Asshole Game – I

Over the years, during my time spent on social media and reading several game blogs, I’ve observed that not only do women respond to dominance and dick. I’ve also finalized that women respond to vague, distant, standoffish behavior given by attractive guys. And you know what else they respond to? Random asshole game. I will give you some examples that I’ve witnessed.

But first, I want to bring to light how younger and cynical male bloggers and practitioners of game muster up a series of ways to handle “shit tests”.

There’s an increasing amount of Facebook groups (open or secret) created by men that are dedicated on codes and methods of how to deal with women. Some are created by men of all ethnicities who have eachother’s best interest. Others are like black versions of “the Manosphere” or Shithead Heartiste (I don’t give a fuck about misspelling his name if I did) – a bunch of black Afrocentric losers who refer to eachother as “kings and queens”; pushing the desirability of black pussy and then pull a 180 and complain about the attitude, drama, weaves, bastard babies and other “deficiencies” that comes with black pussy. The latter, I have no interest in, but I have noticed several things.

Again, these male-centric avenues are filled with men who provide in-depth methodical “shit tests” women throw at men. There are even more tactics on how to deal with random “shit tests”. Some of you may be aware of the tactics and to some of you, this may be new. YMMV (your mileage may vary)…

1] Guilt her – When a woman brings drama, ultimatums, shit tests and dishonesty to the table, check her and make her feel guilty. That, or distance yourself from her. This way, she will miss having you in her life. As they say, you don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone…
2] One word texts – Send one word texts to a woman who’s nagging or who has played you or tried to. This is also called “aloof game”. This can be seen as a sign or rudeness or carelessness.
3] Send mixed messages – Women are notoriously known for sending mixed messages or saying one thing, then doing another. Sometimes, it’s just another bitch shield, or lying by omission. Some of it deals from their lust for “mind fucks”. Other times, it’s just another one of her tests. But this can be flipped on her (tables turning). You can also say one thing and mean another, or switch your story on her.
4] Victim status – Perceive yourself as a victim. One guy I know admits to playing on a woman’s guilt, by saying “You don’t know how much you put me through”. She may feel guilty, become apologetic or struggle with her conscious… OR she may use it against you. Remember, women also have a tendency to refer to men as “acting like a bitch”.
5] Use honesty and straightforward dialogue – Author Alan Roger Currie calls this “Mode One behavior”, which I am a huge proponent for. Basically, tell a woman what you want up front and/or use playful sexual dialogue with her, but in discreet company. This works well on social media inbox messages, text and the likes. Now, some may consider this as crass, abrasive and too blunt. But this is better than wasting time, energy and money on someone who isn’t reciprocal or flaky.

Even in the age of hookup culture and female adversary, some dudes are too scared to do this due to an archaic sense of “chivalry”. Those types are nothing more than outmoded characters and outcasts. To be clear, I’m not saying be abusive or overdo the asshole part. But… I’ve observed guys making Facebook statuses putting women on blast. But that can lead to them being even more delusional, or leading to them attracting more “nice guys” and “captain save-a-hoes” catering to her BS.

You can simply tell some gassed-up, fastidious bitch off by exposing her – same as guilting her, but making her feel real low. Now of course, women respond to this much more than the hundreds and thousands of guys who comment on her photos daily, saying shit like “Good morning, my queen.”, “Add me, sexy!”, or other indifferent compliments and forms of pussy-begging. I’m not implying that one should not be a gentleman or come off immediately as brash. But if a woman tries to play you or appear flaky and fickle, giving her a taste of her own medicine is as vital as being aloof (distant and standoffish). This will definitely make women work harder to receive your attention, if she likes you or misses the ego validation you once – but no longer – gave her. Plus, it can attract more females once you put one on blast, deservedly.

In the next part of this mini-series, I will reveal some incidents I’ve encountered and observed on how men have practiced asshole/aloof game on female pests via social media and how these women and others have responded to it…

2 thoughts on “Asshole Game – I

  1. I’m in my 40s now – never married, no kids. When I did date, I did come across the phenomenon. When I treated women well or planned out special dates – they took it for granted, like that is simply what was expected. But, when I would get moody, and cut them off emotionally, and they saw themselves alone – suddenly, they were all over me, scared that I would leave them.

    Anyway, I don’t particularly care to treat women badly just so I can get affection that I should have gotten for being thoughtful. Given that as I got older, I only drew the attention of single moms (no thanks), I lost interest. Besides, most marriages I witness, even the ones over 40 years and counting, are filled with such irritating nuisances it seems hardly worth it. The only happy marriages I see, where the wife has a smile on her face without prompting, are the ones where the man takes care of everything,leaving her free to pursue her own goals, without worrying about missing a mortgage payment or medical bill.

    Anytime you volunteer yourself into a relationship, you’re automatically obligated into a whirlwind of expectations. More expectations for you, more demands and shit from her.

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