Does Sex Addiction Exist?


Based on my own observations, in addition to common sense, I have repeatedly asked this question for the past several years: Does sex addiction exist (to the point of needing rehabilitation or intervention)?

Carnalities are as natural and a necessary part of life just as much as eating, drinking, bathing, physical fitness, health care, sightseeing, sleeping, socializing, critical thinking, etc. However, some people (asexual or not) believe that even if a man or woman can remain a virgin for life, they will be just life. That may be true, but isn’t that not only unrealistic (unless a person chooses celibacy and live under moralistic regimes), but torturous? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of living? What is the point of living if any male or female cannot simply enjoy the finer things in life?

Let’s take a brief look at the history and the current affair of the term ‘sex addiction’: As David J. Ley (the author of Insatiable Wives) stated, it was a concept used to pathologize the sexuality of particularly women and black men. Even by today’s standards, ‘sex addiction’ is still used in ‘shaming language’ to demonize and crush certain non-monogamous lifestyles (prostitution, strip clubs, swingers, game, interracial dating, bisexuality, porn usage, etc.).

We all should know by now that historically, the rulers of the world were petrified of female sexuality and black male sexuality to the point of it being put in check and regulated by law, as well as the threat of violence, community service, castration, etc. Since the Sexual Revolution took place in the late 1960s, women in the west and black males have begun to experiment with alternative sexual lifestyles that had nothing to do with procreation, oneitis or ‘keeping it in the family’ (bka, sex with one partner for life or sex within one’s own race). This was the biggest fear of people from centuries and even decades ago. Without getting into very long details, there is still a deep-seated contempt for female and black male sexuality. However, the tables have also turned to a degree where feminists loathe male sexual desire. Men are pissed because they cannot control female desire, whether they are conservatives, the race-CONscious or a bunch of manospherians. African-American women, select white males and race-CONscious retards from both color lines are also pissed because of black men searching for greener pastures.

I am very confident that there are many purists, white nationalists and black race-CONscious retards who love blaming the Sexual Revolution and female liberation (particularly the rise of slutty white womanhood) for the decline of the black family. Therefore, they use shaming tactics to degrade IR dating and black male sexuality, referring to them as ‘coons’, ‘sex addicts’, ‘white trash’, ‘mudsharks’ and referring to biracial children as ‘zebra bastards’, but that makes up for another post.

Back to the original point…

Now, I can say something along the lines of “The sexual revolution never came to an end because people never stopped fucking.” The truth is this: There was never a Sexual Revolution in the AA community. Just sex! The sexuality of the black race has always been potent and was made more hyperactive due to their physical/athletic performance, even during slavery. However, it was fine as long as there were no integration of black males and white women. Miscegenation was never a problem, as long as it was the white dick doing the mixing. Now, things are different. Most women do not even see white males as masculine, unless they happen to be other white women, East-Asian women and those black ‘negro-bed wenches’ who Tariq Nasheed hates so much!

Here’s another interesting aspect of the ‘sex addiction’ myth: ‘Experts’ (doctors, researchers, therapists, etc.) argue that sex addiction – like drug addiction – is based on emotional reward systems (egotistical gratification) to engage in reckless behavior. It is also believed that some people struggle to relive that ‘first high’ or to replace the last time with something even better (insatiability). While the latter is true (regardless of gender), how many sex addicts have cold shivers and cold sweats, let alone have their ‘addictions’ or ‘obsessions’ take severe tolls on their minds and bodies in the same sense of drug addicts and drug junkie? Has ‘sex addiction’ wreaked havoc on the mind and the body in the same sense drug addiction can? Has ‘sex addiction’ caused anyone to have car accidents due to driving while receiving oral sex?

Addictions to psychotrophics can take a serious toll on the function of the human body in ways sex does not, unless you include chronic masturbation, pregnancies (which can damage the female body with cellulite and excess skin) and STDs. Before any of you say stupid shit like women having ‘loose-as-a-goose pussy’ based on the number of dicks she has taken, remember: Women and men, providing they are not lazy, can do kegel exercises.

So why does the term ‘sex addiction’ exist to date? Again, it is an attempt to attack alternative lifestyle that society finds ‘abnormal’ (prostitution, homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing, transvestism, group sex, sex out of wedlock, etc.) and/or participants (based on gender + race = women and black males). For centuries, the sexuality of black men and women has been kept in check by legislation, fear tactics, civilization, etc. It’s the reason why society said:

  • “I don’t want my daughter dating any niggers. They might force her to start whoring!”

  • “She’s a whore. She got what she deserved.” [in reply to sex workers and rape]

  • “You go out dressed like that, you’re gonna get raped.” [Mel Gibson said this several years ago to a woman out of spite.]

  • “Those niggers just can’t keep their dick in their pants!” [Donald Sterling said this in so many other words about Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.]

  • “Marriage is for virgins, not for whores!”

  • “No self-respecting woman would ever let a nigger touch her. Niggers are nasty!”

  • “When most black men get with white women, they land the trashiest ones.”

