NEWSFLASH: White Girls Are Dangerously Overrated

Some of my readers and subscribers may question whether or not I have lost some type of attraction to American-born white women. To fulfill your curiosity —

White girls (with the exception of Eastern or Euro-born white girls) are dangerously overrated!

According to the philosophy and experiences most black men have with them, white women (along with cougars and “BBWs”) are the easiest women to ‘game’ and sleep with. This is not to say that black women are not (hence the revolution of “bad bitches”, single motherhood and illegitimate rugrats). White women are not monotonous because of that. It’s generally because of their general lack of impetuosity, sexual vigor and personality. Not only are they far too submissive sexually in the sense of a lifeless corpse, but again, unless we are speaking of white women born in European countries, they have no personality. White females may not be as sexually conservative as other races of women, but some only portray themselves a certain way to snag the attention of younger black studs.

American-born white women have no sense of culture. Specific ones accept the lies that white men tell them in regards to how “thin is in”. For that, they spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery and fad diets to please their men. Either that, or they emulate black women in various aspects to keep from being ‘boring’. How? Well, because some brothas gas their heads up so much, they don’t understand the difference between thick and fat.

Now, we have fat-ass, Whataburger eating white horses who feel they can compete with brown-skinned women, whose superior or dominant genetics and eugenics gives them curves by nature – whereas white females have to either go under the knife or work extra harder at the gym to obtain a specific body image, if they hadn’t played volleyball in the earlier stages of their lives.

It makes no sense how gassed up these women are.

The scam of white feminism only further proves that these women have a diabolical lust for world domination. That and they already can have anything they want via ‘entitlement’ issues’, yet they obtain these things in the most fraudulent and pantomiming ways (with the help of their fathers). I mean, white feminism? Isn’t it an oxymoron? How can they be “oppressed” when white privilege has been at play for centuries? They also benefit from affirmative action like blacks and other ethnicities of women in the U.S.

I don’t see the big fucking deal about white women, unless you were an 80s or 90s baby and grew up in a predominantly matriarchal community where black women degraded white women like hell, particularly for ‘stealing’ “their” men.

I get that sometimes, the attraction of black men and white women is sexual in nature. Sometimes, young American white girls chase black men for the same reason white suburbia enjoys rap music and do drugs – only to piss off their stupid, limp-dick fathers. Most black men flock to them because they are sexually indiscriminate and they understand how exchangeable pussy is. Other black men have no ‘game’ – or better yet, no killer instinct, no balls, no cutthroat element and poor social skills. So they’ll go towards any mediocre white girl who’s either a low-life who’s been through the ringer multiple times, or a carbon copy of hip-hop culture. Besides, how many guys want western-born white women other than to fuck them until they’re sore?

I acknowledge that if black women’s repulsive diva complexes becomes a habitual pattern, a man should avoid them after awhile. Otherwise, it says much more about him than it does about her. But white women from the Anglosphere are pale as snow, soulless and pathetic mimicries of other cultures of women. Besides, they do not age well, either. They are not worthy of any of the special attention they receive.

One thought on “NEWSFLASH: White Girls Are Dangerously Overrated

  1. I agree with the overall sentiment of this post. White girls between the age of 15- 25 are fierce. They make my d!ck hard at that age. However, after 25 most white girls fall of hard. The Sun f*cks up their skin and they get a bunch of brown gross freckles. That’s why in the end black women maintain looks longer.

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