Rap Music Sends the Right Message


Before I start, I’ll briefly point out that since we live in a post-internet, post-integration and observant era loaded with information and numerous alt-lifestyles, it’s much harder for women and society in general to “tame the playa”. This may very well be one reason behind the cowardly phenomena of american cops murdering unarmed black men, along with their sons and daughters at alarming rates. The bullshit epidemic is equally poignant to clans of cackling hens who whine and cry about young men not giving them the time of day.

Let me provide my perspective on how I feel rap music sends out the right message to young males in their 20s & 30s. The points I will illustrate is especially true amid western society’s matrix of black male dis-empowerment (which has worsened with more scams, frameworks and feminist ideologies being added to the mix).

1] The way women are depicted in most rap lyrics is disturbingly accurate. Not only does it expose the double-dealing tendencies of modern women, but it reveals the rotten truth that the only women worthy of being given “goddess recognition” is one’s own mother or daughter. Otherwise, there are no ‘queens’, ‘goddesses’ or virgins in rap music. Women’s only utility is pussy and aesthetics, and pussy is fungible. This is also why you don’t see cougars and fatties gyrating on rap music videos.

Most rap lyrics celebrate ethical promiscuity, venturous sex and hypergamy – it’s always gratifying to have multiple women on rotation. If one woman acts up, flakes, or is deficient in one area, a playa can always find a better deal within a matter of minutes, hours or days. This is a very common practice by today’s 20-40-somethings. Thus, there is no reason to be needy, uncertain or take shit from women who can act on their worst impulses without indication and get away with it.

2a] Money is the coal-and-ice of human existence. Everything else is either subsidiary or irrelevant. Whatever it takes to get the money – legit or otherwise – so be it, because nothing is free, except blind faith. And what does blind faith lead to? A vital slogan is to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor by spending money however they like (be it on fashions, travel, familial support, sex and materialism), because once you are dead, you cannot take it with you.

2b] While I’m no open advocate for ‘street-pharmacy’ or pimping, one constitutive message is for young blacks to create their own wealth and forget about any dependency on a racist white power structure and it’s many enterprises to feed them. Refraining yourself from depending on anything that can be easily taken from you – which is not yours – proves self-reliance, killer instinct and self-respect.

3] Whether it’s black men who wear designer fashions, sports gear, hip hop gear, long necklaces or women covered in luxurious items, furs or tattoos, the message is to own your own identity. Especially in an Anglo-Saxon society where everyone gets to keep their native homeland names except blacks, where blacks are whitewashed for the benefit of not putting fear into the hearts incapable of understanding that life does not revolve around them. This is why certain blacks look funny wearing cheap, undersized suits, blonde hair, wigs and weaves.

I am all for looking respectable in public, but when you follow strict dress codes created by your employers – who don’t follow their own ‘dress codes’ – it proves just how free you really are.

4] Rap lyrics promote what some folks consider a nonexistent dreamworld. Be that as it may for most people (as most people enter the trap of wage slavery), there is a world awaiting those who aim and groom themselves for it. The finer things in life consists of money, power, respect, sex and having the best. Contrary to the american ideology of success, which is on the verge of delirium, these things cannot be found in suburbia. One reason stems from suburbanites spending their money on bullshit which lacks real necessity. In a peculiar way, people located ‘south’ of their states, countries and the globe have more weighty social lives than their well-to-do northern counterparts.

5a] Rap music – aside from other forms of black music, sports and porn – is one of the few outlets in western culture which celebrates black masculinity. The unfortunate part is that black entertainers get away with ‘crimes’ (gun possession, drugs, public fights, slapping reckless viragoes, etc.) the average black person cannot. Why? Because money plays a huge part, plus corporations are dependent on their skills and talents to keep the gravy train from spoiling.

The bright side is that it sends a message to the average black male that if he gets caught up in the system, a conspiracy or any form of temporary drama, do not let it get in your way or break your spirit. Regardless of the cards that are dealt against you, dust yourself off and walk away with your head high.

