The Real Issue With the United States, White Privilege and Systematic Extermination Processes

The real problem with several American states and cities (as well as other parts of the Anglosphere) is that there are massive, unwarranted and legislative attacks on humanity as a whole – irrelevant of race, age, gender or class. I understand some people may think this is nothing new, but thanks to social media, it makes the knowledge widespread and now, too many people know what’s going on. But most folks don’t understand why and they blindly accept certain laws, bills, ‘attacks’ and such.

Here’s a few current events I’ve come across recently that proves my point.

Maine, USA – Republicans attack the welfare state causing 9,000 Maine residents to lose food stamps because they were considered “able” to work.

Kansas, USA – New Kansas law tells their residents cannot use welfare funds to get tattoos, see movies, go swimming or buy lingerie.

Missouri, USA – Missouri Republicans try to ban the purchase of steaks, seafood and sodas by food stamp recipients.

Missouri, USA – 80% of police force resign after small Missouri town elects it’s first African-American mayor.

Montana, USA – Montana lawmaker tries to make women wearing yoga pants in public a five-year felony. Then insists it was a joke.

Michigan, USA – Detroit judge rules “water is not a human right” as thousands of residents and businesses have no access to water.

Michigan, USA – As residents and businesses have no access to water, a water slide is being built by Summer, 2015.

Texas, USA – “Racist” voter ID laws exposed.

“Corporations come before humanity” – Nestle CEO says “Water is not a human right.”

The War On the Poor – Feeding the poor is illegal in 33 U.S. cities

It’s nothing significantly new that there is a lot wrong with the USA and it’s similar counterparts. There’s something extremely obscene about any society that deprives, attacks and screws over people who either fell on hard times or does what comes naturally while rewarding the very few rich or well-connected assholes that are “in charge”. That or… they want so badly to be “in charge” of things, even when they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. I’m aware of the hidden agenda these people have that most of the general populace will not understand until it’s far too late.

How else do you explain the rampant killings of unarmed black men, women and children by american police (although that is how this country was built from the start)? How the fuck can you ever justify unwarranted police raids which murder innocent people and their sleeping children? Similarly despicable is the number of pathetic white folks who celebrate online and create GoFundMe accounts for these bastards – especially when it involves sponsoring cops who kills blacks and even rape women – pregnant or otherwise?

How is it ever justifiable to deprive people of water to drink, bathe with or to keep sanitary environments? Is there any explanation for women getting five years in prison for wearing yoga pants in public? What’s the excuse? Because it promotes promiscuity? Or because the general public may assume they are hooked or it damages some feigned moral fabric of society? Can the same be said about teenage boys who have consensual sex with other teenagers being put in prison or being registered as sex offenders (link 1 and link 2)?

What about those who consider seafood as a “luxury”? Is it really anyone’s business if a poor, lower-class person prefers seafood or foods that are more healthier than pork, fried chicken or red meat? Is this some type of conspiracy theory to exterminate a group of people by restricting them to consume more “dangerous” foods that is guaranteed to invoke cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, impotence and other health-related problems?

You know what’s funny, though? It’s easy to identify the cheerleaders for this human stupidity, not just after a few conversations or other basic observations. You can easily spot them out on social media. This is where whites and clueless “group think” blacks go to celebrate, regurgitate dogmatic rhetoric, or spouse self-hating comments such as… “They should have given him a brain transplant so that he would obey the law.”, or “I see why white people dog our black asses. Look at how we act.”, or “I’m sick of busting my ass to pay bills while ‘they’ can keep eating without doing any work”.

Let me ask, who is more likely to scam you out of your entire life savings? A black welfare recipient? or government employees and the police who write useless traffic tickets and steal random people’s stuff via asset forfeiture? Does most of taxpayers dollars go to welfare recipients or on other nonsense to keep the gravy train from spoiling? What’s the use of complaining about welfare fraud amid paying high property taxes and being victimized by highway robbery and still get dicked in the end? Sadly, people overlook that garbage and think it’s normal. Who overspend on crap they don’t need to keep the gravy train rolling? A black “welfare queen” whose highlight of her weekend is either a trip to Wal-Mart or getting groomed up for various men to pork her out? Or a CEO at Wal-Mart or Starbucks who fights like hell to prevent raising the minimum wage?

