An Introduction to Mindless Dick Wars

I know I’m a little late writing this one. However, in a time and place of high promiscuity among fastidious women and very few male participants, I predict more men becoming even more thirsty, desperate, envious and destructive. Author Alan Roger Currie and a host of others have made this prediction around the time of the 2014 La Vista Isla killings involving Elliot Rodger (an unpleasant young man whose sexual jealousy got the best of him and several others). I’ve written about that incident twice before (link 1 and link 2)

To put it simple, sex runs the economy. We all should know this by now. This is what a large number of men and women live for. If it were to be removed from the equation of male/female relationships, the economy would crash harder than any former stock market crash or terrorist attack. But this isn’t anything new, as sex has ran the world for centuries now. In addition to that, men have always felt threatened by the thought of losing a woman (or “their” women) to another man who appears to be more threatening, dominant or powerful than them. Penis envy has always existed, not only among men, but to women alike (which Sigmund Freud pointed out generations ago).

Men intrinsically delude themselves that they are a woman’s first, last and only. Men use their penises in sexual manner to either ensure survival (to reproduce) or to rock a woman’s world. This also explains the long, drawn-out history of white fear of black masculinity. And today, that fear has become a living nightmare for a huge number of men nationwide. This living nightmare comes from female empowerment, which leads to women being sexually attracted to less than a quarter of the male population.

If you don’t believe me, let’s briefly examine the more recent trend of mass shootings and Roman Holidays initiated by men acting out of carnal insecurity…

  1. George Sodini – In 2009, George Sodini, 48, entered an LA Fitness gym in PA, killing three women and injuring several others before committing suicide. A manifesto and a blog was discovered where he voiced out his hatred and contempt for women for not catering to him sexually.

  2. Elliot Rodger – Spring 2014, Elliot Rodger, 22, was an emotionally crippled misandrist who hated jocks, black men, his sister’s bedfellows and all varieties of sexually active men whom he deemed to enjoy life more than him. For that, he wanted to “punish” them and women alike. For that, he goes on a murder/suicide mission, killing and injuring a multitude of men and women in a sorority house before turning on himself.

  3. Dylann Roof – June 2015, Dylann Roof, 21, enters a black church in Charleston, SC and intentionally kills 9 blacks amid prayer service. Amid the carnage, he yells “You rape our women, and you’re taking over our country, and you have to go.” One source indicates that Dylann Roof “went over the edge” after losing a crush to a black guy not long before.

  4. Chris Harper Mercer – A more recent mass shooting occurred in Oregon, where another frustrated white beta male opens fire, killing nearly a dozen people at a community college. His manifesto reveals that he could not get a girlfriend and also reveals his hatred of blacks.

  5. The War On Drugs – Do I need to get into how “the war on drugs” and attacks on prostitution is linked to white sexual insecurity? Advocatus Diaboli has touched this in very many topics (link 1).

I know I’ve probably missed a large number of incidents, but you get my point…

I’m not one to wish bad on those undeservedly, nor am I saying that anyone is owed anything. But now that feminists, manginas, single mothers, snake oil salesmen disguised as “love doctors”, homosexuals and other “defenders of womanhood” have taken over this society, more shit like this will end up happening. Women may eventually have themselves to blame. They voluntarily give their best to the “fuckers”, which is their prerogative. Only when they age horribly and are no longer in tune with their bodies do they look for the same “suckers” they’ve emotionally eradicated and sidetracked long ago.

Or maybe it’s just karma bestowed upon a generation of men whose forefathers were war-mongers, bestiality-mongers, abusers of women, children, racial minorities, sex workers, animals and family killers…

Human evolution has programmed men to use female sexuality as a landmark for sperm wars (or dick wars), in order to further push the agenda of eugenic legacies. This mind frame is one cause for white knighting, defending a woman’s “virtue” and other flawed masculinity. Now, this has worked for a very long time, but then feminism, the civil rights movement (integration) and contraception happened. So now, women can get sex any time they want. Most men simply can’t, unless they take the paid route (though even escorts reject certain kinds of men).

In the black community, street thugs and nihilistic hedonists get more sex from women than the self-loathing “good black man” (i.e., the “on-point simp”). Why? Because women attach themselves to adventurous and exciting men who live by their own rules with a reputable sex drive. Only in Black, Latin and Southeast Asian communities can you find high fertility rates – especially among women who choose to get knocked up by popular, dominant, bad-boy types.

This is also one reason why game blogs exist, encouraging men to jump through even more hoops to get pussy. Which leads to an enormous amount of PUA frauds and crypto-pussy-beggars.

You don’t need to read a game blog to understand that America’s dating landscape is heavily flawed. One flaw lies in how less-desirable cougars and BBWs dominate it. Be that as it may, they are the easiest women to game and fuck given that you are a black or white male. Other ethnicities of men get little to no love from these women.

So what does that lead to? A pool of average, mediocre and damaged, fat women who are ironically choosy. Plus a pool of less desiring orbiters and men stuck in the friend-zone who go psycho when even they reject them.

Then, there’s the issue of select white and Asian women who withhold sex from their own race of men, only to chase after smaller groups of black or white studs.

Do not be surprised when this leads to an increase of barely surviving incels (involuntary celibate males), sexual retards and even more mass shootings. Not to mention, a disturbing rise of homosexuals and those who join law enforcement to have a lame excuse to lash out.


  1. Don’t discount how porn plays into the fear of black “manhood”. A lot of these orbiters and mass shooters consume lots of porn that heavily skews their reality. I’m glad as a young man I was in the service and got to experience western style women on 3 continents. Having a white Australian f–k you after knowing you for 2 hours really destroys that women are angels myth.

    Yes. What’s funny is that most interracial porn viewers and so-called “basement dwellers” consists of whites who are obsessed with dominance. As far as the “women are angels” myth, that can easily be destroyed by engaging in the real world. This goes against the grains of invalid social conditioning, which take a lot of strain for some people.

  2. What is also curious is that it is no longer acceptable to even suggest the steps that a woman needs to undertake to attract & keep a man. If she is to engage in any self-improvement, she must do it for herself, not just to attract a man. Can you imagine the reaction if someone were to say not to have a kid out of wedlock, because men do not look upon such women favorably?

    OTOH, advice to men is often couched in language specifically to attract women. Up until the late 1990s, it was often understood that a man & women meet, and if they get married, will then buy a home. Now, men are encouraged to buy a home first, since a woman will see that as the sign of a “good” man.

    Most relationship advice is slanted toward feminine taste. Even game blogs tell men that it’s their fault women didn’t give them what they wanted.

    Thugtician (a black Men’s Rights youtuber from the U.K. made a video explaining this years ago…
    Thugtician – Why Relationships Are So Messed Up

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