NEWSFLASH: Jackasses and Negroes Who Know “Their Place”

Just a brief newsflash…

While this has been going on since plantation era, it seems to have worsened — even in the age of integration, opportunity and unlimited productivity. Today, there’s an increasing amount of “on-point simps, coons, faggots and paper tigers” who yearn to appear “respectable”, or “acceptable” to their massa. Who is their massa, or “white daddy”? Those who provide them with jobs, careers and other perks. Those scandalous dogs with sharp, witty mouths who have no qualms slandering others who resemble their black asses in the slightest — but will tip-toe through landmines to refrain offending conservatives, racist whites, feminists, gays and so forth. Mainstream media (especially Fox News) knows how to pick these bastards, keep them in “their place” and rub them in our faces as the “respectable”, “acceptable” types other black men should aspire to be like.

Every chance they get, they put on horse-and-pony shows to win brownie points with whites and others who hate and fear blacks. This is especially true in the age of a black president of the U.S. and during a time when impotent pussified cops intentionally murder black men, women and children. This is especially true when younger blacks are determined to put these people on blast and are determined to not accept that shit anymore.

What these “on-point simps, coons, faggots and paper tigers” do not get is that racist whites use them as pawns to further their own petty agendas – to keep them in their corner when the shit hits the fan. These horrible specimen do not realize that they are even more disposable than the average black thug or playa – and when they make even the slightest fuckup, they are made bad examples of. If you don’t believe me, look at how ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith was castrated by his employer and white feminists. I predict more of this shit happening, especially in an age where it seems history is repeating itself (this day and age feels like the turbulent 1960s all over again)…

Let me show you some pictures of these lowlives…






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