Thought of the Day: May 15th, 2015

As I close Year Two of my blog, I just wanted to post something here that I’ve recently come across.

I made a topic weeks ago about the real issue with racism in America and “new” systematic extermination processes. Recently, I’ve heard of black female prisoners in California undergoing forced sterilization processes. The excuse is that it would cut the costs of welfare — i.e. “they” do not want to provide welfare services for “unwanted” children. Todd Wooten (the author of White Men Can’t Hump As Good As Black Men) once stated the ugly reality that “unwanted pregnancies” lead to “unwanted members of society”. Depending on who you ask, they will agree wholeheartedly, either in their minds or verbally.

I’ve mentioned how the U.S. government want to cut welfare costs only to keep their pockets fatter – the same reason why manufacturing jobs are being exported and why human labor is being replaced with computers, machinery and technology. But this could be another form of genocide – or another slick, sneaky way to prevent more black children being born. However, it’s much too late for that because whites are already a global minority as is.

I just have to also note that there is something really awkward about governments and “law enforcers” who are so obsessed with female genitalia. Hell, even male genitalia (if you don’t believe me, read some history books about the castration of black male slaves). Could it be because they are impotent? They aren’t getting any pussy? Or because they are afraid that if brown-skinned people reproduce, they would no longer have a leg to stand on?! I already wrote about how white sexual insecurity influences laws, the “war on drugs” and America’s obsessions with guns, violence, action films and “law and order” cheer-leading.

I mean, these people spend more time worrying about other men’s penises (and female genitalia) that they somehow forget their own.

Questions? Comments?

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