PHOTOPLAY: Amber Rose Airbrushed

Beautiful Gurrlzz

So, here’s some supposedly new photos of Amber Rose, courtesy of TMZ. I am aware of it being no secret how supermodels (4s and 5s in the public spotlight) have their photos airbrushed to cover their flaws, but come on. Look at the photo on the left — Is there even a flaw on Amber Rose? Yes, there’s dimples on her ass, but that does not phase her, nor does it knock down her stock points.

P.S. Maybe I’m wrong for going by looks – I know regardless of how fine a chick is, there’s some man who’s tired of her shit. But, what the fuck is wrong with Kanye where he would attack a chick like this… for Kim K. of all people?


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One thought on “PHOTOPLAY: Amber Rose Airbrushed

  1. the only flaw is those stupid tattoos & short hair. other than that, i would like some cottage cheese please!

    LOL. She wears it all well. Some chicks go overboard with the tattoos, but I don’t understand why some guys (the ones at RoK) feel tattoos are some representation of “broken women”. Take a look at this image here and see what I mean when chicks go overboard…

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