Even in a more liberated society, ass-clowns hang on to stupid traditions as an attempt to save face and project ‘respectable’ imageries. I could go on and on about how men and women alike make pathetic attempts to neuter themselves and others like them in order to save face (which includes the fear of being labeled as an ‘addict’). But that also makes for another blog topic…

There is also this wretched belief (inspired by conservatives, conscious crowds, duplicitous female vultures and their eunuch gatekeepers) that sex is not a human right and should be treated as a privilege for ‘loyal husbands’ who endure mind games and perform rituals of crawling through mazes or jumping through hula-hoops to get a piece of ass that probably wasn’t worthy of the time or money spent, let alone the contracts signed in order to get it.

Shaming language is no longer as potent as it once was because we live in a world today where people aren’t scare of each other anymore. People who were formerly disempowered are more proud than they were centuries and decades ago. That said, the game has really changed.

Let’s take female sexuality for example. OK? Women were stoned to death, provided ‘community service’, endured public humiliation and were even violently attacked (by men and women) for wearing sexual provocative clothing, cheating on their husbands or engaging in any sexual activity outside of matrimony or indoor prostitution. FFWD to the new millennium: Women have more sex partners than the average man. Wives cheat… a lot! It is seen as empowerment or some badge of honor. If a husband cheats, society, the current legal system and daytime television ‘experts’ label him as ‘a pig’, ‘dogs are more loyal’ and male sexuality needs to be ‘toned down’ for the sake of society in general. Bad behavior among women are embraced by not only the government, but by pop culture, sisterhoods and long lines of men who are so obsessed with wanting to fuck them.

This is the reason why there are so many manginas, white knights, Captain save-a-Hoes and other forms of kiss-ass types and self-enabling parrots.

Today, prostitution is still frowned upon even though you always pay for pussy, unless a woman visits you from another state or country and rides your dick all on her dime. Anti-sex feminists, the sex police, moralists and Captain Save-a-Hoes do not want to hear this because of their own delusions and platforms, which are assaults on common-fucking-sense! The aforementioned infallible-types love creating assumptions that all female sex workers are victims of sexual abuse, child abuse and have nasty drug habits. Well, truth be told, large numbers of ‘successful’ women (including those with degrees, entertainers, married women, average plain-Janes and business owners) may also have those same problems, whether these women come out of the closet or not. Should we refrain from sexual activity with them as well because they were abused or are addicted to drugs? Can anyone see the logic in this?

I vehemently abhor the lack of accountability that comes from the term ‘sex addiction’. It’s another way of deluding oneself into believing – “It’s not that I made a fucked-up choice. It’s not that I chose to engage in a gangbang with 5 men fucking me in one night. It’s not that I am accountable for my own racial or sexual orientation. I’m addicted. I need someone to save me from myself!”

According to certain members of society (especially those infallible-types), if you love sex more than the next man/woman, you are a ‘sex addict’. If you choose promiscuity (multiple partners) over the Norman Rockwell family portrait routine, you are a ‘sex addict’. If you have had over 20 or even 5 sex partners throughout your entire life, you are a ‘sex addict’. If you enjoy kinky sex (fellatio, buggery, group sex, sex tourism), then you are also labeled as a ‘sex addict’, ‘human scum’ or someone who needs to ‘grow the fuck up’.

But again, I do understand some people (gender or race irrelevant) are sexually reckless to where it goes beyond simple curiosity becoming an outlet. Some forms of recklessness is based on simple irresponsibility. A prime example of this is the everlasting epidemic of AA men breeding women, escaping fatherhood and continuing a vicious cycle (which gives black women an excuse to build stronger hierarchies of feminism aka ‘matriarchy’). On that note, some people collectively and unconsciously prove the points of ignorant bitches and bastards who painted ugly pictures just to keep them ‘undesirable’ in the public eye. Even then, there is a huge difference between addiction and irresponsibility.

2 thoughts on “Does Sex Addiction Exist?

  1. That’s a lot to digest. I agree with a lot of what you wrote especially about white males and miscegenation. I’m 31…I’m still “potent”. Even after reading about how porn gives you erectile dysfunction, I haven’t experienced it and I’ve been watching porn since I was 14. People are afraid of sex, especially western Europeans. They’re mind is so dysfunctional when it comes to sex because they don’t allow space for free sexual expression. I figure, when I’m old and grey, damn near dead, I’ll regret more the sex I didn’t have more than the sex I did.

    To be clear, porn in itself does not cause E.D., but chronic masturbation does. Porn, however, can affect the psyche if being overindulging in it. Essentially, you’re correct, but I notice that whites and Arabs engage in sexual degeneracy more than any other ethnic group. There’s a difference between freaky and filthy.

  2. Including sex within the set of normal human necessities like food and water should put to rest any doubts about the complete “lack of accountability” associated with the concept of sex addiction. At some level, sex is an absolute necessity, just as oxygen, vitamin B12, pizza, salt and sleep are necessary for life. Society may be an addiction, clothing may be an addiction, but sex is a necessity without which all of our other addictions would not even be possible. The range of sexual ‘appetites,’ ‘preferences,’ and other attempts to short circuit the desire appearing between two bodies cannot be reduced to the act of penetration, anymore than food can be reduced to the USDA’s MyPlate. Imagine applying the concept of addiction to food and beverage preferences – a preference for SmartWater, or a love of Starbucks cakepops, for instance. It is fair, then, to suggest that the material addictions of the consumer are roughly equivalent to other kinds of groupthink – a thrice-weekly orgy, for instance.

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