Blacks Should Be Grateful For “Illegitimate” Kids

There’s very common complaint among blacks who try to appear “respectable” in the eyes of people in and outside of their communities. Some of it stems from either face-saving, flawed perfectionism, religious training, sexual jealousy or a slave mentality.

The common belief is that illegitimate kids born out of wedlock makes blacks look “immoral”, “decadent”, “lamentable”, or that it’s ruining some black legacy or whatever.

Here’s my gripes with this revisionist nonsense…

The same exact pro-black, race-CONscious crowd who complain about black single mothers having children out of wedlock are the same exact ones who bitch about some possible extinction of the black race. In their eyes, there should be a return to traditional, conservative family values and that everyone should be married and raise children to ensure survival of the species. But think of this: Genetic or racial “legacies” can continue, whether marriage contracts are signed or not. Even if a child is a product of an erratic one-night stand and both parties have zero interest in being tied down, isn’t that good enough? Why attack a single mother and her kid(s) just because a slave contract (marriage) wasn’t signed?

What these tunnel-visioned perfectionists don’t understand is that regardless of blacks being a minority in the U.S., there are Afro-Cubans, black Brazilians, black Creoles, black Mexicans, black Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Africans, black Europeans… need I go on? So, unless there’s some ultimate conspiracy to wipe out blacks as a whole that’s greater than American cops murdering blacks, then… extinction is not happening!

A common argument among blacks (championed by damaged black morons with blue balls like Tommy Sotomayor) is that illegitimate kids are the cause of black women’s choice of men, instead of sexual irresponsibility. What they don’t get is that the divorce rate in the U.S. hoovers over 60%, which is initiated by women of all ethnicities. Feminized laws, family court systems and simple conflict of interest allows women to exit marriage with a huge payday. So, the argument of women choosing “bad boys” is a non-starter.

Am I not saying that it takes two to tango? Certainly not. Because while we know men aren’t truly innocent, men are either impatiently horny or sexually vulnerable, or they simply refuse to be tied down. Women are choosing to be inseminated and sodomized by popular, dominant, ne’er do-well men, rather than being loyal to 9-to-5 wage slaves bound by their own chronic mediocrity.

Women are smart enough to know that if they married an established on-point simp that they can freeload off his labor and resources for a lifetime, even after divorce. But why aren’t these women being exclusive to them? Why aren’t they a woman’s primary option? Why do they – like feeble “nice guys” – keep getting the leftovers nobody else wants?

Truth is, since the beginning of time, women have always attached themselves to the dominant male, especially if he has a rep for being sexually virile, high quality genetic traits or if he has his hands dirty. To be clear, I’m not saying all “alpha males” get women pregnant or have a desire to. Hell, some are smart enough to know that you can fuck a woman all day and night without bringing a kid into the world. Even if a child is conceived afterwards, some score and disappear. Why? Because they are hell-bent on not jeopardizing their freedom. Most “nice guys”, wage slaves and on-point simps don’t know that. Thus, when they get a chick preggo, they are usually the ones stuck with an 18-year baby bill.

Single motherhood might be just as rampant in the white community as it is in the black community. However, the difference is mode. Not numbers. Many white women have children while married or in LTRs, whereas many black women don’t bother with marriage at all. But we don’t hear whites attacking their women, saying that white single motherhood makes whites look bad – unless black men are involved. But that would stem from white sexual insecurity. And we know how and why whites are furthering their own causes of simply being barbaric degenerates.

This is not to say that women (black or otherwise) should embrace single motherhood. This is not to blame black men for some type of lack of support. I am basically saying that if blacks are so concerned with ensuring survival, what fucking difference does it make whether or not black children are born “the right way”? Does it matter if the father is there to witness the “magic” of his child being born – or is that just an ego trip? Does it matter if the child is born out of wedlock, or if the child is the product of a woman’s choice to “turn up” and get pregnant by some in-heat asshole who scores and disappears?

As long as she isn’t abusive to the kid and has her shit together, then it’s good enough, isn’t it? If she isn’t trying to make her son into a bitch, or teach her daughter to be some diva-bitch in training, then it’s good enough, isn’t it?

In pre-plantation era, blacks were polygamous – for purposes of procreation and recreation. Men could have multiple wives/sex partners and impregnate them all to ensure survival. Everything was going great until whites decided to colonize shit and create social conditioning (monogamy and legalized marriage being a few). Thanks to these sordid disingenuous arrangements, specific parts of the black community have adopted conservative thought processes. One process is that single mothers are hated more than gays.

What’s a conundrum to me is how some black idiots complain about high abortion rates and wanton promiscuous demeanor among black women, yet pull a 180 and cry about child support bureaucracy systems kicking their ass. If not that, they whine about some possible extinction of blacks. But isn’t this a form of self-inflicted emasculation? Don’t these people understand that wife-and-kids routines and arranged marriages were designed to keep black slaves from escaping and rebelling against their 400-year nightmare? Don’t they realize our ancestors couldn’t have a quarter of the things we have in today’s world? So, why would they want to walk backwards just to prove where they’ve been?

That traditional shit is gone and isn’t coming back. Face it, in order for any relationship, partnership or any other “ship” to float, everyone has to be on the same page. Otherwise, it’s all about self-interest. Painting a Cliff Huxtable family portrait may sound like a nice idea, but what’s in it for you? Does a woman feel the same way? How is it even guaranteed?

You want arranged marriages? Take your ass to the Middle East and I bet you’d be dying to leave there in a year. You want to make abortions illegal? Don’t be surprised when women travel abroad to get them. Don’t even get mad when she rapes you in the court of law for every penny you have. You want to make extramarital affairs and hookup culture stop? Good luck with that! And don’t get mad when your wife puts your ass in the doghouse and you find yourself stuck there!

What this proves is that blacks are a bunch of know-it-alls who really don’t know shit. Slavery and traditionalism has done a number on black Americans.

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