The N*gger Marriage 1: Toya Graham’s Willie Lynch Syndrome Amid Racial Anarchy

I entitle this series The N*gger Marriage due to specific regimes/mentalities certain blacks embrace, which is perpetuated by what’s called a “Willie Lynch” syndrome, or a slave mentality. One of the Willie Lynch ideologies is entitled The N*gger Marriage, whereas a black male impregnates a black woman and disappears from the picture, leaving the young black boy to either fend for himself if not having his fate placed into the hands of a single black mother. The mother – who is in constant fear of his life – renders him weak and goes at great lengths to emasculate him, rendering him useless (a la “all brawn and no brains”).

In this installment of the series, I will point out how this played out in a recent incident during the race riot in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, after the funeral of Freddie Gray; a 25-year-old black male who was recently murdered by the hands of the police.

Amid the riot, a 16-year-old black male was supposedly involved in the riot at midday and was caught throwing rocks at the Baltimore police. His mother, Toya Graham (a black matriarch/single mother with six children), attacked him as news coverage spotted the carnage. Now, she is being categorized as “Mother Of The Year” on social media by single mothers, timid black folks and whites, who collectively took that shit and ran with it. Shortly after, Toya Graham goes on various television programs and news interviews continuing her “horse and pony show”.

Here’s my take on this…

I can see if Toya Graham’s son was looting stores and burning down businesses, but why couldn’t she understand why her son has become so angry at a system designed for him and other young black males to fail? Doesn’t it occur to her that any pragmatic thinking person would naturally become outraged after seeing so many who look like him be put down like dogs by the hands of law enforcement and other impotent whites? I can understand her not wanting her only son to be killed. But doing all of the “right things” the “right way” will not prevent terrorists from killing him anyway, even if he was unarmed or at the right or wrong place at the “wrong time”.

Then, for her to say that she doesn’t want her son to be “another Freddie Gray”? But what was Freddie Gray’s ‘crime’? Engaging in underhanded economic means via drugs? Or just being young, black, male and a threat to impotent white males? Did Freddie Gray cater to how own downfall or was he – like most other blacks – a victim of circumstance? How would she have reacted if her son chose to enter into the armed forces or law enforcement and made himself even more vulnerable to random attacks?

I am unsure if Willie Lynch was a real or mythical character, but his ideology of The N*gger Marriage is largely a play here. This is a prime example of what happens when single black mothers who don’t know shit about manhood become paranoid. As a result, they emasculate their sons for their own fear of white wrath. This is a tradition that was created during plantation era where whites eradicated black fathers, then told black mothers to “deal with your sons, or else…” This also leads to other foolery, such as spousification and oedipal complexes certain single black mothers develop towards their sons. Because the mother is increasingly distraught over her sons’ lives, the lives of certain young black males are put into the hands of women, which is why some of today’s men are so scared to take risks and are bitchy, psychologically brittle and diva-like.

I can say the same about their obsession with Christianity and the spirituality scam.

The ultimate betrayal is when these women inflict that shitty rhetoric onto their offspring, who have to compete with, let alone stand up against other men who do not operate by the same playbook. The same women who are also the biggest cheerleaders for stupid shit like “law and order”, “love thy neighbor”, “forgive our enemies” or “love will save the day”. And this is why certain blacks do not get shit accomplished. Therefore, they live their lives on standby or idle.

If this is going to be the case, wouldn’t blacks might as well have remained slaves?

In regards to Toya Graham, this woman is far from some sort of hero. Single black mothers have been under scrutiny for a very long time, but now all of a sudden, social media paints her as a hero? A single mother of not 2 or 3, but 6 damned children, with no father in the house? What woman in her right mind would reduce herself to a cum dumpster, giving birth to six rugrats and not have a father in the household? What does this say about a woman like this, who sets herself up for nervous breakdowns and massive burnouts? One who makes her children vulnerable to various attacks? Isn’t she furthering her own ’cause’ by being sexually reckless? Something’s gotta give, doesn’t it?

What the hell makes this woman some kind of hero when black fathers are attacked for doing the same shit?

More importantly, could this incident have been staged? Was it a quick bait-and-switch to take our attention off of the heart of the matter? Is this another excuse for blacks to be painted as reckless?

On another hand, where are the stupid, feeble white cocksuckers who say “It’s just niggers being niggers” when whites in Kentucky riot and loot after losing an NCAA sports game? Where’s the outrage? In fact, whites are the biggest rioters, looters and pillagers, but apparently no one wants to talk about that. I could write a book about riots initiated by whites, especially those involved the so-called ‘sanctity’ of a white woman who either cried wolf, yelled “rape” or bragged about sex with a black man. Remember Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921? Remember Rosewood, Florida?

While younger blacks may not have faced the horrors their forefathers have, the entire framework of the USA was built and ingrained on such horrors. So, why are younger blacks so angry? Shouldn’t they be angry in societies designed for them to fail repeatedly, while the powers that be blame them for their own failures?

Isn’t it better to be pissed off than to be pissed on and having it sold as “rain”?

4 thoughts on “The N*gger Marriage 1: Toya Graham’s Willie Lynch Syndrome Amid Racial Anarchy

  1. This single mom is allowing herself to be used as a political pawn. The white supremacist media parades her around as a hero because the racist media wants to promote the domineering, single black mom caricature while at the same time promote the emasculated black male. The very same whites who applaud her actions in public actually deride her in private. Don’t be fooled; white supremacists could care less about single black moms…in fact, single black moms, like the one in the article, strengthens the white racists/supremacists. Black people are in a pitiful state nationwide as a collective; there is a genocide against blacks in america.

    Bingo. Bill O’Reilly has recently attacked her dumb ass.

  2. This incident perfectly highlights the psy-ops that are being conducted against us by whites on a daily basis. One of the main objectives is to create confusion and disorientation. Every other day this woman would the bane of white society. The source of all black America’s problems. On this day her actions support the white narrative of unruly black males that need to be slapped down. Ergo she’s suddenly “mother of the year”.

    It’s imperative to detach from white media. White media is the source of the psychological warfare being conducted on black minds.

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