How “The Wall Of Silence” Pulverized

I wanted to dedicate this topic to the downfall of a black men’s ‘movement’ created on YouTube in Winter, 2009. The movement was entitled The Wall of Silence and was similar to the MGTOW stance.

The small movement was not to be confused with “the blue code of silence”, nor the urban hip-hop launched “stop snitching” code, either. In this case, it was about select secretiveness or putting up barriers to avoid society’s ‘undesirables’. In short, it was about ‘established’ black men who sought alternatives to LTRs with African-American women and opting for other races of women to be happy, have kids and build with. But like any other movement or regime, it was easily dismantled and took a lot out of it’s participants.

Rampant YouTube vlogs (video blogs) and spoken words cranked out by the hundreds, all by a certain demographic of black men did ‘the right thing’ and still got screwed. Most were well-spoken, college educated, middle-class black men who found it hard to escape matriarchal insanity and whose ultimate goal assessment was to marry and have kids.

The complaint about black women was common…

“Black women won’t let me lead. Black women have nasty attitudes. They aren’t choosing established “nice guys”. They rather have entertainers, bad boys, Casanovas and reckless lechers.”

Black women’s reverberation is that…

“Black men have no killer instinct, no balls and don’t know what to do with pussy if it slapped them right in the face. They’re are weak, not strong enough to handle black women – they just want to work for the white man and fuck his pushover daughters.”

I’ve never been a fan of the “good black man” label for more obvious reasons, but YouTube was filled with spineless vermin of that sort. Some were mentally ill and couldn’t handle being victimized by the disney myth, so they went on nasty, rowdy attacks on black women. Some guys had merit in their subject matter while most were feminine and bitter, like the few women they engaged in pissing matches with.

Not only were most of these guys a bunch of immature, sexless 30-somethings who got screwed by women, but a fatal flaw in their concept of the wall of silence is that they felt it somehow perpetuates empowerment through total isolation and silent treatments. They never understood something: A man cannot go through life maintaining a hermit-like, mummified existence. Then what does that say about him? Is he no better than a vegetable or a sleepwalker?

Fast-forward to today, some of these losers are having the same conversations they’ve had back in 2008 when their presence generated high traffic, views and responses. Listening to them jawjack on and on about black women’s choice of unsafe bedfellows, single motherhood, shaming apparatuses of “70% of black women are single” (as if being single is the ultimate downfall) and bringing back “the old days” is a bunch of shit I have no interest in hearing. In fact, I stopped that shit half-a-decade ago.

Peculiarly, they felt dating white chicks would start a revolution. For a short amount of time, I believed that. But after getting around more and growing bigger balls, I realize that pussy is pussy. Of course, men can always find themselves a better deal, but white women are certainly not less destructive or dramatic than blacks. Less barbaric, true, but white women if anything are more slick and underhanded with their duplicitous, man-testing and “pussy power” antics. In general, men may have preferences of skin tone, physique, fetishes and demographic – but ultimately a “bad bitch” is a “bad bitch”. And most women despise orbiters who try to tame the beast within.

I discovered several years ago that non-black women are no different from black women when it comes to their love for drama and practiced one-upmanship they exercise over the men and women in their lives.

The “good black man” doesn’t understand that world history was full of attempts by “the powers that be” to make gullible men marry. The “plantation” somehow became more ‘upscale’. They also don’t get that an idiot and his money is a woman’s best friend. This explains why women say shit like “a good man is hard to find”, because in total, they like on-point simps and overachieving idiots because they have too much to lose, like the married slave.

Even in today’s social order, men get screwed with doorknobs twisted in their ass thanks to child support, alimony, post-divorce division of property or because some cunt made the phone call that eradicated him. Even though she may have provoked him. Self-reliant urban playboys – like real MGTOWs – hardly have anything to lose, except maybe some jail time, if they got caught in some bullshit.

Who in their right mind would allow themselves to go through the same bullshit as their fathers, grandfathers and other men before them? Don’t forget, people lead by example.

The Wall of Silence had the potential of being a black-only edition of MGTOW. Instead, the failed movement was more like a black version of “the manosphere”. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if “the manosphere” was flagrant plagiarism of TWOS. Maybe it’s proven my point of how the west will wind up like black america. Essentially, the WOS was just a bunch of mental masturbation and hot air for most of the guys on YouTube. Other folks have simply moved on and created their own WOS by disappearing from the interwebs, engaging in international travel, interracial dating and pooning.

They realized that they could not change the world, but they can change their involvement with it. And very few did.

Some men lost their jobs and caught heat by their female co-workers (feminist narcs) for their spoken commentary on YouTube. Few others had their channels shut down.