Why are drug tests required for poor people to apply for assistance while rich dickheads on wall street and lawmakers gamble with your money, get high with your money and rent time with hot chicks while targeting others for doing the same? Some of these same losers are financially feminine, spending from various streams of income like women do. They complain about average people enjoying life on ‘their’ dime amid inheriting money from their murderous forefathers they did not earn, nor deserve. Ironically, some of them live off their wives’ or parents’ dime.

What’s even more funny is that more whites benefit from welfare than blacks. The same can be said about drug use and legalism. Conservatives love talking that “personal responsibility” and “bootstraps” trash in pathetic attempts to get people to cater to a system which sees them as disposable. For one, they never practice what they preach. Two, they disrespect the very people who fall for their tricks. Three, when non-whites do heed their slanted advice, they find ways to attack them, or call for hearings to further their obsession with putting certain people in ‘their place’.

I’ve mentioned before about the killings of blacks, but even without that, there’s other ongoing wars on blacks, alpha males, human nature and the poor as well. Some idiots will assume that since our 44th president of the U.S. is “black” and is a Democrat, he would address the systemic and systematic extermination of blacks by the hands of impotent white tyrants (whose demography will undergo unpleasant changes in less than a century). Why hasn’t he done this already? Maybe because it’s political suicide. Maybe for the same reason he apologized for calling out the police for the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. Maybe because – as Advocatus Diaboli stated previously – he is a “wall street lapdog” and would possibly lose his perks or be somehow “blacklisted”. Our 44th president being who he is by skin tone and his political affiliation caused far too many feeble whites and conservatives to undermine his ability to create the “change” he sold to the public.

But as Brad Pitt’s character said in the noir-crime film Killing Them Softly, “America is not a country, it’s just a business.”

Does anyone see where this is going to lead?

3 thoughts on “The Real Issue With the United States, White Privilege and Systematic Extermination Processes

  1. Is it surprising that the voices who damn “Big Government” are the same ones that seems to love law enforcement. From old pay to play cops like the guy in Oklahoma, to paid mercenaries like the Blackwater murderers who were sentenced last week, there is a segment of white Americans that will give white latitude to law enforcement.

    Even when right-wing politicians bash public sector unions, they always leave police out of their criticisms and out of their budget cuts.

    If you exclude homicide and other violent crimes, much of what passes for law enforcement is government make-work for a preferred demographic. You have ambitious prosecutors scanning Facebook posts, taking some young dimwits comments about the US, and then goading him to say something else that will get him charged as a potential terrorist. Meanwhile, a psycho in Aurora, CO is ordering huge amounts of ammo online – and no one stops to think something might go down until a bunch of folks in a movie theater get gunned down. If I buy cold medicine, I sometimes have to show my ID at the counter. But apparently, ordering enough ammunition for a small police force is nothing to be concerned about.

    If you have not seen it, rent “Serpico” – a movie about NYPD corruption made back in the 1970s, one of Al Pacino’s best. Many of the problems then are problems now.

    Yes. I’ve seen Serpico a while back and other movies about police corruption. You make valid points and aside from goading youngsters to admit to fake charges, I’ve seen a video on social media about a young, dumb black guy who made excuses for police brutality. You know, that “Obey, conform, comply” shit. I heard some news station played the entire video nonstop to get a certain “message” out. The media is full of dirty trick and that’s another story.

    Good thing you brought up the James Holmes situation. Here’s another take on that by Advocatus Diaboli:

  2. The dirty little secret that Democrats know and Republicans pretend to not know is that this nation isn’t sustainable without the massive welfare system. More than 10% of the population are on food, mostly whites. Medicare and Medicaid eat up hundreds of billions a year. Without those programs, a lot of people couldn’t afford healthcare, and drop dead.

    The people in power know all this very well. To maintain their wealth, there has to be a stable society; ergo give out massive welfare to keep the masses fed. Now Obamacare has come along, and they’ve decided to steal even more money from the young to keep the game going. America isn’t sustainable without massive welfare, and the welfare system isn’t sustainable in a world where America isn’t at the top of the food chain.

    Damned skippy. What third-world countries depend on welfare, let alone have welfare? To specific degrees, they are much better off than the U.S. is, for a lot of reasons.

    America is the only country with a population of hundreds of millions of people with most of those people living in relative luxury. When the dollar loses its global reserve status, this nation will descend into a hell I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

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