Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 01

In this powerful topic-series, I will be debunking 20 common clichés, myths, cons and groupthink rhetoric. Most of these clichés and such are based on speculation, or old knowledge that may or may not have worked in the past. Sadly, many people still believe these scripts, irrelevant of how destructive they are – as most folks don’t have the balls, nor the brains to question it.

1] “Money is the root of all evil”

No, it isn’t. People are the root of all evil. Whomever says money is the root of all evil either doesn’t fucking have any, or are dream-sellers who have too much of it, refuses to circulate it and wants to make others feel guilty for their own needs and desires. The latter types are CEOs who refuse to raise minimum wages, lawmakers who create laws against tax-free dollars, drug use and sex among consenting adults and religious pimps who help the “elites” keep society’s “undesirables” dependent on a system they didn’t create.

The concept of “good vs. evil” is a mind control tactic that fucks everyone up. Let’s call it “Keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit.”

2] “The woman is the backbone of the community”

If the woman is the backbone of the family, then… could this pretty much explain why the black community is in such a bitter rut? The same bitter rut that describes a woman who couldn’t have her way with a man who wasn’t stupid enough to let her have the upper hand over him? The reality is that human populations are more like bee colonies than we’d like to admit: There’s the queen bee, who does nothing but eat, fuck and breed. And there’s a hierarchy is male bees who cater to her needs and desires. But as for humans, females give their absolute best to guys who aren’t so quick to display some archaic sense of chivalry.

It’s no surprise, though, that most men feel it’s “honorable” to kill and railroad eachother for mediocre or decrepit pussy. And you see, this is one primary reason why penitentiaries are filled with black men.

Withstanding, the woman can be the creator or the destroyer of families – just like a woman can be a guy’s heaven or hell. Whether family is involved or not, women get away with shit children can’t even get away with, even by today’s standards. It’s not until the damage is caused do we realize that. Prime examples: Emmett Till. Dizzy white girls causing race riots by crying “wolf”. The Shoshana Roberts video. American abortion clinics. Child support bureaucracies. Need I continue?

3] “Everyone must obey the law”

While some laws are useful, does it take an astro-physician to finalize that most laws aren’t? that it’s just an excuse to keep certain people in “their place”? Without making this entirely race-based, it’s typical white America to tell the general public that “policemen are heroes”. In a historical manner, the concept of law-and-order was built to intentionally shit on non-whites, then call it “snow” (or “that’s life”). In recent events, whenever an unarmed black person gets murdered by American “cops”, conservatives go out of their way to find “respectable”, neutered black “Uncle Ruckus” types to put in their corner.

Then, there’s the myth of “If you obey the law, it will save your life.” … Umm, are you sure of that? … I won’t even get into how antithetical that is – not just by examples, but by theory. Too many lives were ruined and taken by legalized, barbaric “race soldiers” and too many times, they’ve gotten away with it simply because they could, or because the average person did not have smartphones, witnesses, or the power of an attorney by their side.

Without going into details, everybody breaks the law. Everybody! I don’t care if it’s smoking Cuban cigars, getting high on something, adultery, bribery, cheating on taxes, paying for sex, home moderation, etc. But in the end, are laws built for the sake of humanity? Or the ruling elites and their retarded minions?

4] “You always lose money chasing women, but you never lose women chasing money”

If this were totally true, why do women choose so-called “thugs”, bad boys, “losers”, “weedheads” and “deadbeats” with baby mama drama? Why is it that hyper-masculine urban hustlers can get high quality and quantity of pussy than the yellow milksop, whose wife runs the show BTS? Why’s it that a woman who makes her own money (via jobs, the welfare state or adult entertainment) isn’t settling for established guys who has no sexual chemistry/attraction?

Sure, most inner-city “thugs” would prefer an illegal 30K per yr. vs. a legal 50K per yr. – not only because of lackadaisical economies, tax-free dollars, or because saying “fuck society” is more advantageous and gets women’s orifices itchy. But being a servile, imitation white man dependent on a slavery-based system you didn’t create is detrimental to one’s own masculinity. A slave is supposed to be in the fields laboring, not wasting his energy on “immoral” pipe-laying. Only “massa” can insert weird objects in women’s pussies and anuses.

Here’s another thought: Why aren’t high-paid wage slaves spending their money on vacations, escorts and sugar-daddying? Why’s more than half of their income spend on insurance? Interest rates? Taxes? Mortgages, equities and futile home modification fads? Child support, legal one-upmanships and post-divorce division of property? How can anyone overlook the commonly used excuse for female infidelity/insatiable female sexuality: He couldn’t satisfy her needs because he works all day?

Does systematic accomplishments truly matter when an urban, athletic black stud can get a piece of ass for a low price or none at all? Or with damn-near no effort?

The series is continues here…

Common Groupthink Regurgitation : 02

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