Asshole Game – II

In the first part of the series, I’ve described series of methods where aloof/asshole game is used on deserving females who are on the receiving end. No doubt, bitches love drama and they will dish out mind fucks, shit tests and show their man-testing traits without hesitancy – even to the guys they like. That said, this kind of behavior can be matched by male adversarialism. I’ve written several long-winded posts about things I’ve discovered on social media involving women, desperate guys and the rare distant assholes that riles them all up. Here, I will just be simple with it…

Here are some examples of asshole/aloof game and how women respond to it:

Note: These are real experiences I’ve witnessed…

1] A young black thug/stud gets arrested for not paying child support to his “baby mama”. She blasts him publicly. After she refers to him as a “deadbeat” on a Facebook status update, he replies by telling her “Yeah, I got arrested. I’m still not giving you shit!” (pure badassery)

2] Aforementioned in a previous topic, a guy attacks his ex after a bitter breakup, on her Facebook page. After some orbiter comes to her defense, the asshole says “Come get this bitch, boy, because she ain’t about shit. She begged me to move in with her and I kept fucking her until I got tired of her shit. I don’t want her no more. She’s a bartender and she lives at a cheap place.” After she responds, he tells her “You really need to shut the fuck up. You’re letting these men know just how dumb you can be.” (immensely hilarious)

3] Guy attacks a woman by saying she’s indecisive (which she was) – One minute, she would post FB statuses about love and stability. The next, she posts multitudes of freaky/sexually provocative statuses about how her then-stud had her “squirming and squirting”… only to use him as a stepping stone.

4] An obese white woman tells a black stud that he needs “more class” after confessing that a woman paid him for sex. He responds by telling her she looks like a zoo animal before blocking her, saying he doesn’t like fat women with rolls. Ironically, this led to more women lusting after him for his chutzpah.

5] A morbidly obese woman took a naked selfie in doggystyle position and posted it online. A random asshole attached a photo of an elephant next to hers. Hours later, she deactivated her account. (pure brutality!)

6] Once I stopped giving Janet from A Canadian Threesome my empathetic listening ear, I ignored her purposely. Needless to say, she goes out of her way to flare up my inbox on FB and smartphone apps begging for me to talk to her. Then, I decided to block her and not feed into her retarded antics.

7] A woman makes a FetLife writing about her picky tastes in men. The woman was about 50-60+ lbs. overweight, deluding herself to be a size 18, when she was nothing less than a size 22. She feels whoever said “it’s on the inside that counts” told a lie. A black stud calls her on her shit, and says “So, basically you’re a fat bitch with a cute face, but somehow you think you’re worthy of a prince instead of the frog?”

8] A barely-stable yet sexually attractive MILF goes back and forth on a Facebook status with one of her baby daddies. She makes it known of her violent fights with him in her house – where she breaks dishes and takes pictures of the carnage. One day, he refers to her as a “housing hoe”. I responded by leaving a “LOL” comment (she’s a viragoish, temperamental single mother with 2+ kids, lived on govt. assistance – has multiple sex partners, admits to manipulating every man in her life, but gets angry when men treat her the way she’s always treated men).

9] Randoms guys comment on certain women’s pics who they personally find unappealing. Comments are left by assholes, such as “You’re too old. Fuck you!”, “Bitch looks like a man.”, “She ain’t got no business being on social media, she’s too fat!” (very common)

10] One guy goes off on a woman who he wanted to have sex with. She put him on the sidelines because her head was up another guys’ ass. After he sees a more unpleasant side of her (she posted a video in a “secret FB group” of the guy fucking her – the video revealed that she was horribly out of shape and had a loose-as-a-goose pussy), she tries to come back into his life. After nagging him on a FB status one day (interrupting him while watching an NFL game), he attacks her for one and for all. Her response? Going haywire on her own FB status after he deletes and blocks her.

I can count numerous times when I’ve stopped liking certain females’ pictures and statuses – only for them to hop on my jock and ask if they had done anything wrong for me to not give them anymore attention or validation. But anyway, depending on various situations, any response is better than no response. Women respond to game, dominance, assholism, good looks and dick (as long as they aren’t unsolicited dick pics via inbox). Do not let them tell you otherwise – and if they do, their biological timing has expired, or they’re just plain full of shit. The way women treat other women out of jealousy or one-upmanship requires a different topic and has to be observed to be believed. In fact, I’ve witnessed some just this morning…

You can be part of the small group of men she gets weak for, or you can be the pathetic empathetic listening ear (friendzone) who she drones on with about the other guy who has her nose, legs and ass wide open.

For other examples and perspectives on this issue, check out my other (unfortunately long-winded) topics: What I’ve Discovered On Facebook – 1, What I’ve Discovered On Facebook – 2 and Nice Guys Get the Leftovers, Alphas Get Multiple Chances

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