5b] Hollywood does not embrace black manhood. There are various slick attempts by the american film industry to paint black males as she-males, buffoons, systematic drones and spayed, servile dogs who tries to save the world and takes high risks without any reward. Either that, or they are abruptly killed off or emasculated by cloaking, man-stroke bitches.

6] There are rampant messages that tells young people that if no one is jealous, envious or spiteful of you, you are doing something wrong. This is especially true not only when it comes to women, but when it comes to other men who assume that you possess a specific quality, lifestyle or asset that they feel unworthy of. As a result, any normal jealous person will conspire against you. Irrelevant of how hard they try to assassinate your character, it proves that you are superior to them in one arena or another.

But your job is not to interfere with them, nor analyse their reason for hating on you. Stay out of their way and use it as ammunition to empower yourself. Let the haters hate and wake up earlier than the bitches and bastards who want to screw you.

7] Aside from genocidal anthems promoting black-on-black violence, rap lyrics teach young men how to value themselves and maintain a specific level of self-respect. This includes knowing how to deal with women, authority figures, other men and refuting to take any shit from them. Then, there are concepts of risk vs. reward, choosing the lesser of two evils and not being afraid to walk away from a deal if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle/preference, in spite of how close you are to sealing it.

8] Like in many cinematic crime/gangster epics, the depiction of the dominant male isn’t argumentative, servile or defensive. Even for some who showboat, they allow their actions to do the talking. They believe in obtaining money and sex from multiple sources, by any means necessary. Real doers move in silence or code language and are mysterious.

9] If you cannot get your hands dirty, let a loyal ally do your work for you. A country’s rulers (the oligarchs and governments) do it every day, except they ruin more innocent lives in the process. [Another one of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.]


I’ve heard all of the futile arguments from feminists, matriarchal pigs, white knights, afrocentric losers and other ‘infallible’, disingenuous butt-buddies about black music’s “effects on the minds of children” – blah, blah, blah. Most rap and new age r&b is not suitable for anyone under 14. Yet, it paints pictures of gritty realism and the finer things in life, which is no worse than ultraviolent action movies or soap operas. It may have more use for real-world interactions than honor’s mathematics, IQ test scores and history books filled with utter lies.

Regardless if it’s political rap, party rap or gangster rap, the messages are clear: the black man is the top dog and is heavily rewarded for his role and hardships. Hollywood and corporate america alike paints blacks as eunuchs who can’t escape the matrix. Like the “good black man” who wastes his time breathing life back into the soul of a severely damaged woman who drains the life out of men, he also puts everyone else’s needs and desires first and his own last. Enough of this is taught in the educational system, created by governments and female teachers hell-bent on weakening male children as much as possible amid turning females into vainglorious woman-babies.

Even specific demographic of women of all ethnicities enjoy rap – not only for it’s rhythmic compositions, but to peculiarly further attach themselves to sexually in-demand black males.

4 thoughts on “Rap Music Sends the Right Message

  1. Rap music depicts the truth, but the problem is that it enticed the youth towards a wrong life style. Thug culture leads to death and imprisonment.

    If they showed all of that, but then told them to get a decent job, stay clear from hoes as mothers/wives, then wait their chance for wealth or stack their cash slowly, then that would be more positive. But so it just leads them astray to a dead end alley, where they are left shot or butt-raped for life.

    People are responsible for their own actions entirely. Yes, some people can be more easily influenced than others. But as I’ve said, aside from the excessive talk about drugs and random talks of genocide (and prison life), it teaches young men to have their own, be their own, reap the benefits (finer things in life) and “let the haters hate”.

    I doubt seriously most people resort to dealing drugs because they feel it’s “cool”. Usually, people who do that have no other means to support themselves, don’t have an economy, aren’t trying to waste time and are not fit nor willing to work for someone else who are reluctant to hire their asses.

  2. Rap really is super red pill and masculine. There is a fuckton of truth in lines like bitches aint shit but hoes an tricks.
    But at the same time, i think its mad feminine for a man to have 100 pairs of shoes, get upset enough to fight and shoot cuz someone said something out of pocket, praising mothers who by all metrics were terrible mothers, and wear more jewelry than most women.

    Damn right. I feel the same way.

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