*Summer Hiatus – The End of Year Two*


Well, here it goes, people. This marks the end of Season Two of my blog. As of now, I am enjoying my American Summer of 2015 and I’m just know that it’s going to be much better than my last Summer of 2014, financially and sexually. If I could go back to the summer of 2013, a summer of lust (a very amazing time in my life), I would, but I have to make shit better every time.

Season Two of my blog is at this point the best season/year of my blog and I am very proud of my writings. I have grew as a writer, which includes toning down on the word count as well as the profanity. I have also discussed more vital topics aside from women, sex, hypergamy, etc… I am very happy! I will return with Season Three sometime in September, 2015. My Beauty Of The Month section from my other website, Beautiful Gurrlzz, will be updated regularly.

So, I am closing Season Two by telling all of my subscribers to…

Get shit done!

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