The Problem With Game and Banging Multiple Women: 01


This past year, I finalize that I have misunderstood the original concept of “game” (which is flagrant plagiarism of the black man’s playbook), although I am still not a proponent of certain aspects of it. Since I experienced my jump start to puberty, I knew that shit like dominance, eugenics, popularity (“street cred”), mind games and villainous or malicious behavior is what females respond to (though some try hard to resist it). I have no qualms with that whatsoever and it’s not like I’m no good at these things, but it’s the dishonesty and mind games that I find tiresome and repulsive. I mean, there was a time when I hated it, but I have to remind myself that women respond to it like they respond to dick.

There was a time when I felt severely irked by the thought of playing women and that men who keep secrets from women just to get sex were subhuman creeps. But after learning about the true nature of women, I find it occasionally necessary. So essentially, game is male adversarialism in response to female adversarialism.

Let me explain…

Telling a woman everything about you (i.e. sex partner count, finances, health issues, weak spots, etc.) will be bad for you. Never tell a woman everything about you, because you know what? She won’t tell you everything. If anything, she may con you into thinking you’re her main or only one, while she has several others lined up for her vainglorious ass.  If she’s fucking someone else, she won’t tell you. But she will spill the beans to her girlfriends or her “dick in a jar”. Similarly, if she has an STD, again, she won’t tell you. Add in a core belief that women are “emotional creatures” and that is used to justify a woman’s lies.

Feminism has created a scam that suggests women in general are innocent, victims and oppressed, or that none of their problems are ever self-inflicted. Women can spend their entire lives living a lie, but hate when given a mirror. Remember, women lie by omission while men lie by commission.

In a perfect world, a man would just tell any woman that she will never be his only one and they would all accept it and see where it takes them. Now, some women do accept it and it makes them feel lucky or honored to be part of an alpha male’s incestuous ring of “bad bitches”. Others will feel repulsed or insanely jealous. For those types, that’s where being a wolf in sheep’s clothing come in. Though it’s a great system to have, there are heavy cons.

Women put up “bitch shields” (defenses), swearing they won’t let another man get close to her, especially after she’s been used and turned bitter by seasoned players before you. Again, it’s another lie they tell themselves. Unless she’s past her prime, post-menopausal or turned Feminazi, there’s always some guy who will break down her defenses, with word game or strong sex game. So, if she says she doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body, she’s full of shit.

All women are submissive one way or another; be it financial, sexual or spiritual (just ask all the “strong black women” who submit to their white jesus every fucking Sunday). The only woman who isn’t submissive is a mentally ill or a decomposing one.

Two months ago, I met a mulatto woman via social media. Weeks after some light conversing and tests via inbox, she drove 2 hours to me. She was 6’1”, in her late 30s, big yellow ass, a pair of DSLs and wide child-bearing hips. She also dealt with a series of fucked up LTRs with several assholes, including a guy who broke into her apartment and destroyed everything out of sexual jealousy. For that, she put up heavy defenses. The first night we met, after eating at @@@@@, my persistent ass made out with her in an SUV – which could have led to more, except she had to take the road trip back home the next morning. In short, my dominance and persona mixed with genuine interest broke down her “bitch shield”. Amid the second outing, we did the damn thing. And I put a hurting on her big ass….

Pay attention not to what women say, but their body language and the mixed signals in the air.

The real downside about game and fucking multiple women is it’s time consumption. It’s like juggling more oranges than even a sideshow clown can handle. Things may fall out of place, especially if you’re trying to balance a productive lifestyle and have a harem of bad bitches, without running into an identity crisis. It can be borderline irritating to maintain a connection with multiple women on a daily basis. However, I don’t recommend you texting, webcam or conversing with one or few specific women on a daily basis. Never outwear your welcome. Keep your distance and let their minds wonder – they will like you more. Even if you go AWOL on a chick for a week or more then pop back up in her life, she appreciates that more than the thirsty, supplicating guy who’s on her ass every single day.

Game causes guys to portray themselves like actors. It consists of playing and enduring mind games, plus the fact that it’s a numbers game. If you approach/contact ten + women, you have to be discreet, unless the women know you’re in high-demand (aka “hypergamy”). Even then, you can get at least one or two buttnaked – at least five to show you sexually provocative selfies – maybe one or two to flake on you and block your ass on Facebook, Instagram, Kik or WhatsApp for no exact reason… Or she may have a reason, but she doesn’t have to tell you shit. Call it “at-will flakiness” – just like “at-will employment”. It may be a waste of time essentially, but at least you tried. Even the biggest dog cannot win all of his battles, so choose them wisely.

In order to win the conquest, you cannot get burned out. Women need attention. Once the interest fades, not much can be done to regain it. Too, never promise what you cannot deliver. Women talk and once the word is out, no one can trust you again and you’ll have to work your mojo on a new batch of willing hotties.

Another downside is that once you get what you want, it becomes too familiar. The adventure can eventually fade and a person may feel used or bored and go ghosting. At times, I would rather a guy pay for time with bad bitches, rather than gaming mediocre and above-average women, turning them bitter. Then they home in on some nice guy, treating like shit or putting him in the friend-zone while he helplessly watches other men score home runs and touchdowns on the field of pussy from the bench. Then we’d have an undercurrent being run down by bitter bitches and assholes.

It’s a dog eat dog world, even in the arena of dating. You must accept the fact that you will either have to play or get played. Women’s only power is sex. They have the upper hand in non-sexual situations because of idiot punks who want marriage, kids, LTRs and those who engage in ancient or modern-day “queen worship”.

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