If It Results in Decline, So Be It.


A common fear among old-schoolers, race CONscious communities and women – in r/l and on social media – is that the epidemic of free-thinking or unfettered self-interest will cause the extinction of humanity.

Here’s my take on it…

If it results in decline, so be it!

In previous generations, people did things because they led a zombified existence, blindly walking in specific directions society told them to. This led to a different brand of misery, instability and rebellion produced within themselves or their offspring, as older generations lived in a pipe dream. Up until the last 50-something years, children only became useless carbon copies of their miserable parents, who were probably the coolest MFs on earth until they were enslaved, scammed, married and planted or flourished seeds who they spoiled rotten or merely cared about.

But then, civil rights movements and the sexual revolution of the 1960s happened. Then came alternatives to matrimony, contraception, modern technology and the age of information.

For centuries, most people never had the balls, nor the brains to ask hard questions, let alone observe their own environment. But that’s changing.

An abundance of young men have seen what happened to their fathers and other men. Lives are ruined daily thanks to useless laws, their ‘pass interference’ and their entitled suburbanite cheerleaders. I’ve seen and observed the fate of the captain save-a-hoe, gullible patriots, breadwinners, hopeless romantics and clueless husbands. I’ve seen men put a wife or girlfriend on pedestals and keeping her there, only to be fair game thanks to her own woes, higher libido and resentment. Men who used to brag about the future of engineering jobs and the sustainability of manufacturing jobs feel the sting of job exportation, “corporate downsizing” or freak accidents.

As a result, men and women have become cynical of eachother and refuse to put their name on anything that will not improve. I’m one of them.

Some people will ask “but what’s that going to do to humanity?”

I have a habit of repeating myself for two reasons.

1) Because I have new readers/subscribers.

2) People are slow and don’t get it.

So let me say it again: That traditional shit is fading to black. In order for any ship (relationship, partnership or friendship) to float, both persons have to be on the same page. Otherwise it’s all about self-interest. Men and women aren’t different as it pertains to using eachother as stepping stones. Only when guys stop giving women the attention they crave is when they complain about men not wanting to get married – yada yada yada…

With the exception of black girls and Latinas popping out so many knucklehead babies (aka products of ‘irresponsible’ booty calls + one-night-stands gone awry), fertility rates are on a massive relapse for developed countries (many Euro and East-Asian). This is also one reason for the japanese herbivore epidemic in Japan, which is most likely the future for many white and Asian men. We all know black men don’t play that shit! Which causes me to ask “why are wealthy, rich and brainy people refraining from having kids?” One answer – they are too busy making money. More important, why aren’t women interested in being inseminated by doctors, lawyers, government puppets and academics unless it led to the women robbing them blind? This could very much explain why these overachieving idiots also have a freaky infatuation with “Saturday night specials”.

It’s essentially single black mothers and other impoverished or middle-class, adventure-obsessed brown-skinned women who drop their drawers for more “lesser” men instead of fucking their “on-point” counterparts. Is it simply the result of lust? To spread ‘superior’ eugenics? Why do women intentionally have unprotected sex with unfixed men who aren’t trying to be tied down?

Women aren’t intentionally getting pregnant by thugs and hypermasculine black guys to receive an 18-year retirement plan, because they know they have nothing else to offer – unless they are a “good catch” (aka, entertainers). If anything, this causes white guys and Asian guys to sadly conclude that this is possibly their last century of power-wielding. So, while the black race is far from extinction as the phony African mystic groups want us to believe, people still piss and moan.

As for the men stuck on doing ‘the right thing’, they use shaming apparatuses and excluding financial resources to somehow coerce women into having no choice but to be with them. It’s the same reason why they say stupid shit like “if your daughter likes bad boys, you have failed as a parent because she’s sabotaging her safety”… or “stay away from those n*ggers, they’ll pimp you out”… or “those Asian guys have small penises”. You get my point.

Brothers stuck on the black race don’t understand something. Like the white guys who allow women to have their way, they’ll eventually learn the hard way that pedestalizing their women will cause their behavior to worsen.

I’m just enjoying the show.

As for women’s whining, fuck their whining. Unless it’s your mother, daughter, sister or niece, stop trying to save women’s asses. If they fall in a ditch, let them crawl themselves out – unless it involves extreme physical harm. But you may have to give up your desire for racial ’empowerment’ – if that’s what it takes to be at peace with yourself as a man, let it happen.

Stop listening to the rants of senior citizens, old schoolers, women, governments and their punks. Because they could care less about you. If you follow their advice and get screwed, they aren’t capable nor qualified to help you. Sad thing is, if you do your own thing, you may not get screwed – but if you did, it won’t be as bad. It’s called choosing the lesser of two evils. ‘Experts’, moralists and even “power couples” provide far too much unwarranted lip service about how other’s should live, yet have more problems than you and 3 other MFs combined. Then when their issues are made public, people act surprised. Apparently, no one told them what my parents told me: You never know what a person is like until you’ve lived with them for a year or more.

More younger men today only want women for sex, whereas women only want men for specific types of gratification that’ll make their lives easier. It doesn’t matter if it’s financial, sexual, emotional or matrimonial. Thanks to technology, medicine and alt-lifestyles, it makes just about anything superior to marriage. The only upside to that is continuing some racial or eugenic legacy.

Wanna weigh your life down buying furniture, jewelry, cars, oversized houses and taking our credit cards you can’t afford? Wanna take out payday loans with high interest rates, robbing yourself and Peter to pay Paul? Go right ahead.

You meet some high-yellow piece of booty you wanna tame, three weeks after your wedding reception? And you can’t do shit about it, otherwise the in-laws and pompous socialite divas will attack you for being ‘selfish’, ‘chauvinist pig’, ‘irresponsible’ or encourage your wife to take your ass to court.

Why advocate something which makes you vulnerable? I don’t care if it’s an over-accumulation of money, kids or love. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, rich, broke, fat or in shape. People only want you based on what you can do for them. Otherwise, nobody cares about you. Spend your money on books, travel, clothes, sex with “bad bitches” or paying your parents’ bills. Don’t overspend on overpriced gadgets, traffic tickets, bail money, universities, self-help books, etc.

For people who are afraid your engagement alt-lifestyles will result in decline, so be it. You can’t play nice in societies where the reward is of lower value than the risks taken – let alone societies hell-bent on eradicating your existence. If ‘they’ or the govt. don’t care, it ain’t your goddamn business.

So, don’t listen to ‘holy crusaders’ or other fucktards who piss their lives away looking for a better world. I don’t care if it’s Sergeant Willie Pete, Tommy Sotomayor, Chateau Heartiste, Paul Elam, Matt Forney, Jason Black or none of them. Don’t worry about anyone but yourself and your nearest and dearest.

You only have one life to live – I wouldn’t waste it trying to save the world. Because in the end, nature takes it’s course anyway, which is what’s happening now.

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