Are People Truly That Inept?


I don’t waste time trying to analyse what’s wrong with the minds of most people. I am not a psychiatrist. What I do proudly admit is that most people are ‘slow’, insane and inept. Much of it is self-inflicted, yet for most folks, it’s hard to unlearn lies, sold dreams of conformity and Disney Myths – especially if it’s been drummed into the human psyche for years or decades.

Since the beginning of time, most people have always been either delusional or enthusiastic about fairy tales. You would think that things would generally get better as generations pass, but most people believe in cognitive dissonances, white lies or urban myths without thinking twice about it. History repeats itself because idiots either refuse to learn from it, or they assume it won’t happen to them.

Consider several things…

1] Throughout history, the illusion of ‘god’ or a ‘superior being’ has been used to keep people in check. This also creates a belief of an afterlife – or a belief that if a person live a docile and servile existence, they will somehow be rewarded with an eternal life. Of course, pragmatists know this is a scam, coercion and severe retardation wrapped in one. The concept of religion and it’s ‘god’ was used to control, terrorize and asexualize everyone except those who preach from the pulpit of power, privilege or ‘achievement’. It is a fabulous mind-control tactic used to distract people from things like money, power, sex, pragmatism and other real-world activity.

I mean, where do people get this idea that an ‘inferior’ subordinate the size of centipedes and ladybugs will not participate in an afterlife based on their promiscuity, voluntary drug abuse, or failure to idolize an unproven deity? Unless my mattress is riddled with bedbugs, what do I give a fuck about the sex lives of insects? I’m aware Advocatus Diaboli mentioned the same thing before. Is it written in stone that if we don’t follow what a ghost has in store for us that we are biding our time? Aren’t you doing that anyway by defending phantasms? Worse is the regurgitation of this rhetorical vomit by blacks (specifically black women). A sucker is born every minute.


2] Are men really that stupid to worry about “what do these women want”? Who gives a fuck what they want?! You can be on-point and she’ll still leave you either because you weren’t adventurous, sudden job loss or the dilemma that comes with being diagnosed with prostate cancer – you might come home from work, catching her spread-eagle with another man’s dick ramming through her anus… and then what? Women publicly brag about emasculating their autistic husbands more than they do about cheating – this not only happens on social media or female-centric avenues, but on talk radio. Many youngsters learn the hard way or on their own, because their fathers were big, dirtbag retards. What women truly want after their youth license expires is an on-point simp; a man who’s like the government – the biggest simp. All those Disney Myths about ‘staying together’ is mainly perpetuated by sexless paper tigers and women whose actions contradict their wobbly beliefs.

I’m very confident there’s loads of black, hotep tribal-types who – like white conservatives and liberals – want guys to bow down to these bitches and viragoes just because they’re black, or ‘someone’s daughter’, ‘mother of the earth’ or some other type of stupid shit. Like feminists, they want to create a dreamworld where every black man will suddenly exit bachelorhood, leave sluts, strippers and booty calls alone and find a black Christian woman to have black kids with. And then what? Won’t a man’s life devalue upon having extra mouths to feed? They forget that people have their preferences whether we like it or not.


3] Public education is another lame-ass joke. It would take another topic to discuss this one, but one of my heroes hit the nail hard about ‘Useful Idiots’. The system forces kids to adhere to it, which creates failures, worthless honorifics and other sorry-ass excuses for the status quo. People who have been taught for years how to put faith in humans and numbers, to be unquestionable, compliant wage slaves and consumers to ‘higher beings’ begging you to buy a bunch of depreciating liabilities. Most of what you’re taught is easily accessible on Google, Wikipedia, etc. You are actually graded on your levels of obedience rather than intelligence or pragmatic thinking. If anything, the latter just upsets the apple cart. Add feminism to the mix and what you have is a serious demise of manhood. Pompous-ostentatious idiots play games with children’s lives everyday to the point where we think that shit is normal. Granted, they can drop out at 15-16, but then what?