Feminist ‘censorship’, egomaniacism, individualism, changes in perspective, personal lethargies, racism and the lack of economic resources all catered to the downfall of The Wall of Silence.

The small organization almost grew bigger than what it was, but after guys like SargeWP being temporarily banned from YouTube in 2009 and the murder of Asia McGowan (by a mentally ill Detroit black WOSer who loathed black female promiscuity), this created an incorrigible posse of human scum looking to inflict their misery on others. To name a few, there’s the minstrel show Tommy Sotomayor and the male-bitches at Black Men Vent.

A slight upside of the WOS is that a small amount of it’s participants suggested that black men could avoid the barbaric, viragoish black woman and engage in specific non-traditional lifestyle alternatives, which remained secretive – another reason for the term wall of silence. Although the word for certain lifestyles with consenting adults got out, people learned the hard way that they have little to zero influence or control over what men do to keep themselves occupied or entertained (video games, sports, flings, sex-induced nightlife, gym-ratting, etc.). This doesn’t stop other matchstick men to do women’s work for them – but it’s a small defeat.

More importantly, younger black 20-40-somethings are seeking sexual arrangements with their black sistaz now more than ever, while rejecting traditional roles. Game or no game, men meet pissy feminine behavior with thug-type behavior – and that is what women respond to. While it’s true some women don’t respect men in general, they respect bad boys far more than the established gentlemen types. Black women are starting to realize they can’t get far by being cunts and brats to every man who approaches them. And thanks to the era of social media, hookup culture, pooning and an era of female sexual power, black women are becoming more desirable.

In the end, it just made the WOSers and guys at resemble a bunch of juvenile, mummified pussies. Unlike them, specific MGTOWs – like ‘womanizing’ playboys, unemployable jailbait, natural female selection and low fertile societies – has the potential to wreck shit.

Happy men (and women) don’t join movements, or make donations. They just live.

7 thoughts on “How “The Wall Of Silence” Pulverized

  1. I discovered a lot of those guys mid 08 when I left the service and had a boatload of free time suddenly. There were a lot of characters back then, a lot of the guys were genuine guys who probably were sick of being walked on. Many have moved on. I learned a lot from listening to them. To me, the explosion of black mgtow was a positive thing. However, there are some who never moved on like SWP. 7 years later, he’s still talking about the same thing. Still seeking out arguments with all flavors of zombie Negroes.
    Whatever. I gained a lot from the movement. Too bad many of those guys have been erased from YouTube.


    SargeWP has valid point, but he hasn’t moved on and he repeats the same shit. He’s obviously pissing his life away trying to save the world, including people who could care less or never heard of him. I enjoyed guys like Thugtician, TENSpeaks, LawlessLaw, PlayerSupreme, R.I.P. Jerry, CalvaryIsHere and Pink Elephant. Like anyone else, you may not agree on everything they say, but they truly stood out. In some areas, it was a very good thing and it was better than reading stupid game blogs. I’m no practitioner of game, although it’s good to have big steel balls, a spine and to be hip to the games women play.

    1. TENSpeaks was one of my favorites of the black mgtow on YouTube, mainly because he wasn’t shy about his exploits overseas. I stumbled on his site when I was looking at some videos about SpiceeCajun. He was a real hardcore mgtow. PinkElephant is great. He doesn’t make videos anymore. I think he moved on as well. I don’t know if you heard of DarkOneSun, RickScropio, Barbarossa, and AvenueRants, just to name a few. Those guys are essentially all gone now.

      Listening to those guys commentary on their lives was great. It was a way for your average black male to be heard; to have a voice. Listening to other black men in my age group who were struggling to find a place in this life was very helpful, and opened my eyes to a lot of the male/female dynamic at play in America. That’s what made the movement great. It gave a voice to people like me, and let us share our experiences without the constant filter of the dominant society.

      AveRants! Forgot about him. A good thing – as unfortunate as it is – was that bros were giving specific black women a taste of their own medicine. For decades, those type of women had publication power to throw black men under the bus and those bros grabbed the mic. I’m certainly not in agreement with it as a whole, but you reap what you sow.

  2. The fact that black men are avoiding black women in favor of non-black or non-american black women is clearly documented in the statistics. Clearly, its not some kind of “movement”, its just what black men are doing to avoid dealing with what black women have made themselves known for becoming. Duh!

    I don’t care about statistics, especially as it pertains to the obvious. No, it’s not a “movement”, but some of the black men on YouTube has turned it into a “movement” – a group of guys creating alternatives and solutions by keeping people out of the conversation, which turned out to be a joke. For one, because some people talk too much and they live in a dreamworld full of mental masturbation.

    My favorite YouTube commentator was Thugtician (2008-2010), who called these guys out on their stupidity and sexual frustrations repeatedly.

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