The Grim Reality of Competition and Human Disposability

I believe I had taken the red pill when I was about 15. I couldn’t really understand every aspect of it, because my youth would not allow me to think but so far. Even then, I always knew nothing lasts forever, regardless of the grasp people have on it, be it relationships, ideologies or ‘golden eras’.

Simply put, it’s highly impossible for any one person (male or female) to be the best in every aspect or arena of life. In a perfect world, yes. In reality, most ‘success stories’ make up a small percentage of the human populace. While some others naturally have it good, there are others who had to masterfully break the ‘rules’, go over some heads, step on some toes, run game, scams, practice one-upmanship or performing other underhanded ‘black science’ tactics to poison the competition pool.

As uneasy as that sounds to some of you, what’s even more realistic is that humans are not put here to stay. You have to accept the hardcore fact that your days are numbered. How and when you’ll go out is beyond your control, unless it’s self-inflicted. Humans are disposable as much as humans are killed off, buried and reduced to memories after death. So, you must ask yourselves questions, such as “What does it all mean?”, “Is this what I really want?” or “What do I want my legacy to be?”

Humans are disposable and fungible mainly because of the aforementioned. Just as vital, there’s always going to be someone bigger, better or worse than you or the next man/woman. The sooner we realize this, the better off we will be. Most people cannot accept that for the sake of their own fragile ego and emotional discrepancies… we’ve seen what happens when people like that are ‘in charge’. That said, competition takes place and competition is a motherfucker.

Whether it’s households, harems or hierarchies, the king or queen is not really in charge. It’s the demographic who runs the show, be it underhandedly, or behind the scenes. The king or queen is just a one-man show who does all of the work, or who makes the rules for everyone else to break. And that person can be easily betrayed or replaced by someone who’s more of an ‘asset’.

The west was built on the backs of disposable people (slaves). Today, the plantation has just become more ‘upscale’. Slavery will never end as long as people easily believe they can easily win the lottery, become the next American Idol or pro-athlete, rapper, sweepstakes winner, inherit the kingdom of ‘god’ or find true love that lasts “’til death do us part”. It will never end as long as children are taught to be conformists, ass-kissers or wage slaves storming through bad weather, traffic and inaccurate time clocks to maintain a job they despise and generally doing ‘the right things’ in life. Regardless of all of this, you won’t win an “Employee of the Year” award and given an honorable English salute. But if you do, what does it mean?

You can have all of the experience and credentials in the world. But what does it mean if someone who was either anxious, eager to learn or willing to build more of a vibe (or kiss the right ass) got in the door instead of you?

Even if you stay on top of your shit in the professional world, your efforts can still be dismantled by what you do behind closed doors. I’ve heard several incidents recently about men damn-near losing their occupations due to feminist tattle-telling and other ridiculous forms of censorship. This causes most men to disconnect from society. As a result, they drive themselves deranged by not having viable outlets to express themselves.

This, ironically, causes women to be even more disposable in the eyes of men who refuse to waste time dealing with feminized office politics, let alone having relationships with most women. Then again, women know they are disposable and this is why they hate things like bachelorhood, paid sex, porn, strippers, male obsession with sports, etc.

Competition causes jealousy, which at times turns to spite. Just ask most participants of ‘the manosphere’ who complain about female hypergamy.

Because some people can’t compete with others in one area, they overachieve in other meaningless or speculated areas to fulfill their inferiority complexes.

In regards to the sexes, both men and women are disposable. Much of it deals with whether or not the stamina, aesthetic performance or sexual appeal can sustain itself for a specific length of time to make a person interested. Usually, the three key elements fade with age, bad dieting habits, boredom or with simply finding ‘someone better’.

Money plays a role in whether or not a woman marries a guy. Because when the shit hits the fan, it’ll be like winning the Powerball for them. So, don’t assume rich guys aren’t disposable, because they are just as disposable as the pipe-laying alphas who fuck women silly. And hypergamy (or the promiscuous desire for ‘new’ dick or ‘new’ pussy) proves just that.

Women really don’t respect captain save-a-hoes any more than the LTRs or established husbands they walk over, but white knights are another story…

I recall a guy who lived in Houston, Texas. He would complain endlessly about women not paying him attention, chasing after the guys with street cred or celebrity status. I had stressed to him that big cities are filled with attractive people who stand out, be it financially or biologically. That said, what makes you so special, especially in the eyes of women? The same goes for women. Whatever you won’t do, someone else will. I recall a chick getting upset at me when I said this to her three years ago – I think that started with her asking me why I refuse to ‘settle down’.

The same can be said for alphas, betas, fuck buddies, students, peons, entertainers, business owners, etc. Once we realize that we are all vulnerable to being disposed of and discarded for someone better, we may work vigorously to get to the top of the mountain of sustainability. This eventually causes us to step our game up and put more life into our years. It’s the same reasons why our fathers made us get off our asses and away from the TV and be active in our formative years. Again, it’s not realistic for one man to be the best at everything. So whether it’s the reward of persistent victory, pussy or money, the guy who has the best is a bad motherfucker. For everyone else, there’s drugs or religion…

Another example of human disposability lies in marriages and the single life. Single people know they have to take better care of their health, unlike their married counterparts who let themselves go. Single men and women know no one will be around to take care of their old, fat, sick asses when the smoke clears. Married people are so moralistic, traditional and naïve enough to believe their kids will support them in their old age. Entering adulthood, kids will eventually have their own lives to worry about.

Then, there’s the myth about women cheating for ‘emotional stability’, which is such bullshit. Women cheat for the same reasons men do. You know why? Gratification; which proves my point of how fungible humans are. Anyone who still thinks a woman will stay loyal to you? Let’s say your doctor tells you on your 47th birthday that you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer… do you know what that means? (That’s not a question, by the way)

It’s the same reason why men impregnates mistresses and strippers – the one thing they never agreed to do with some of their wives or LTRs. So, this causes hurt feelings, which sometimes turns to rage.

I could go on and on…

-Irrelevant of any arena in life, the same rules apply. People only give a shit about you based on what you can do for them. Whether or not you can perform, you are just like a battery. Once you run out of stamina, on to the next one…

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