Don’t Cater to Her Bullshit


One of the hardest things most of you will ever face is dealing with the hard cold fact that no woman will ever love you for who you are, except your mothers, daughters or sisters. There’s a growing epidemic of lonely men, which consequently leads to social networks being laced with wannabes, desperate orbiters, social retards and bitter bastards. There’s also an increase of losers in high places.

Most men suffer from delusions of grandeur and remain clueless on how to deal with women.

Based on my personal experiences and observations, I conclude that while hookup culture and booty calls are superior to LTRs and matrimony, escorts are generally safer, superior and hotter than most ‘civilian’ females. Most men are still afraid to aspire for what they feel they are ‘unworthy’ of thanks to standard dogma, or society telling them they can’t have this or that.

Here’s my heads up for telling men how to deal with women, particularly civilians (hookup culture participants = booty calls, flings, attention whores, etc.).

  1. 1] Dry spells are a motherfucker. If you’ve gone without sex (masturbation included) for a lengthy period of time, it may create a serious unavoidable urge. Even still, you’re building up your stamina and desire – the downside? You’re in predatory mode. This is the best time to work on your PC muscles, hit the gym and eat light – which you should be doing for yourself anyway. Do not ruin it by banging below your standards. When you aim for 4s and 5s only (even if you rent/buy time with them), the mediocre chicks below know you won’t tolerate bullshit. Suffer now, but be a champ later.

  2. 2] I’ve heard from somewhere that women don’t mentally mature past high-school. Women love drama. They love things like attention, mannerisms driven by psychosis, masochism, dominance and mind games. If they can’t seek these things in a relationship or other platonic or sexual arrangements, they can always choose to live vicariously through their kids, celebrities, sitcom characters or other weaklings they depend on. There’s nothing wrong with drama, only if it’s used sparingly and artfully. Do not go overboard with being a mean asshole. Sometimes when a woman doesn’t act right, it’s a cry for ‘help’ (i.e. a highly energetic, disciplinary-like drilling).

  3. 3] A friend of mine once told me “every woman in the world is a freak. It only depends on who she wants to be a freak with.” Women know that, but they can never explicitly admit that, even if they man-stroke or dicktease the shit out of men on social media. Doing so may convince more undesirable men below her standards that she’s easy and cheap, like chocolate. Can you blame them? – The downside to that is women knowingly tease men with “the possibility of sex” as a means of entertainment, knowing they have no intentions on giving up the pussy. Consequently, productivity is cut short.

  4. 4] If a woman is not willing to compensate your genuine interest with sexual availability – forget all that flirting nonsense – avoid her; on to the next. This is something most younger men do nowadays at an alarming rate anyway, but others waste their time complaining about dealing with a woman who’s been long categorized as “fucked up”. If a chick is not willing to go along with your program – which should be more than what she has – don’t fuck with her!

  5. 5] You can be the most loving husband who loves her unconditionally. It doesn’t matter if you’re established, romantic, a childhood friend, or “that guy” who she can depend on. Her happiness and insatiable desires comes first, not yours. Do not be surprised if “that other man” (more likely, the “bad boy”) sends her a call or text and she goes running to him, serving herself up to him on a silver platter – even if you are the one feeding her ass. Women respond to dick.

  6. 6] Similar to Example 2, most chicks have tunnel vision. They want to have their cake and eat it too, but they expect their “dream guy” to not have as much mileage as them. While a smart woman knows and expects that men get around, most of them view men as Energizer batteries, yet complain about men ‘objectifying’ them as a ‘piece of meat’. Only when you ignore those times and move on to the next chick(s) is when she gets jealous, wants what she can’t have and crawls back to you. She’ll problematically purr on your leg like a kitten to where you damn-near want to kick the bitch away.

  7. 7] If a chick lets you hit it raw – even on the first, second or third sexcapade – it is questionable. If she’s willing to let you rawdog her, what makes you think she never allowed the dudes before you to rawdog her? She might say you’re special to her, but do you really believe that? She might say she doesn’t have “the clap”, but if she did, do you think she’s gonna tell you? Does SHE even know? But let’s say she is clean as a bell, you get her pregnant, it will guarantee putting a burden on your lifestyles. Sex feels better and different without condoms, true enough. If you like to rawdog chicks, I suggest you get a vasectomy from a trusted, experienced and unbiased urologist. That way, you’re free from being trapped in the child support hustle.

  8. 8] If you’re out there and experienced, you might have encountered a woman’s attempt to get you to pay her “bills”. She gave you a sob story about how she missed x amount of workdays or how her toilet bowl broke – blah blah blah. Especially if it’s a relationship in long distance form. She’ll then spend it on barhopping, dick hopping and buying the next man weed, Bourbon, condoms and KY jelly (which won’t be used by you). This is why there ought to be “checks and balances” for child support, but the government is like an impotent sugar daddy who spends grands on women, not getting ass in return.

  9. 9] Today’s modern women (especially ghetto-types, daughters of matriarchy and mentally unstable ones) feel that a man’s job is to build her a ship and allow her to run it or capsize it. This is especially true when it comes to money, power, prestige and sex. I had chicks who I never met in R/L become incensed when other women “like” or “comment” on my photos on FaceBook, let alone when others met me in person. Again, a woman can be one-sided. It’s as if she wants to be a star. Like gassed-up attention whores, they dislike other women because they ruin the spotlight, or the ‘demand’. A woman like her comes a dime a dozen. Don’t cater to her bullshit.

  10. 10] Choose your bedfellows wisely and lay your cards on the table. Do not come where you eat at – stay away from coworkers, unless you are in the sex industry where you basically get to fuck your coworkers! If the feeling isn’t mutual, don’t fuck with her. Realize, too, that women do not owe you sex. But consider this: Men are catching heat from women, even female co-workers, because of expressing themselves on social media or the blogosphere. Sometimes, it’s best to keep certain thoughts in your head or in trusted company, because the truth is very ugly. The truth also isn’t everyone’s business. Saying that, men don’t owe women signatures on the slavery contract (marriage). If it results in decline, so be it.

So there you have it. I’ve provided my perspective on how to deal with today’s woman, but the possibilities of what happens when you overplay your stroke or lay down with flea-bitten bitches who are fucked up. I’ve banged below my standards several times and though no babies or STDs were involved, I do regret it. Don’t stick your dick in anything with a crack or a hole, because you are who you sleep with. Regardless of her dickteasing tendencies or her shaming language, do not cater to her bullshit.

If any woman complains about your reluctance to “get married”, “have kids” or some other stupid bullshit, remember the times when women tried to play you. Also consider that ugly bitches complain the most.

Whether game or money pays a significant role or not, find the women you want to drill, bend them over, drill them and move on about the rest of your season, your day, your journey or whatever. I don’t recommend bothering with these women if you don’t have your shit together. Be a warrior!

As Ghandi stated, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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