Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 02

In this first part of the series, I’ve tackled myths and clichés that are destructive to humanity and free-thinking individuals that humans mindlessly celebrate. I will continue the series here…

5] “Having a college degree guarantees employment for life”

There probably was a time when this was true – specifically in the 1980s and 1990s. But look around you… does the ball roll like that today? Fuck the reasons. Being seasoned, experienced, credentialed or a “teacher’s pet” no longer guarantees job stability, thanks to corporate downsizing, at-will employment, or even petty tattle-telling. Many college majors have become worse than useless over the years also, thanks to low earnings, fads, decrease in specific occupational fields, etc. This is one reason why college kids consistently change majors every other month more than some of them change sex partners.

There is almost no job stability in modern western societies, thanks to governments, corporations, recessions and greedy white businessmen exporting jobs overseas for cheap labor (hence how iPhones are made) and human labor being replaced with technology and machinery. This is how the big-wigs make their money – and let’s face it, they know how to make money, you don’t. Which means you’re basically fucked, because all you’ve been taught is how to work for other people.

Is college worth finding yourself in debt to your knees? The $50K+ that’s been spent on universities, student loans and boarding could have been used to buy a cheap flat in the inner city and possibly a vehicle. What’s the point of attending colleges and high school when we live in the age of information (via the internet, Google, Wikipedia, Bing, etc…)? Why are college degrees necessary to do cubicle jobs that even a 5th grader can do?

6] “Power and control will never outweigh love”

Does anyone really believe this?! And guess who told that lie? I’ll leave a clue… It was some pompous, status-obsessed Hollywood actress who not only jock-rides her husband, but who also believes In “goddess recognition”. I wrote about this before in The Disney Myth: 1.

If your skepticism is that intense, look around at how many men believed in love, romance and queen-worship… only to either get fucked by the system, played by the very women they’ve apple-polished, or was sent to an early grave.

The intensity and heat of LTRs and marriages fade after several months or one year. Then it translates into contempt, regret, side action and struggles to maintain the upper hand. Booty calls and friendships are more lasting and gratifying than that of love. If you don’t believe me? I’ve seen women run back to a small group of dicks whenever they needed breaks from their jelly-bellied cuckolds. The same can be said for husbands with “side chicks”, mistresses and “jump offs”. There’s a reason why the latter women are winning.

We are all subject to the same system of control and love is not a way out of the current system matrix. There are reasons why women are only attracted to 1/4th of the male population. Control, excitement, adventure, lust and provocation always outweighs love. Even ancient regimes and biblical scriptures tells us this. Today, it still remains. Once you realize this dark wisdom, your flames of repressed anger will be cooled down.

7] “Ghetto blacks makes respectable/empowered blacks look bad”

Pathetic lines such as this remains celebrated among blacks who try hard to appear “respectable”, “acceptable” or “safe” in white-dominated societies. This has also caused degenerate blacks to say retarded lines like “I see why the police are killing these young niggas.” or “I see why white people have no respect for us.”

While I can conclude that whites also separate themselves from poor, underachieving whites, blacks are arguably the only ethnic group who cut off their noses to spite their face, because they are too concerned with saving face. These kinds of black people believe themselves to be better than so-called “thugs”, “deadbeat dads”, “cannon fodder”, “studs” or “hoes” due to some monetary, spiritual, materialistic or moral “superiority”. But the truth is, they are really seeing themselves on a very bad day.

These are the same “high and mighty” bastards who think younger blacks should be jailed for innocuous tendencies, like getting high on something, paying for sex, wearing saggy jeans, hoodies and dreadlocks, using profanity in public or association fallacies. It’s the same mental landscape that religious nut-jobs have – that if you groom yourselves for a nonexistent deity, you will somehow become special and rewarded with full immunity. How has that worked in contrast to “violent” civil rights activists or “promiscuous” MGTOWs?

Why do people voluntarily give total strangers and outsiders the benefit of the doubt, even when it works against them and their children?

8] “Blacks are violent, lazy or inferior, because they have low-IQ”

Well, the same can be said about law enforcement officers, right? U.S. court systems have also decided that people with high IQ are barred from taking jobs dealing with law enforcement. So, what is this really about? Is this due to a fear of someone exposing them, rather than turning blind eyes to abuse, murder and other types of muscle-flexing? Are the hiring processes about ensuring justice, competence and pragmatism? Or is it about someone being your bought bitch? But cop apologists and other patriotic fag-boys just haven’t found the right one to fuck that taste out of their mouths… yet!

How useful is a High IQ as it pertains to dealing with daily interactions? What ass-clown decided to measure human intelligence and pragmatism based on useless IQs, ACT/ACT test scores? And why are these things solely celebrated by whites and East Asians – the same idiots who label policemen as “heroes” while finalizing blacks as underachievers and other disrespectful slur? If it weren’t for systematic snow-jobs, asymmetric warfare and useless honorific titles, they all would be the “bottom of the pile trash”.

Are a group of people really “violent” because they are more virile in physique, genetics or approach? Are blacks really lazy when their ancestry build countries with their bare hands, only to say it doesn’t mean shit? Who’s really inferior – the persons whose resources were stolen and playbooks plagiarized? Or their 400-year-long transgressors? Why would any self-respecting person give their all to people, institutions and regimes that view all humans as disposable?

Up next…

Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 03

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