More Proof of How Futile the “War On Drugs” Is

I found a story via online last night about how the DEA attends drug money funded sex parties with sex workers. Read the story right here.

Wait… there’s more.

Handout photo of Miami Beach police officers posing with a group of women in Miami Beach

And now, what does this tell you about the people who sell you a playbook (rules or “laws”) that differs from the one they operate by? What does this tell you about the failed war on drugs and prostitution? What does this tell you about the scam of white feminism, white knighting and their shitty myths about adult female sex workers being categorized as “victims”? This adds to the reality of how laws are intended to destroy certain innocent people, while it’s enforcers intentionally avoid them?

This also proves that “law and order” is not above humans doing what comes naturally. But more importantly, this is very interesting shit to read since there’s an increase in the lack of police accountability – Consequently, they have certain “privileges” the average person does not have, let alone have the balls to go towards.

I’m just waiting to hear the pathetic whines and fake outrage of feminists calling for “police accountability” all of a sudden – while more importantly, unarmed black men and their families are being wiped out in record numbers and exposed via technological devices.

One thought on “More Proof of How Futile the “War On Drugs” Is

  1. The usual critics of “Big Government” always seemed to make a huge exception for law enforcement. They lecture the poor on the need for self-discipline and responsibility, yet when they make huge mistakes, whether it is shooting an unarmed man, invading the wrong country, breaking the financial system – suddenly the rules change.

    Not only do they make exceptions when they make mistakes, they never seem to care for “efficiency” when it comes to law enforcement. Go to any major city, and you will find “retired” cops in their 50s earning a full pension, while they open up a second business. I’m not saying a fifty year old has to be on the beat, running after drug dealers. But cities are filled with cold cases – have them review the files and see if you can get some justice for the families of unsolved murders. After, a 50-something guy working in a warehouse is expected to work for another 15-20 years.

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