They Will Be Offended

Here’s something that has been on my mind recently, as it pertains on how to conduct yourself as a man.

Some of you already know this, but there are many others who remain clueless about concealing part (if not all) of your true intentions. There are “game” blogs and books that talks about this in detail as it pertains to dealing with women. While I support the idea of men and women alike laying their cards on the table to prevent wasted time or hurt feelings, some things are not good for public consumption.

This is one of the reasons why I have no respect or affiliation with “the manosphere” or “the wall of silence”. I do support the idea of having a code of silence. or a pact among specific people who have much in common with eachother. Not much would be gained by sharing plans with total strangers who may plot or use shaming language to attack a person or group.

Many online blogs and male-centric avenues are unquestionable laced with idiots who not only name drop or exploit themselves, but who engage in conversations and pissing contests with the same exact people (specifically women) who were supposed to be kept out of the pact. Because without them, they wouldn’t have shit to talk about.

Guys, we all should know that if you have legacies that you want to build, never share your plans with strangers. This especially includes women. Not only because women can be dream killers, but because they will be offended. Because women are sensitive, emotional, vainglorious and randomly illogical, they will be offended. This isn’t just limited to you wanting to build a legacy, be it personal or collectively. This also pertains to basic conversations among men – which men would work with one another to create something substantial in a perfect world.

Though I have understood long ago that the reason why most male-centric movements are failures stems from distractions or small victories (i.e. sex or the possibility of sex, ego, money, saving face, etc.), this does not imply that men should not share their knowledge, perks or perspectives among a small, trusted company. In today’s world, that may be hard to achieve, thanks to high productivity, higher demands for services, the high cost of living and the rise of technological advances. This unfortunate reality is also the reason why just about any traitor, idiot or bitch can get ahold of certain dialogues and information (look at how many females and manginas invade game blogs and male-centric pacts created online). It’s no secret that women get offended by “misogynistic” rap lyrics, or when men engage in public discussions where they can freely discuss how they really feel about the female species, or life in general. Why? Because women don’t like to be taken to task.

Be this as it may, it would behoove you to share your true intentions only in limited trusted company. Unless you plan on talking a woman out of her drawers and telling her your true desires, everything else really isn’t her business. Otherwise, keep women out of your personal business, your finances and your conversations with other guys. It’s none of their business. Also, they will be offended.

Here’s another thought: Any pragmatic-thinking man knows that the only thing women can offer them is sex and some cuddling/conversation/high time before and afterwards. Everything else – like love, loyalty, chivalry – is bullshit. Any logical man with a brain living in The Anglosphere may also admit to himself that marriage and dating is legalized prostitution and the women are playing the men who fall for it like simps. Some of these same men may also finalize that masturbation, porn and strip clubs are superior to having sex with the average woman. Regardless of how true this is, never say this in the company of women. They may withhold sex from you or put a bug in the ears of other females. Face it, that is the only reason why men approach women and put up with their shit.

This is something that playas, jocks and dominant males know. The average joe-blow doesn’t and may end up hanging himself for not knowing. One reason is because public education in the west and manhood has been feminized. Most men have allowed women and manginas to define their manhood, plus it shows how female stupidity and emotion has corrupted common sense.

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