Sex and The Suburbs – 01: Slutty Suburban White Womanhood

“Most MILFs were born and grew up in an age when the racial composition of the west was different from today. The only non-whites most of them saw in real life were either black or very deferential non-whites. The general attitude at that time was such that everyone believed that the status quo would prevail for eternity.

Sadly for them, it did not.”

Advocatus Diaboli (Why I Detest MILF-y Types)

The turbulent 1960s and it’s pecking order has led to one of white America’s biggest fears: white female promiscuity with black men. Something really scary has been happening in white suburbia for a while.

Do you know what that is?

Alt-lifestyles – such as swingers, hypergamy, BDSM, etc. – have been around for centuries. Once integration, contraception and female sexual power happened, it became a huge game-changer in white America, not only in terms of sex in nature, but what has led to “white male pussydom”, low-fertility rates among women and even more alternatives to matrimony. Without getting into a long, boring history lesson about the root of the ‘problem’, I want to bring to light of demographic trends regarding the sex lives of certain white women. Particularly those who “prefer” black men – especially white cougars (women ages 35+).

Upon turning 20, I discovered an underworld (via Yahoo) of suburbanite white women who spent their weekends at swingers’ clubs, throwing swingers parties in the suburbs, plus having sex with blacks – sometimes, in front of their white husbands/boyfriends. This is what’s called a ‘cuckold’ fetish. In some cases, husbands and boyfriends would encourage, watch and photograph their SOs getting smashed by one or more black studs – most of whom were college-educated blacks who had “too much to lose”. They preferred non-black women and spent their weekends pooning. Granted, some of the women were attractive while most were not.

Today, things differ a bit because there’s a number of white females that cater to black men who look superior to the ones most black men settled for 10-20 years ago. Truthfully, while some black guys finalize that ‘pussy is pussy’, there was a time when most men took whatever they could because of society making them feel they were not ‘entitled’ to have better. Now in the age of window shopping, things are changing.

I personally never engaged too much into the suburbanite swinging scene, except about 6 or 7 times to date. Even when I has my ‘white girl’ phase, I never was fond of sharing another man’s “sloppy seconds”, nor was I into hoe-chasing in an attempt to bang somebody’s grandmother. Yahoo’s adult groups, Swing Lifestyle, FetLife, PoF, Adult Friend Finder and even Flickr is loaded with white women in suburbia who showcase their sexual availability. Even then, hypergamy is embraced (they leave most men hanging while attaching themselves to a few ‘top guns’).

The suburbs is laced with mountain lions, cougars, pumas, fatties and homely married couples who just cannot accept that their prime faded years ago. Like certain black women, they delude themselves highly in ways other women dare not. They advertise themselves in hopes of hanging onto their ‘golden years’, because it’s hard to accept that a woman may be approaching her ‘use by date’. Unlike younger females, they don’t look good naked, they don’t care about “swag” and money is not an issue. These women either live off their clueless husband’s dime or own their own homes and instead, they may buy their studs drinks, allow them to eat her food and use her appliances. This is probably one of the only times when a man can get sex for free or a low price.

I can recount few adventures with cougars, but so far they do nothing for me. The best one I’ve slept with was one who was 47; a hard 4. Very thin, flat pancake-y ass, spent years in gyms, tanning salons and engaging in sex tourism to Hedonism and the Caribbean Islands (where cougars form posses and pacts, on the prowl for black dick). Looked great for her age, was an amateur pornstar on Zoig. Most women on swingers websites are so goddamn ugly, but she stood out. Most recently, I ended up playing “daddy” for a chick who had epilepsy. But she was so horrible, I never contacted her ever again.

It’s quite evident – especially with social networks – that cougars (like pumas, aka MILFs, and hoodrats) are the easiest women to game and fuck. This is very true since they all dominate the western dating scene, but unless you’re white or black, they aren’t really checking for you. However, another downside for most men is that multitudes would prefer ‘chocolate men’ over whites. The disrespect these women have for white men is electrifying. Withing the past ten years, I’ve overheard many say “white men disgust me”, “there’s nothing a white man can do for me”, or “white men have dicks like dogs”, etc. Yet, those are the ones who’ll bow out of the scene when enough black studs pump and dump them. Either that, or they’ll settle.

Essentially, these women don’t look like Monica Bellucci, Susan Lucci, Lisa Ann or Syren De Mer. Most resemble Joni Mitchell, or Julia Stiles, if they’re not fat and nasty.

Right before turning 30 (and visiting escorts), I realized that contrary to the fantasy some black men create for themselves (just to get away from the black women with ‘diva complexes’), white women love drama just the same. I’ve written topics about my negative experiences with them (most of whom I met on social media + observing their mannerisms), but I don’t want to repeat myself. Let’s just conclude that once a brotha fucked them all in their vaginas, mouths and butt-holes, they become obsessed, clingy, pestering and “addicted to what the dick did”. They one-up other women in competition in the attention olympics, “report” other women’s FB profiles and occasionally falsely accuse some pussy-whipped loser of domestic violence to play on sympathy.

There is some good that comes with this mystifying fuckery. For one, the attitudinal black woman knows she can’t get away with being a cunt, because a brotha can always go out and find a better deal within a matter or minutes. Two, they have been through the ringer and they realize they don’t have much shelf life. So unlike younger attention-whores and man-stroke chicks in their 20s, they lay the cards on the table and usually don’t send guys on wild goose chases. Now, there are few in that age-range who are like that, but they are easy to spot and generally make idiots of themselves, causing more game to be ran on them.

Then there’s an increasing epidemic of slutty white female teachers who get caught banging their students – particularly black students – who give teenage boys a jump start into pubescent antics, showing them ‘the ropes’. What’s even more disturbing is that these women catch more heat from “law enforcement” and negative public attention than white male pedophiles, who have their own organization, called NAMBLA.

more to come…

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