Real Man Memes


Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a common theme on social media. The theme consists of women who post memes and quotes of what a “real man” is – which is nothing more than regurgitated group-think and mental masturbation, turned into stupid viral shit which spreads like a computer virus.

There is not a month that goes by – not one – where I don’t log in to my Facebook or Instagram account, only to see a bunch of stupid memes of what or how a “real man” should think, treat a woman or find “the right one” to spoil, treat like a queen or goddess. Accordingly, you’re not a real man unless you support feminism, find “the right one”, stop sleeping around, create a Norman Rockwell family portrait or unless you overlook how many dicks your woman rode or the dudes she used as a stepping stone before she got to you.

And who are these memes typically posted by? The same exact women who dominate America’s dating scene: A bunch of snotty, washed-up, over-hyped cougars, MILFs, BBWs and ex-nymphos whose “use by” (expiration) date is approaching.

You see, the same type of women who post these pathetic feminized quotes and scripts on their social media pages are the ones who had a blast in their prime. Their sex appeal license is soon to expire after they’ve given the best years of their lives to motherfuckers like me, or especially those worse than me; those who have no interest in being exclusive to just one piece of booty. Those who were stern “daddy-types”, adventurous jocks, “playas” and other dominant, popular guys who sexual losers label as “abnormal”, “underachievers” and other disrespectful slur.


Here’s the deal… I have no beefs with anyone living life on their terms, especially in their prime. My issue is this tangled mess called “feminine psychology” that leaves most men confused – but then again, most men are stupid enough to believe the conundrums from a woman’s mouth. Most men are not psychologically tough enough to go against the grain of their own social conditioning. As kids, most suburbanite and middle-class boys raised by hyenas are taught to associate with harmony, instead of adventure or allure.

“Nice guys” learn the hard way that worshiping women as “queens”, “ma’am” or “goddesses” will not give them what they really want. These same women who complain about assholes and players will respond to those same dominant, hard-bodied asshole “daddy-types”. Meanwhile, their orbiters, worshipers, mangina, captain save-a-hoe mama’s boy bitches are used as nothing more but ego validating, platonic sugar daddies and borderline-effeminate play brothers. These types come by the hundreds and thousands; liking every single Facebook and Instagram photo and status from some chick who can’t get over herself. And guess what? Of them all, only several low-key “daddy-types” get to give these women the fuck of their lives!

But these are the same aging, mercenary, scheming women yelling from the rooftops “Where are the good men?”

Now, there’s a common “real man” meme created by feminists, manginas, captain save-a-hoes and ex-nymphos that goes like this… “If a man loves a woman, he must accept the fact that she took lots of dick before falling in love with him… that’s life.” Well, I can almost accept that given that if I were a sucker looking to settle (which is beneath me), she wouldn’t let herself go and give me a shitty deal rather than her best – which she gave to any and everyone except me.

Granted, women have been saying “a good man is hard to find” since I was a kid, so this is nothing new. Based on my lengthy observations and experiences, in the end, these women really want some weak motherfuckers. Someone who gives them the upper hand. They want someone who can provide, protect and pamper – or even a guy whom she can sexually manipulate for a bit. But as far as calling her on her shit or having “backup plans”, they want someone who’s gullible. Then, they groom their sons to be the type of guys they’d like to have been exclusive with. Idiots who they wouldn’t have respected in the first fucking place.

What this explicitly reveals is that biology doesn’t support this criminally idealistic world these women, manginas and pussy-whipped men want so badly to live in. They don’t even believe in that shit – not when they’re in their prime. Biology has also played a very cruel, sadistic joke on women and the traditional-minded “nice guys” who refuse to let go.

Next time some vainglorious chick on your social media pages posts some “real man” memes, quotes from some stupid holy book or from feminized punks like Tony Gaskins, break down her defenses… or just block her ass for good. Unless you want to join the ranks of black men rotting away in prison fighting over a woman, or for a woman’s “honor”.

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