Social Media Redresses the Outside World and Vindicates Human Stupidity

I know I’ve touched on this subject several times, but especially with my observing recent incidents that are worsening, I wanted to explain how social media redresses human relationships and vindicates human stupidity in a more explicit and uglier light.

The upside of social media is meeting like-minded individuals, which was nearly impossible for most people in older generations, even upon going out in the world. This is especially the case for men in a post-feminist society that caters exclusively to women while purposely avoiding the plight of manhood – including young males – not only in public education, but in society in general. That said, the rampant availability to mingle with people on similar ‘missions’ is superior to dealing with disingenuous people they may eventually despise. With smartphones, one can always block a pest’s phone number – although it won’t stop them from using “caller-ID faker” apps to trick someone.

Social media exposes special types of idiots, murderers, scandalous bitches, scam artists and the mindsets of certain people who ‘dislike’ others. Of course, this isn’t limited to racists who dislike blacks or feminists who hate males. Let’s say back in pre-2002, or 1987, or 1992 – you would have never known who these people were unless news media or tabloids harassed or exposed them with either the art of cross-examination or small recording devices. This is specifically true in an era where rampant usage of social media and smartphones expose the underhanded customs of racist white suburbia, “big brother” and their cheerleaders.


Another major affirmative milestone is the rise of ‘hookup culture’, causing traditional customs to become eschewed by even today’s forty-somethings. One can locate the male and female sex partners of their ‘dreams’, which may even be by the dozens. Men and women alike play numbers games, target and size eachother up like a sport for an approach. You find the people you want to screw, Skype with them, hook up with them, screw them and repeat, or move on to the next. I wrote a lengthy post about the massive rise of Generation-Y’s hookup culture and how it outplace porn and family-man routines. In short, one can obtain ‘selfies’, booty-shaking videos and other sneak peeks of a person’s physique and mannerisms, bringing one to the conclusion as to whether or not they choose to pursue them or waste their time.

For those reasons, today’s persons younger than 50 have it better than the older generations, who’ve wasted their time believing the lies society has told them.

But here’s the drawback…

In previous eras – even before I was born – it would have been easier to avoid bad news simply by staying in one’s own lane, specific types of isolation or by turning off ‘the idiot box’. Today with social media, drama and bad news seems harder to avoid as the years go by. Scrolling down pages and newsfeeds on Facebook or Instagram, you can’t help but to be prone to too much fuckery.

Your best friends or a woman you may want to ‘pork’ or ‘play house’ with shares statuses laced with fake outrage, feminist group-think, animal abuse, rape victims, drama with the kids, her beefs with other women, etc.

Tell me something… why would I want to watch a video about some extermination-worthy piece-of-shit who gets off on torturing animals, or some kid going off at a dollar store? Or videos of parents beating their kids to a pulp? Or reading thousands of opinions from idiots who regurgitate rhetoric that worked in previous eras?

Social media has brought to light of the rampant amount of useless idiots with too much time on their hands. Women use social media far more than men, which causes us to sink to an all-time low. Not for showcasing their sexual availability – which had produced a slew of manginas and easy marks – but for other reasons. Believe it or not, “big brother”, urbanites and broken men makes the shit worse. I’ll bring up some examples…

Bills are passed in certain geographical regions causing employers to force their slaves (employees) to befriend them on social media. This gives the slaves much more to lose, making them more vulnerable to specific ‘attacks’ (which includes them having tabs kept on them – big businesses can even permanently blacklist or blackmail workers based on what they do in their own personal lives).

A woman posts photos on Instagram of her during her period. Instagram took the photos down, only to bow down to her pathetic whims. Why? Well, she defended that bullshit just to prove how ‘human’ she is, while attacking female sexuality being put on display. Not taking into consideration that someone could come across that unpleasant view while they’re eating or in public. How does this differ from photographing shit turds in a toilet bowl?


The most pathetic manifestations of the female order surprisingly aren’t the desperate, conceited, mediocre attention-whores. It’s these “empowered”, prissy pseudo-goddesses or relationship “experts” making status updates about “rape culture”, how ’empowering’ female infidelity is or how men in LTRs should not be allowed to have female friends. What’s equally pathetic is how some chick gets sprung off one man who’s playing her, then putting on displays of seeking intervention. I’ve seen friendships permanently end because her ‘dick mill’ either didn’t include her in his relationship status, or because he “liked” another woman’s picture. Women can’t honestly be that stupid, can they?

Isn’t it bad enough that celebrity gossip, drama, “goddess worship” and limelight wannabes has invaded daytime television? Can’t the same be said about public education?

Is it me or have certain aspects of femininity caused us to be even more fucked up in a geographical sense?


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