The “Good Black Man” Label is Pasteurizing


I’ve always cringed at the “good black man” label for a variety of reasons. It proves just how dependent men are on women to seek validation. They are equally dickless as the black ‘uncle toms’ and ‘house n*ggers’ who tip-toe through landmines to be accepted by corporate america and others who want to feel ‘safe’ around non-whites in general.

The “good black man” is like an overgrown child who’s dependent on mommy’s milk and throws hissy fits when he cannot get his way with women. Fortunately, black men like these are facing extinction, like atlas bears.

For most of these guys, they are pathetic, low-rent caricatures of older generations of failed or dying men. What can they teach newer generations of men other than how to be broke, beg for mediocre scraps, isolate themselves from their progeny and to have a short fuse, aiming their anger towards the wrong people? How many women drop their drawers for these losers, let alone marry them out of love, lust or excitement? I challenge anyone to tell me how women do not view them as a future retirement plan, or gullible, vulnerable chumps who have more to lose than street ramblers and cock slingers.

In previous eras, people used religious training, scare tactics and slavery-based antics to control people. Sadly, these tactics are still used today (‘golden rules’ aka laws, stare down threats, physical force, pissing contests, etc.). There’s always been a peculiar human need to control others – parents vs. children, government peons vs. it’s citizens, adults vs. kids, pimps vs. hoes, employer vs. employees, etc. But people are waking up, even the children. My parents told me in my pubescent years to always put myself first and that people aren’t scared of people like they were in the old days. As far as someone copping an attitude? Big fucking deal. because they will not put their hands on me. and most people aren’t worthy of your attention, let alone compassion, unless they have something vital or gratifying to offer you.

This is what these so-called “good black men” have failed to understand for a very long time.

Family structures, religions and law has prevented people from doing what came naturally, be it sexual, questioning authority, self defense or confrontation. Sooner or later, someone would have acted out in an irrational, unstable manner or kept an unhealthy distance from the public, unless they went with the flow. Fathers were present, but they were so hellbent on projecting a show of respectability. Their relationship with their progeny was similar to that of a crack whore and her abuser.

Fast forward decades later… Somehow, it’s entirely black women’s fault why a segment of these men are so rigid, juvenile, lonely and sexless, especially in an age of female promiscuity. Perhaps it was because their fathers were either irresponsible ‘rolling stones’ and overweight lumps who were obsessed putting children in “their place”. Consequently, young men are forced to fend for themselves and learn the ropes on their own. Today, men in their 20s, 30s and 40s have easy access to information at the click of a button.

African-American manboobs – like white game bloggers – long for traditionalism amid whimpering about promiscuity, hypergamy, alt-lifestyles, pop culture and incorrigible kids. What does this prove?

Most men are idiots and hermits who strive to be overachieving borderline-retards who believe the ultimate goal assessment is a traditional Kodak moment. At some point, they were badly fucked up, fucked over and used as stepping stones, but they can’t handle that the gig is up for them. They don’t understand that marriage and emotional connections may be good for women, but generally a waste of time for men. So they follow in the steps of tokenism, unlike street thugs, playboys and black blue-collar types. To hell with street ramblers’ actions being ‘immoral’, ‘repulsive’ or contributing to some future ‘extinction’ of humanity. The point is, they – like bachelors and MGTOWs – are in it for themselves and waste no time living for the moment.

Whether it’s black men on YouTube, afrocentric networking pages, or those who patronize opium dens of failure, it’s all simple. They are overly panegyric to women, they piss their lives away trying to save the world or put on a facade of a ‘nice guy’, a ‘good black man’ or a man with ‘a heart of gold’ who reaps no benefit for his sacrifices. In an attempt to follow in the footsteps of their parasitic fathers, they’ve done “the right things” in life, only to discover the hard way there’s no comeuppance for their sacrifices and moral speak. Almost all sexually attractive women have a masochistic desire to land on pins and needles chasing guys who they know aren’t good for them, but good to them. They prefer dominant, captious, noncompulsory and promiscuous men. Not abortive carbon copies of their fathers.


But what does this say about the “good black man”, who is nothing more than a spayed, servile dog who refer to others as “boss”, “daddy”, “sir” or “ma’am”? Real men don’t do that shit. And yes, I’m aware hip-hop CEO Damon Dash was recently labeled a hero for pointing this out.

What’s just as sad about these “good black men” is that if you pay these dickless cocksuckers enough money, they don’t mind going on TV saying “I don’t give a damn about slavery” or “I don’t care who in the black community disagrees with me”. But the moment gays, whites, women and Islamic zealots are brought up, they’ll pussyfoot and still be made a horrible example of.

Most men of color I know stack their chips to live comfortable. This includes nightlife, hookup culture and planning rendezvous to hook up with “Ms. Fine-ass Bitch”. Whether it’s legit or otherwise, again, they are in it for themselves, unlike most men working to put others’ needs and desires first and theirs last. This includes investing in someone else’s future, embracing patriotism, blowing money on draining marriages, child support, alimony, etc. When you hear a group of black blue-collar men converse amongst themselves, the conversation usually revolves around sports, their occupation, or their evolving plans to take road trips or flights to hook up with “Ms. Fine-ass Bitch”.

Thanks to post-integration, post-internet and post-‘badbitchica’ eras, for men in their 20s to late 40s, the possible highlight of their season or year is spending their disposable income on hooking up with “Ms. Fine-ass Bitch”. It’s what they live for, unlike those before them.

Face it, the fact that sex runs the economy is old news. People fuck, whether kids are involved in the equation or not. Remove that, the economy would crash and humans will definitely face extinction. Why do most men want to become successful? Not just for the sake of independence and avoiding second-party interference, but to have access to multiple women. But is that the case for most established, overachieving ‘nice guys’ and corporate lackies? Is it safe to say most of these dudes spend their money on renting and buying time with chicks resembling supermodels? If women aren’t giving you the time of day (even with paper money with dead presidents involved), what’s the point?

Do not waste your time yearning to bring back nostalgia or surrendering your life to women, your race, your company or aging old hags who are less than qualified to gratify you. If you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor, you’re just a slave, whether you get paid for your well-intentional, ‘goodhearted’ sacrifices of not.

Ask yourselves if what you’re doing making sense? Will it make you happier? Will it make your life easier and less stressful? Are your desires and needs hurting you or anyone in a physical manner? What will you gain from it? Will these things place more value in your lifestyle, or damper it?

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