The Real Problem With the American “Justice” System: Public Education

Am I the only one who finds it pitiful when nearly a dozen black teachers in Atlanta, GA are facing around 20 years for helping their black students “cheat” on standardized tests? While nasty white teachers who let their students fuck them get much less than that?

For a while, I thought white female teachers got “shafted” worse than white male pedophiles, but in comparison for black and Latino female teachers who get indicted for the same “crimes” get much higher sentences. It’s not usual to hear judges say things like “What young man would not jump on that candy?” While that judge was right and rare in his common sense, I’m aware there’s something else at play here. Erica-Ann-Ginnetti-665x385 I know some people are saying the status quo for non-white students is for their so-called ‘authority figures’ to “fuck ’em and fail ’em”. Maybe it’s another way for racist whites to maintain their ‘power’ or ‘privilege’ for whatever little time they have left.

Then I ask, is anything good coming out of this? The former students who “passed” their tests have already moved on to the next phase of life and while white game bloggers obsess over high-IQ (as if it really has any intrinsic value), how would they really feel knowing that their black counterparts may eventually dominate career opportunities they may no longer be qualified for?

I also come to terms that white female promiscuity is on the rise, but in their minds (like most women), all men are replaceable up to a certain age. She might want to fuck a young black stud (whether he’s of age or not), but is anyone stupid enough to think she and her ilk would give them a higher advantage ‘over’ the men and women who look like her?

I mean, since when does cheating become a bigger “sin” than women sleeping with teenage boys? In a country where more than half of the people cheat on their spouses, on their taxes and in presidential elections… cheating is a “crime” when blacks are involved? I know whites who obsess over “IQ”, “personal responsibility” and “bootstrap” lectures are thinking to themselves “These n*ggers can never be better than us!” And don’t get me started on black athletes being stalked and harassed for using steroids (a la Barry Bonds). Then again, what else can you show me?

Johnnie Cochran was right when he said “Race plays a part of everything in America.”

One thought on “The Real Problem With the American “Justice” System: Public Education

  1. The whole situation is ironic. Black women get a lifetime of pussy passes ( wic benefits, being dealt with lightly by police and courts, no consequences for getting knocked up by whoever etc). This creates a situation where, by the time people are 25 and want decent government jobs, black men are more likely to have criminal records and cant get the job or financial aid for school. The thinking being: if someone makes bad decisions and gets locked up or does drugs, we as a society are not going to help with school or trust them in key positions. But if a young black women is helping her boyfriend sell drugs, they get caught and only he gets charged, then she has a baby at 16, then she lives off welfare for 10 years…well clearly she doesnt make good decisions either but that sort of thing doesnt create consequences and a paper trail, thus it cant be taken into account for fin aid and gov jobs. Of course some black chicks got caught up in a scam. For all we know theyve been ripping and running their whole life. Our society just isnt interested in policing female anti social behavior. The black guy who is a scam artist at 30 has a charge sheet 6 feet long. A black chick who is a scam artist at 30, has no record except for the 4 kids she had with other criminals and is a school teacher.

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