Nothing Says Great Sex Like Backdoor Deliveries – Is It True?


Sex is a favorite pastime among many cultures of people, irrelevant of geographical location and demographics. There’s more than one way of enjoying it – although disingenuous retards (traditionalists, spiritual sleepwalkers, race-pride groups) use various shaming language and Anglospherian (for lack of a better word) norms to justify what it ‘abnormal’ and ‘unnatural’ in their small view of things. Recreational sex has cause most humans to discover creative ways to engage in carnality. I mean, wouldn’t life be boring if human sexuality was restricted to vanilla sex? A way traditionalists and other ‘purists’ presume ‘fashionable’ (monogamous, missionary and vaginal-only)?

I’m also aware of the stupid race CONscious types (specifically BCM-types) who believe that men who enjoy subjecting the women in their lives to ass-drilling is considered ‘gay’ because of some sort of rampant widespread of homosexuality created in European cultures. Their excuse is either that the men have developed some Eurocentric ‘state of mind’, or because “men have assholes, too”. Well, I guess men who enjoy receiving head is ‘gay’ because men have mouths, too, right?

This is one of the very many reasons why I do not hang around with or acknowledge traditionalist ideologies and their pathetic naysayers – plus the fact that they (like white nationalists) put their women on pedestals, without discerning the irreversible damage it causes. But enough of that stupidity.

While getting pussy is the sweetest joy for most men (specifically most black men I know), what makes the deal even sweeter is the willing female sex partner’s ability to reciprocate and try new methods, positions, kinks, etc. I’ve concluded long ago that vanilla sex becomes routine, regimented, scheduled and similar to masturbating inside of a woman, just to degrade one’s own lifestyle for the sake of children. Some individuals (gender irrelevant) enjoy BDSM, S&M, group sex, asphyxiation, roleplay, etc. Again, as long as the recipient is a willing, consenting adult, all’s well that end’s well.

In this case, I am talking about anal sex.



While a lot of women are not into it (some are instantly irked by the thought of it), many claim they would only do it with “the right man” of whom they could trust and have emotional connectivity with. When it comes to most escorts I’ve been with, most of them consider any type of ass-drilling to be ‘off limits’, while others offer it with a much higher price, especially if it doesn’t get them off. Irrelevant of race, more women are learning to become receptive to anal sex (including analingus, figging and even ‘donkey-punching’). While it’s unfair to suggest that one ethnicity of women enjoy it more than others, it’s more logical to suggest to men looking to get laid to find hot women (regardless of race) who shares a conjoint interest in themselves, let alone their sexual fetishes. This can be done easily, thanks to social networking in alliance with Gen-Y’s hookup culture.

– Here are several main techniques/precautions that must be used:

1] URGENT: When it comes to fucking women in the ass, size does matter. Not every woman can handle anything above 8-9″ back there. Regardless, you can not just go inside a woman’s ass punching and drilling!

2] Ass sex is similar to a dentistry trip – it takes lots of time, patience and preparation. You can not rush through this, unless she’s a straight-up masochist who likes dry butt sex as an erotic punishment or some type of tension release. If not done carefully, it may be a very messy, hazardous and traumatizing experience for both the donor and, more importantly, the recipient.

3] To be on the safe side, if the recipient knows in hours in advance she’s going to get an ass-drilling, she should avoid fatty and spicy foods. In addition to that, it would be in her best interest to use enemas to cleanse herself out completely.

4] Use lots of lubrication, as the booty has no way of lubricating itself – unlike vaginas. Despite it’s popularity, water-based lubricants are a lot messier. Silicone-based is so much superior, feels better and it lasts longer. The recipient will notice the difference more than the donor, unless the donor is raw-dogging her, which I don’t recommend in most cases. Use condoms, always.

5] The use of toys are optional, as long as they aren’t bigger than your ‘manhood’. Otherwise, what’s the point? The use of fingers are better, as long as your fingernails are cut and filed.

6] Upon entry, go slow. Going with a speedier, vigorous rhythmic pace takes time and she has to be into it. Remember, you can not go inside of a woman’s ass and instantly start punching and drilling!

7] Positions taken are optional, but can be a bit hard to maintain. Once it slips out, it can be work going back in. Doggystyle is the best position for this type of erotic vice.

8] Please, please… use those darned condoms. I can’t stress it enough! I don’t recommend going in a woman’s ass shield-less, especially if it’s a one-night-stand, if upon just ‘meeting’ her. Even if you know her and you both are physically informed with updated STD test results, ass sex is still risky. While bareback anal sex with a woman is less riskier than bareback anal sex with sissies, I wouldn’t play ‘sexual russian roulette’, especially knowing I want to smash other hot chicks tomorrow.


Without providing TMI, most of the women I’ve dealt with and even recently know about my fetishes and while they felt intimidated by my sex style, it also intrigued them. Aside from that, I’ve brought to light of the current reality that certain sexual fetishes are basic game-changers, regardless of whether society in general likes it or not. It also gives the sexes an even harsher reality to face: whatever one person will not fulfill, another will.

Some may argue any form of sexuality that goes against the grain of procreation (traditionalism) has been influenced by porn, the “degeneracy” of European cultures or whatever. Things like porn and various cultural norms can just simply create a spark, which provokes human curiosity. So, I don’t waste time arguing or hearing much of what traditionalists and their ilk has to say.

What makes people enjoy certain vices? Some assume men who like ‘dookie love’ may have spent time in prison, or have small penises. Others feel is has to do with ‘colonized minds’ or some sort of childhood abuse. In high school years, some white females who wanted to save their vaginal cherries from being popped for ‘the right guy’ chose that route. During my high school years, black females behaved differently, but that’s irrelevant. It’s all about allowing your curiosity to become an outlet, doing what comes naturally and enjoying your vices.


Mostly, it’s all about dominance – which is what women innately crave, aside from all the mind games, double talk, group think and immature disney myths they engage in. Like a guy in high school once told me, every woman in the world is a freak, it only depends on who she wants to be a freak with. Essentially, it takes the right type of men to show her ass the ropes. This also explains why ‘nice guys’, ‘family-minded men’ and ‘on-point simps’ get no respect from them.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Says Great Sex Like Backdoor Deliveries – Is It True?

  1. You hit the nail on the head. Especially with the last paragraph. Women are different based on who they are with. Are you a safe stable mate? Then you get occasional duty sex. Are you the realest ninja she ever met? Anal in the club parking lot 30 minutes after you meet her.

    It takes a rare type of freak to go around looking for anal. But, most girls are much more open to things magically “just happening”…with the right guy of course


  2. To each his own. Having anal sex with a woman has never turned me on. I’ve never requested it with the escorts I’ve been with. I’ve only ever tried it once or twice. Didn’t like it. Just not my thing. I enjoy looking at her asshole while in doggie, but that’s about it.

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