Building Communities Does Not Guarantee Cohesion

I recently came across a video from Sergeant Willie Pete, where he mocks and attacks a young black guy who traveled to Serbia and apparently has the time of his life. To sum it up, the spoken word from an anonymous black guy explains that Serbia has “the finest women in the world” who treat black males like kings. Now, I’m unsure if the guy lives in Serbia, or if he was there on business, random leisure or if he was in the service. Apparently, Sergeant Willie Pete feels a man like him is selfish, incapable of building a “strong community” and is “reducing” himself to living like a celebrity or focusing on his own sexual desires, physique and imagery.

Here’s my beef with that…

Sergeant Willie Pete has spent nearly 10 years of his life pouring his heart out to his retarded minions and subscribers on YouTube (most of whom are immature, juvenile, homely, broken and live in a dream world with no true life experience under their belt) and begging people to change. He regurgitates recycled knowledge, plagiarizes other people’s work, changes his style and goes from one trend or ‘freak accident’ to another. His unhealthy obsessions with words like ‘infrastructure’, ‘patriarchy’, ‘resources’ and ‘building’ does not make shit better, not only because he has failed to act based on what he claims to believe in.

I’ve wrote previously about The Wall Of Silence for a better explanation. Most black men had moved on years ago and found what they’ve desired in life. Him on the other hand? He chooses to remain stuck on stupid.

He even went on to attack black men in Brazil after watching Frustrated (a monotonous documentary about black guys’ adventures in Brazil), which recently got the attention of Tom Leykis. His ego gets the best of him, especially when he goes on random attacks against Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor for having “some Russian bitch feeding him grapes”.

Let me get this straight – and this really is nothing new. I’m truly not surprised. Specific black morons on YouTube love to boast about the desirability of black pussy – providing them with a “goddess recognition” – only to pull a 180 and complain about all the bullshit that comes with it (i.e. ‘illegitimate’ kids, bitchy mood swings, lust for bad boys, weaves, promiscuity, etc.). They complain about living in matriarchal societies where their own women do not respect them, but complain about a very insignificant percentage of black men traveling abroad to third-world countries where the women treat them like kings with no strings attached?

They want people to put their names on shit that will not improve, under the assumption that building their own communities and landscapes guarantees solace and stability without ‘pass interference’. They long for traditionalism, yet build a “wall of silence” when shit doesn’t go their way. What stupid fucks like SargeWP, Jason Black (aka “The Black Authority”), Tommy Sotomayor and other clowning minstrels alike do not get is that you can lead all you want, but does it imply you will be followed? Black women are holding the torch in ghetto hellholes, but how many men are leaving them hanging for their own stability or mental health?

What this is – like all this ‘game’ talk – is mental masturbation for mental midgets to toot their own horn. What full-functioning, non-autistic grown-ass man whose hormones rage out of control would allow himself to be played and fucked over like all the other cocksuckers who did all of the ‘right’ things in life and still got screwed? What man in his right mind would put his name on anything that will not improve, even if it is some social contract of racial ’empowerment’? Doesn’t he understand people have their obligations and their own lives to worry about?

Here’s something else him and other “good black men” don’t get: Men may be measured by their achievements or establishments, but that makes them even more vulnerable to the general public and their reasons to extract from them and use them as stepping stones. But what happens if a freak accident, sudden job loss, health complications or anything else beyond their control occurs? Wouldn’t they gyrate and mooch off of someone ‘better’ than their last? Women use various streams of resources to beautify herself for other men or to maintain lavish lifestyles for themselves. But how many of those men receive any ounce of reciprocation for their being able to provide?

As far as some black men trampling over black women for other women, yes some of it deals with sour grapes and past scorn. Many times, it’s only based on preference and natural mating selection. Yes, some black men aren’t capable of taming the beast in black barbaric females who just want to get ravished into submission. However, the system is so rigged against them that even if he is ‘strong enough’ to handle her, there’s too much unwarranted ‘pass interference’ from other losers. That said, some women are given free passes for being barbaric. If it becomes habitual, shouldn’t a man who avoids said women be considered one who has a spine and a healthy amount of self-respect? One who takes himself seriously?

As far as the dreamworld of building a community, coercing others to “get on the ball”, how is that going to work? Who gives a fuck about your program? It can be dismantled just like any other. Why provide for a system that will chew you up and spit your ass out? You want to yearn for a life of voluntary slavery, that’s your fucking prerogative. I can’t associate with treacherous dogs like that.

Anyway, I’m through with this.

Umm… questions? Comments?


  1. I’ve noticed there is always an effort to keep black men from both traveling, and reading. A lot of it comes from blacks themselves. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I don’t like reading” or “I wouldn’t go there, they don’t like black people” I could buy both a tablet and a nice dinner with cash to spare.

    I guess I’m so used to seeing wide open spaces while others lock themselves away in cages, but I could never limit myself to staying in one place. A lot of people say that blacks shouldnt go to Russia, but I want to see the “Tetris castle” so off I will go. I was always curious about Serbia as well but I always imagined the area to be at war.

    Yes. It’s not only a form of mind control, but a method of people wanting to drag others down in the hole they’ve dug for themselves. It’s that attitude of “Even if I drive a Benz, I’m still a n*gga”, which does have some merit to it. But some people use that as a crabs in a bucket platform.

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