Fundraisers, Life Coaches, Gurus and Other Unique Scams

Human stupidity, greed, profit and gullibility has always been major sources for the hindrance of progress. This is also why we cannot cure cancers, AIDS, depression, youth violence, and other illnesses. While some illnesses are generational curses (genetic), much of this can be avoided, or cured. But why can’t that be as of today?

For decades – there’s been fundraiser after fundraiser created to somehow end gang violence, world hunger, homelessness, animal cruelty, teen pregnancies… or to find cures for breast cancer, AIDS, mental illness, youth mentoring programs, so on and so on. But what happened? Why haven’t these things been prevented or cured? Fundraisers have been used in events, stores and during creative sales of candies and girl scout cookies, etc. And thanks to the rise of the internet, any idiot with a GoFundMe account can create fundraisers (even for petty agendas that are of no real concern for the brinks of humanity). You would think with all of the money accumulated over the years. the quality of life would have improved for everyone.

Regardless of the supposed ultimate goal assessment, most fundraisers are decorated with cute packages: pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, the promise of an afterlife, wedding bells, or even upcoming documentaries. Where is the money going that’s supposedly donated to create a mythical “better tomorrow”? The same question can be asked for the billions spent on prohibiting recreational drug use and buying sex among consenting adults. Newsflash: Money and laws will not change that. While there are cures for illnesses that purposely goes avoided, you cannot cure “social ills” – regardless of how many fundraisers or laws you create.

So, are these things really about public safety and the incline of humanity? Or is it about population control, power flexing, or profit? Why do professions, laws and other “cures” worsen problems they were meant to solve?

There probably are cures for cancer, AIDS, depression and other health ills. But most of us will never know, or have access to it. Why? Well, probably the same reason Earvin “Magic” Johnson bought the cure for AIDS while poor people in Africa and urban areas are dropping dead like flies. Businesses and governments can’t have that shit, because it would ruin their business model. Also, most doctors and pharmaceuticals would not exist.

Remember… America is not a country, it’s just a business. And the customer is always right (be they the sick, the stupid and the unlucky).

While we’re on the subject, why are medications that supposedly keeps illnesses in check cause high dependencies among humans? Today’s generation is now laced with human bodies filled with unnecessary chemicals, stimulants and so forth. Is it because humans are busybodies? unhappy? undersexed? Stressed and overwhelmed in a generation of high productivity? Are “the powers that be” keeping us hooked with certain chemicals and byproducts put in food, drinks, stimulants? to keep us coming back for more, or to keep us overweight, sick and tired – to line their pockets? Isn’t it enough that businesses and corporations want to keep people insecure about their image in an attempt to keep us buying shit we don’t need? to keep the gravy train rolling…

Women’s Pavlovian response to dominance creates more pimps and even who can charm millions, even if they themselves don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. This is where church leaders, poverty pimps and even bootstrap lecturers come from. Most of their groupies are women, gay men, mama’s boys, the patriotic and other vulnerable co-signers who think in groupthink. The same goes for love doctors and relationship “experts” who create real man memes every other week.

As nihilistic as it may sound, women are the biggest regurtitators of this trash. But what they don’t get is that people in the limelight say what they want to hear. Because like most men in power, they know better than anyone else that the female species are easily influenced and led by emotions. This is why the very few men in power (church leaders, politicians, lawmakers and self-help gurus) pander to women, in a post-feminist society. In my view of things, the problem will only worsen. But how do you explain business brains selling dreams to everyone else? Or traffic tickets? Bail money? It’s much easier to sell people a dream than to admit you’re a scam artist who turns human misery into commerce… or to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about!

Which also brings me to another aspect of the spirituality scam – a topic I’ve covered previously (link 1, link 2).

Why did Pope John Paul II and his carbon copies tell Africa and other third-world countries to stop using condoms? And don’t forget, people are easily mind-fucked into thinking popes and preacher pimps with some holy cross on their attire speaks the “infallible word of god”. I am almost certain that if someone knew a home remedy created to rid themselves of cancers and AIDS, the government would find some way to silence that person.

I can go on and on…

Western society is neck deep in fundraisers, self-help advice, life coaches, gurus, teachers, cures, laws, holy books, scams packaged as education, subjective views packaged as “empowerment” and other related nonsense. Has any of these things birthed up a cure for AIDS, cancers and mental illnesses? No, they haven’t. Has it crumbled the prison industrial complex and biased lawmaking? No, it hasn’t. Has it given eternal youth or created a second life for the dead? No, it hasn’t. Has it made failed traditional institutions more desirable? No, it hasn’t. The same can be said about holy books that promises an afterlife, or “basic instructions to find happiness”. Holy books – like self-help books – will tell you that if you do x, y and z, a, b and c or 1, 2 and 3, a miracle or an apocalypse will occur. But in life, shit happens. Yet, they never tell you what to do if shit happens. They all are written by twisted individuals and snake oil salesmen.

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