4] Law and order is a huge scam that somehow is a huge success and sustainable occupation in many countries. Typical white America praises a ‘devil in a blue dress’ (cops… and veterans) as a ‘hero’, whereas most brown-skinned folks (unless they are uncle toms and other emasculated apologists) don’t trust people who are trained not to trust them. For that and other reasons, it makes blacks smarter than whites. Who in their right mind would champion a system or ideology that can and will turn on them for any reason that includes flexing muscle, for power or profit? Why would blacks and Latinos play ‘nice’ in a game where every ace is played against them? White and Asian men collectively commit some of the most disturbed, sickest crimes against humanity – yet, tons of excuses are made for them (mental illness, affluenza, martyrdom, sexual frustration, etc.). Then again, a mugshot of a black street pharmacist looks more menacing than the mugshot of a white pedophile and other similar creeps. But don’t worry… I’m sure more guys like Elliot Rodger will escalate, especially in the age of white feminism scams and hypergamy. For the rest, there’s always opium dens of failure found on the interwebs (PUAHate, Chateau Heartiste, NAMBLA, etc.)

Then, there’s these stupid, fatass white women who attend #BlueLivesMatter rallies who openly and boldly confuse the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as a ‘race-baiter’ in an attempt to champion a tyrannical system so warped beyond repair.


5] Without getting into specifics, no one fears karma and retribution more than old folks who learned the hard way that life doesn’t revolve around their nostalgia. The same can be said about whites, bullshit artists, one-sided cunts who want to have their cake and eat it too, etc. There’s always been a strong cutthroat element among those whose strong desire to bullshit, have ‘the last word’ or one-upmanship over others was consistently intact. Once they get old and their brethren loses in the game of life or demographics, they turn religious as a means to not only justify their ills, but to magically clear their resume before they meet their maker. Most people don’t believe in karma or fate.


6] People work themselves to an early grave… and for what? To buy a house which can be taken from them via foreclosures? To satisfy the whims of a fat, slow-witted wife who hasn’t mentally matured past 12th grade? To buy kids shit they won’t use five years from now? To keep up with the Joneses and impress other duplicitous losers? Of course, nothing in life is free, but walks in parks, elevator rides or praying to a faceless ‘god’. But once you stop giving other people your money and spend it solely on yourself, you may have a much easier life. Some of the same people come up with brilliant ideas, but because they’ve confided in the ‘wrong’ person or a fake friend, their idea has been stolen by someone whose life is much more grand than theirs.


All six examples I’ve mentioned are different, but has similarities. ‘Holy crusaders’ come up with brilliant ways to say “It’s not about the money. You need to pray, have high GPAs or attend a university in order to get to the money.” Others say “It’s not about sex. Sex is not a human right. You need to fall in love and get married in order to get the sex.” Well, if it’s not about money and sex (something religious zealots and conservatives rampantly yell from the rooftops), then what the fuck is the point of marriages, basic human interaction, careers and occupations? Why is money or sex the reward for your believing in a phantasmagorical ‘god’, attending overpriced universities or signing yourselves into slavery (aka ‘the marriage contract’)? That doesn’t make any sense!

On another note, this is why when it comes to money, blacks are in last place. Other non-whites take leisure in cutting off their noses to spite their face. Meanwhile, those who are running shit operate from a different playbook than the ones they sell to generations of people they don’t give a fuck about. Similarly, when it comes to sex, nice guys finish last. Are people really that schizophrenic, amnesiac or mentally ill to put too much emphasis on ‘the god delusion’, ‘game’, ‘High IQ’, test scores, love-and-marriage scams, hard word ethics and tyrannical infrastructures?

– A person easily becomes what they surround themselves with. If your society, village or household is full of people who allow themselves to be poisoned and bludgeoned to death with good vs. evil complexes, you’re bound to be reduced to that. Sure, you can always embrace standard dogma assuming there’s a reward. Or you can find new ways to stick razor blades down your urethra.

One thought on “Are People Truly That Inept?

  1. I like what you’ve written although this has elements of nihilism in it, which I’m not a fan of. In my opinion, America is an end stage society. Entitlement programs continue to grow, while a smaller percentage of the population shoulders the load. I’m a bachelor and I pay 31% income tax. I’ve woken up some mornings and wondered why even go to work? I don’t see this current system being sustainable going forward for decades. The tipping point will be when whites aren’t the majority, but still control a majority of the wealth. People won’t accept that for long.

    Nihilism is life, so is drama. Essentially, you are spot on.

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