Your Occupation Mirrors Who You Are

An overlooked reality among humans in general is based on the occupation we have in order to make money. Most people work 8-12 hours a day and are still broke or living from paycheck to paycheck, after bills, utilities, child care and other necessities. This is an unfortunate reality for most humans who aren’t used to having disposable income to enjoy their lives.

I’m going to start by saying that millions of people have jobs where they have to beat weather, traffic and time clocks to get to. Even specific careers causes people to take these drastic measures in order to either remain relevant or to prevent from getting the boot from whatever company/employer they represent. That said, most people are not independent, but instead interdependent on the “voluntary slave” system. People can only do what they know and most know no other way to earn money. Unlike marriages and matrimonial unions, this is the only form of traditionalism that prevails nationwide.

In the past (even amid plantation era), fathers worked 10-16 hours a day. They had no life other than their role as a “provider” (slave) – a servile life that put everyone else’s needs first and their own second. Women ran the show on men’s dime and husbands cooked whatever the aging, fat sow cooked for him. Then, the drone fell asleep and repeated the same shitty cycle the next day, until he either kicked the bucket, retired or lost his ability to provide.

Most Gen-Y men refuse to keep the vicious cycle going, so some young black men choose “street hustling”, or another means of being self-employed and independent – which isn’t limited to drugs or piracy, by the way. In a western society that caters to women and ignores the plight of males (even in public education), how many young men want to bust their ass to serve everyone else instead of themselves? It doesn’t matter if it’s a wife and kids? Capitalists? The ruling “elites” and their cohorts or royalties?

Only to take more straining jobs/hours just to get away from his aging rhino of a wife? How many are they interested in being overworked businessmen who spend more time making money than actually spending it?

Even for hipsters who have kids, or act as if they don’t have any, they see to it they are served first. What they do with their disposable income (after bills) consists of creating their own identity, getting high on something, seeing the world, barhopping or fucking “bad bitches”. This will only escalate thanks to the shitty U.S. economy and an increasing desire for masculinity, freedom and self-respect among Gen-Yers.

I predict a future where more young non-white men will sway away from enduring long hours on the job just to maintain some family structure. The reasons not only deals with at-will employment and psychological warfare on the job, but many companies won’t even hire young black men, whether they are credentialed or otherwise. Not to mention how certain companies won’t hire men unless they have mouths to feed. Unlike those born before the last 50-something years, today’s men and women are living for today instead of worrying about the past, or the future. So even for an increasing number of young men ages 20-40 who do have jobs, they’re spending it on materialism, adventure and hookup culture rather than looking for ‘love’ or stability.

Notice how on job applications and resumes, you are required to provide info about your work history? You employer isn’t concerned about your future, because your future is with them. It’s almost like walking backwards trying to prove where you’ve been.

I understand most people have no choice – either due to kids, marriages, lack of resources or because they’re stuck. But what’s so optimal about men and women who work city jobs, enduring countless hours of abuse and psychological warfare? Unless it consists of the adult entertainment industry, who is stupid enough to come where they eat (i.e., have sexual relations with co-workers, only to fall out)? How about fake friends who rub elbows, backstabbing and patronizing eachother just to get that raise, a promotion or to have something to gossip about? This is an unfortunate reality for most folks in the west. This is what western reality TV depicts, regardless of how black puritanical retards feels it makes black women “look bad”, or that it’s a conspiracy to break up relationships.

Most Gen-Y men and women have a difficult time staying in “their place” for a long period of time (including their willingness to bounce from job to job, or frantically change college majors). After years of being lied to by society, women, teachers and other expenditures of the system, today’s men and women are undergoing a severe identity crisis. This includes either striving for independence or being content with regression.

Do you think a majority of young blacks would dream of careers in fashion and entertainment, if repeating their history (voluntary slavery) was a superior option?

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