton and The Black Panthers. White were more accepting of MLK and viewed him as a ‘lesser of two evils’, because the other guys weren’t fucking around with them. I’m aware of a segment from Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine documentary which made a satire of this. But then, the ‘war on drugs’ and laws against of prostitution came about, which also originates from sexual insecurity.

Drug prohibition came into play due to the speculation of drugs making non-white men raping white women into submission, or marijuana making white girls listen to black music and fornicate with Negroes. The prohibition of prostitution came about when black men started getting into the game, which wasn’t just about getting tax-free dollars and adding “america’s sweethearts” to their stables. It also deals with dodging bullets of ‘the child support hustle’, all that ‘love’ crap and other games ‘civilian’ women play. The excuse? “Prostitution causes drug habits. Pimps and johns keeps these girls hooked.” Or how about the dumb faggot who said “Anytime you support prostitution, you support violence against women.” – Do not get me started…

As many of you already know, black men were lynched, murdered and imprisoned for the last 400 years to date, even for consensual sex with white women and false rape accusations. Now, add feminism and feminized laws into the mix.

But why let the truth get in the way of great cock-and-bull stories?

‘Hypergamy’ is inevitably another factor. ‘Empowered’ women who make their own money (even via ‘whoring’) doesn’t have to deal with men’s ‘entitlement issues’. Race irrelevant, women are only interested in a quarter (or less) of the male population, which mostly consists of blacks, Latinos and a handful of white men. This is what they fear, so their obsession with laws, guns and the federal reserve is all they have to sustain their gig for a wee bit longer. Similar to a jealous pimp, they feel it’s their last straw to ultimately dominate women. But today, if a woman wants to get paid for sex, she doesn’t need a pimp; therefore, pimps are assed out. The same is happening with white men. Even specific Asian chicks who used to worship the ground they walk on now stampede over them for more masculine or civilized blacks.

Sex runs the economy and in today’s world, women aren’t giving most men any. If men collectively don’t get it, the economy will crash and destabilize – but why care about an economy built on rape, pillage and drudgery? – This turns to bitterness, loneliness, mental illness, sexual frustration, cheering on police thuggery, traditional psychobabble and other desperate cries for help. Prime examples: Elliot Rodger, rapists, mass murderers, ‘law enforcement’, Robert Lindsay and Chateau Heartiste.

I’m also aware of guys like Robert Lindsay who equated black penises with “elephant trunks at the zoo”. Wasn’t he the same decomposing nitwit who said prison is good for black men because they “live longer” in prison than in the outside world?

Whites need to realize several things that are at play here…

1] Not everybody wants your ugly, pasty, monotonous fucking white girl. Western white women are overrated and are occasionally bland and devoid. Besides, non-white women are superior sexually and most men aren’t chasing them in high droves anymore – unless they are overachieving uncle toms and low-grade impoverished blacks who’ll take whatever they can. And with the exception of East-Asians plagued by ‘white supremacy’ and very few brown-skinned chicks, they don’t want you either!

2] It’s nearly impossible for any one man to be the absolute best at everything. If you come across someone as such (usually entertainers, athletes, jocks, musicians, lottery winners, etc.), understand they only make up 1-5% of the human population at best. What does it say about the men who women consider to be ‘the greatest bedfellows’? Are they rich, established, wage slaves, and wielders of political or governmental power? Is this the same reason why the latter reside in low-fertile communities, where their ilk will face extinction within the century? Why aren’t those with strong sex lives interested in wage slavery, maintaining high-IQ professions, passing wealth to the next generations, living in the suburbs or spending their only life trying to save the world – unless they are women? What does that say about those status-obsessed wielders of power?

Whether sex plays a role or not, there’s always been a sick, psychological need for people to feel like they’re in control – to flex muscle – to get off on the suffering of others. When their power starts to diminish, they go at great lengths to protect their fragile infrastructure with new scams, laws, shaming apparatuses and coercion tactics. Aside from the rampant lack of accountability of the police, there’s sudden arguments of high IQ claims by game bloggers and corporations – which is similar to that of the “strong, independent, educated black women with multiple degrees.” None of which serves any real intrinsic value.

4 thoughts on “How Roman Holidays and America’s Gun Obsession Stems From White Sexual Insecurity

  1. It’s deeper than simply sex, their genes are at stake. Every single action white supremacy takes is an effort to maintain their genetic viability. The only way they could really do that is to impose a system of brutality on all the other races so that the white man comes out on top.

    I was reading some “black issues” forum once and a topic was posted about whether or not you could date a non black person and still claim to represent “the struggle”. Most of the people there said no, but I disagree. I think the best way to ensure black viability is to impregnate white women. According to their own rules, one drop of black blood makes you black, otherwise Obama is not the first black president. Also every mixed kid out there is one less white kid. Of course I have no interest in being the part of that experiment, my goal is to transcend “the struggle” ’cause frankly, I don’t see myself as a struggling victim. I Find the whole thing a very unhealthy mindset.

    You know, I don’t listen to that effeminate bullshucks about a sex partner/lover not being able to understand their mate’s “struggles”. Like the dude who needs his mama to fight his battles for him… If you need someone to pamper and pacify you because of your “struggles”, you are in dire need of hormonal/testosterone injections.

    Another thing that says is that somehow blacks are the only ones capable of understanding what loss, regain and hardship is. I have no interest in entertaining that fake African ‘mysticism’ shit not one bit.

    I’m not looking for someone to “struggle” with. They can have “social approval”, I just want multiple rounds of healthy sex partners.

    1. Well Barack Obama is not black. Me, I’m black and I couldn’t care less about “the struggle”. Black people hate far more other black people than they hate the white.

      The ugly contempt certain blacks have for eachother is deplorable, whether spirituality or colonization plays a role or not. It’s not even limited to stupid gender war shit… but the disdain elder black men have for the younger generation also makes me sick. They are living in a fool’s paradise, yet expect younger persons to take care of them when they’re sick and too old to work.

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