“Beats By Dre” Headphones and Highway Robbery Proves Capitalism is Alive and Well


Highway robbery is a term which describes profit – another vital component for the zero-sum platform embraced by human conditioning. To be clear, I have no problem with any person trying to ‘hustle’ or make a dollar out of 15 cents. But capitalism and governments take the shit way too far. Mainly because they target the poor, the gullible and the unhappy.

There’s a reason why the antagonist in Fight Club said “Advertisement has us chasing cars and clothes – working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

Let me explain…

I understand most people are lemmings or they’re ‘slow’ and that’s why this has gone on for as long as it has. Then again, as long as people sell a dream, someone will always buy it and there’s no way of getting around that. I’m not attacking the desire for specific luxuries, but some luxuries are not necessary, nor are they of high quality. This is not limited to overpriced suburban houses, overpriced muscle cars and “authentic” clothing that will deteriorate or become irrelevant several years after the purchase of it.

Let’s take the Beats By Dre headphones for example. It only costs the manufacturers $14 to make a set of these “high quality” headphones, while charging the consumer anywhere between 10 to 30 times that. But do these specific headphones truly provide the absolute best quality in sound? Are they different from, let’s say, Bose headphones? Are they ‘superior’ to a pair of earbuds that comes with a Samsung Galaxy gadget (which do me just fine, personally)? I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle, nor am I attacking Dr. Dre as a businessman. It’s obvious developed countries were built on this type of shit. But why don’t most people understand that this is capitalism and highway robbery at play? Is it worth spending nearly $400 on a pair of headphones that you’d only use at the gym or on a long vacation flight? Wouldn’t you rather buy a decent pair for $30 and then keep the other $300-something in your pocket or spend the rest on something more useful?

The same can be said about the marketing genius of playing captain save-a-hoe or some fake “relationship expert” and the scam of self-improvement advice. Pompous men have also found a cash cow by selling women dreams. The increased spending power of women has allowed pop culture (with the exception of rap music) and public education to deteriorate internally, but that’s another story.

Regardless if it’s designer clothes, technological gadgets, or basketball shoes designed by “skilled” athletes and other similar rich asshole-stories. The message is one in the same. Highway robbers are smarter than their ‘targets’ and know how to talk them into buying shit they don’t need. Again, it costs them peanuts to make the product or they operate from a different playbook than the one they advertise to the general public. They then sell it to a bunch of misinformed, uninformed idiots.

This is especially the case in white suburbia and select black communities where there’s an overindulging in mass materialism for people with inferiority complexes or lack of HQ interactions among others. I’m aware of how some guys buy certain designers to project an image or to attract females. Unless you’re some ghetto urban youth who embraces ‘swagger’, it usually does not work. The same can be said about souped-up muscle cars that young Asian guys love so much. Let’s be real, does it change the fact that even Asian women blow them off for white and black studs?

Black men, on the other hand, need to understand that when it comes to expensive rims, spinners, candy-coated paint jobs and “hood” cars, women don’t care about that. But the “cops” do!

During holiday seasons, millions are spent on useless gadgets, toys and other shit that becomes irrelevant several years after it’s purchase. Kids don’t shop around like adults – they just know what they want like certain mindless grown-ups who are blinded by specific ‘perks’, ‘specs’ and the overall allure of impressing people who could care less. Like spoiled children, they are unaware of the better deal they can always go out and get the next day. This goes for furnishings, gadgets, women, vehicles, travel destinations, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Other highway robbers may be your landlord and real estate agents who purchased property for $900, but charge their tenants nearly triple that. Not to mention high interest rates. The same can be said for vehicle ownership. How about “law enforcers” who just want to put on a show and flex muscle by targeting non-violent persons, leading to high arrest rates, asset forfeiture and trumped-up charges? All of this leads to unprecedented generation of revenue to keep the gravy train rolling. Do you really believe most people who receive prison sentences, criminal records and tickets really deserve it?

While we’re on the subject, why is it that black men who carry or use drugs receive lengthy prison sentences while drunk white men operating vehicles only receive 1-10 days in jail? I’m aware Michelle Alexander discussed this in her book The New Jim Crow. Is it really about public safety or is it about maintaining a business built on targeting people who “they” don’t like? Truth be told, without that, “they” wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. At the rate the status quo is going, everyone might end up going to jail – not prison – at one point in their lives, whether they can buy their way out or not. I wouldn’t allow it to get to me (unlike most folks, who might as well be hermits or trade places with black slaves).

I wrote a post months ago about how education and female “empowerment” leads to sexual martyrdom, which is a different type of highway robbery (via coercion and shaming tactics). Then there’s quaint notions from feminists, white knights and other “experts” who tell the ugliest, fattest fossil of a woman that she deserves “better”, amid throwing ‘bad bitches’, sluts and sex workers under the bus. Why? Because they want to raise the price of pussy. Ironically, “cougars” feel their time, bodies and genitalia are worthy of the same price as a younger female. Uppity, bourgeois cunts feel they are worthy of a higher price than urban women born in poverty. They feel they are somehow “owed” respect or prestige because they are either fat, have useless degrees at prestigious universities or because they are “somebody’s mother”.

What does that have to do with highway robbery? Because dating and marriage is legalized prostitution in the USA and women – like capitalists – are playing the very idiots who fell for it.

Let me ask you something… If you stop at your local Wal-Mart, do you have to buy everything there? Do you have to buy something because you were allowed to sample it? Or because some rich bastard with a long nose, or an illiterate athlete said it’s “the best of the best”? By the time you open your Beats By Dre headset or Droid phone, a “new and improved” one gets released months later, or next year.

But like most highway robbers, they won’t tell you that. Because it’s bad for business. Whether you spent your money on useless dinner dates, pricey marriages, ‘upgraded’ gadgets, overpriced houses you can barely afford, or traffic and ordinance tickets, either way… at the end of the day, you got played!

Capitalism is successful now, but it won’t survive in societies with low-fertility rates, or ones where status quo is ignored. Don’t buy stuff just because of the name branded on it, or because it’s black or white or ‘popular’. Buy things because it suits you and makes you happy or because you enjoy them. Do it for you. Don’t spend unnecessarily to keep the gravy train rolling that society will eventually throw you under anyway.

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