“Bad” – Another Song Describing Today’s Sexually Liberated Woman

I’ve decided to do another brief “lyrical autopsy” for a rap song, entitled Bad, by artist Wale. A big hit in 2013, this song describes the mindset and lifestyles of today’s modern woman. This includes avoiding the disney myth and other matrimonial traps and the encouragement of narcissism among females. Listen closely to the lyrics and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Amid talking to a female in the intro, Wale explains the reality that people don’t accept traditional roles in today’s world. Most people either rush into it or do so because society told them there’s no other viable alternative, only to realize it’s a lie. Amid talking to a female, he acknowledges that she’s only trying to enjoy herself and he’s not interested in being judgmental.

The female (who sings the hook) admits that dating and monogamy hinders her natural instincts – promiscuity and liberation. She admits she does not take it slow; she does not believe in lovemaking, but she likes to fuck instead – like a sex worker/stripper/porn star. She warns a man to avoid making the mistake of falling in love with her, because she will step out on him and use him as a stepping stone. She’s been burned in the past and refuses to let the history repeat itself. This is a common practice among men in their prime and women are embracing it as well.

Wale explains that while “good girls” are boring, “bad girls” are more adventurous and alluring to be around, though they can be scandalous. In addition, thugs get more respect than “educated” black men – who don’t give “hood girls” the time of day. While he has a thing for a “bad girl”, he’s not interested in playing the role of a psychiatrist, or a white knight, captain save-a-hoe. He understands her right as a grown woman to live on her terms, thereby relinquishing society’s insecure, fragile notion about the Madonna/whore complex.

The problem is not her sexual adventurism, but the way she man-strokes men can send the wrong message, though she finds it “empowering”. Hence the lyrics…

“She hurt feelings, she break hearts
She stay quiet, she play smart
She take pride in going out
Getting hollered at, and saying ‘nah’.”

She is occasionally attacked by ‘haters’, or in this case, jealous females or “slut-shamers’. She’s aware of men who run ‘game’ (mind games) and understands that they all lose in the end, because of karma or because they fall in love with her in the end, yet she does not return the favor. She has no respect for desperate men and white knight captain save-a-hoes, who come a dime a dozen. Wale is not one of them and admits so by saying:

“I ain’t like them n*ggas you suckin’ your teeth at.”

In the end, her being burned by love in the past gives her more fuel for the fire in her. Like many sexually active females today (even women in the sex industry), she knows what she wants, she’s hip to the games men play, but she plays it better – via dickteasing (common on social media), giving out fake phone numbers, hurting feelings, playing ‘nice’ or turning men out with her sexual energy. She’s very good in bed, but LTRs are not an option in her world. She’s a sex goddess and a tease who loves them and leaves them (or in this case, she fucks them and leaves them).

This is something prevalent in the black community among the sexes – both young men and women great at sex, but are downright incapable of being ‘tied down’.

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