Blacks’ Obsession With Group Economics

Black people’s obsession with group economics has been around for decades. Maybe even centuries. But since the most recent and rampant legalized terrorism against blacks by American “law enforcement” structured by the government and it’s “elites”, there has been an increase in the obsession of group economics by blacks. This is not a new ideal created by those who want to relinquish their dependency on white power structures. But more are discovering that it may be necessary.

Here’s my perspective on the pros and cons of black group economics…

Blacks creating their own economical landscapes would be necessary as for one, according to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. In this case, if something isn’t yours, it’s not worthy of claiming. Now, this is not to say that if a person has their own that it wouldn’t be taken away from them or purposely destroyed. For further evidence, read about Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921 (the rise and fall of Black Wall Street). What caused Black Wall Street to crumble? Stupid white men answering to a duck call as an attempt to rescue a non-existent white “damsel in distress”. Same thing happened with Rosewood, FL, 1923, the story of Emmett Till, so on and so on. Situations like those may worsen, thanks to feminism’s wonky “street harassment” campaigns built to target young black men and to reinforce gentrification (aka “planning and development to weed out the undesirables”).

White America has told blacks repeatedly that regardless of what they do – or how great you are – you are still a non-entity to them. Then, there are multiples of matrixes and regimens that has enforced that wretched thought process. Such as race-based laws, institutional racism, flawed standardized tests, limited distribution of resources, etc. This is one main reason why tokenism exists among certain blacks – i.e. retarded “on-point simps”, “oreos”, servile house n*ggers and imitation white men who benefit from corporations rather than building their own.

The latter types feel their servile obedience to a system they didn’t create somehow makes them “special. Nowadays, they can be found on television or social media, slandering their own brethren for petty criminal charges, failing to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps”, bitching about “thug culture” or specific “ethnic” mannerisms.

What Dr. Boyce Watkins said is true, that if you pay these clowns enough money, they don’t mind going public and attacking other blacks for some moral, religious, materialistic, sexual or status “inferiority”. Ironically, these same “respectable”, “acceptable” types would be the first ones in line awaiting their castration or emasculation granted they “fuck up”, or offend the wrong group of people, even in the slightest. Then, they are used as horrible examples of whose footsteps not to follow in.

I’ve written a post about how the internet, social media and recent incidents leading to the “Black Lives Matter” movement has caused Gen-Y blacks to necessitate their refusal of appearing respectable in western societies. This mindset/attitudinal shift in our new undercurrent will either cause more blacks to aim for building their own economic money-based empires (legitimate or otherwise), or become increasingly cynical and nonchalant – therefore, simply not giving a damn. I think the former would be much more necessary. Yes, certain black men would have to also relinquish their desires for small victories, such as easy sex with white women. Likewise, black women would have to crawl out of the bitter rut they’re in – be it caused by self-inflicted problems, or caused by men who may have played them previously. Resultantly, they would have to band together and realize their more common enemy.

Or, if the current currency-based matrix and white power structures fail, the west will resemble the black community as I’ve stated before (link 1 and link 2). By that time, no kind of “progression” would occur or even be necessary, as everyone would practically be in the same boat.

Now, if black group economics were to occur, would money circulate into the hands of everyone, thus making society more prosperous? Or would things be the same as they stand today: money and power concentrating into very little hands, leading to slavery for everyone else? I know some folks may be stupid enough to assume that voluntary slavery would no be the case if most of their employers, rulers and elites were black and not white. Well, all I have to say to that is “EEEHHHTT! WRONG!!!” Why? Because it doesn’t change the basic framework whatsoever.

One of the cons stems the creation of more people yearning for even more voluntary slavery. All of the group economics in the world won’t save you from the effects of sudden job loss, unexpected illnesses and the effects of divorce, cuckoldry and other shit beyond your control. Does anyone think that building your own communities and constructional environments will stop the women in their lives from stepping out on them? Out of boredom? Or because she found someone better? Or because she felt you’d be happier if you found another woman who’s as boring and mundane as you? If you think I’m lying, look at the intrapersonal lives of the people who are running shit as of now.

Group economics and nation-building does not guarantee solace, nor perfection.

And what’s the use of financial freedom, lack of dependency, self-reliance or even ethnic unity/empowerment if these things cannot be enjoyed? What does it mean if you can never go places you’ve never been? Or if you can’t eat what you’d like? Sleep with who you’d like? Have your own belief system? Enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Group economics also won’t instantly eradicate the elements of capitalism, individualism, nor basic human needs and desires – regardless of how “selfish” or “immoral” they may seem to others. What I’m saying is that while building your own is something you should do for yourself anyway, it doesn’t imply that you will become a leader, or an overnight success. Even if you do lead, does it imply others will follow you? I’m afraid this is what people on YouTube like Jason Black (“The Black Authority”) and Sergeant Willie Pete does not even understand, as for them, it’s only an imaginary social expectation.

Consider this too: In order to get to the top, you must have an army and eradicate an entire generation of others (which is something many blacks are too scared to accomplish). Now, it may not happen the way you’d like for it to. But even then, the similarities of our current matrix would be the exact same. Those at the top would have to dream up even more underhanded ways to screw over people they don’t like and everyone else who’s not receptive to it. Why? Because that would be bad for the business (i.e., the regimen model).


  1. I disagree with the ‘cons’. Group economics isn’t a panacea. Its a great start. It will grow organically to control of your own institutions (education, media, health, politics, entertainment, etc.). It won’t work without a code. With out a feeling of community, which will focus on mutual love and respect for each other. It will also expand to the diaspora and native Africa naturally. Use group economics to build on other things. There is no downside. Its a necessity to have group economics. Stating ‘cons’ is unnecessary. There are no ‘cons’. Its either better than what is going on now or it isn’t.

    Keep lying to yourself. There are pros and cons, or a cost/benefit, risk/reward analysis for everything. Even if people created a utopia, you think everyone would follow along? There’s a lot of regimens, utopias and programs out here and not everyone is interested. Again, people operate on self-interest. But I’m not saying it isn’t necessary for blacks to build their own and not depend on anyone else for anything. But you should do that for yourself, whether people want to follow or not.

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