Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 03

This is a continuation of my five-part series dedicated to debunking myths, cliches and fairy-tales that society has caused people to mindlessly regurgitate.

9] “Hookup culture killed chivalry… and the art of flirting”

Believe it or not, I had a woman tell me this. I’m confident this rhetoric floats in the brittle psyches of not just traditional women, but especially ugly fat white women regurgitating the latest feminist fad fashion. Yet, these will be the same exact women who benefit from hookup culture (selfies, social media, flings, etc).

While I’m anti-chivalry (unless it involves the women in my immediate family), what I will say is this: Chivalry died when women wanted to be empowered, self reliant and independent. It’s not just limited to single mothers and women who will tolerate carrying their own groceries for a guy who’s only bargaining chip is sex. If “empowered” women want their freedom and independence, they should be able to accept all that comes with it – especially responsibility. If hookup culture killed anything, it’s the destructive ideology of “pussy power”, traditional indoctrination, fairy-tale romance and, to a huge degree, lack of male dependency.

Another way of looking at it is through the means of a laborious learning process, called “trial and error”. Why treat women with degrees of humility if it goes unappreciated? Even your local asshole-playboy was played by a woman before he reached his “dark god status”.

10] “Believing in Christ will reward you with unlimited tangibles”

Uhh… excuse me. If this was the case, don’t you think a mythical god would have saved humanity from their “ills” centuries ago? And don’t give me that shit about “For god so loved the world that he drowned everyone in it.” In fact, did this really happen? Or was this mythic portrait created by twisted plantation owners to be used as an ultimate mind-fuck? How many black slaves, economically feeble brown-skinned people and poor whites believe this crap, only to remain stuck in a bitter rut? Or to be sent in early graves with their bodies and premonitions empty and unfulfilled?

Are those tangibles sent by “god” worthy of your self-respect being diminished? Watching your loved ones fade into obscurity? Gaining a PhD in a useless, wasted life? Or should you just obtain those things on your own, in underhanded manners influence by killer instinct, scenery observations and having some balls? Why on earth would you wait until after death to experience some false heaven, while those in power have theirs on earth?

You can waste your time believing in a ghost or an unseen deity. You can also spend your lives on standby and ignore simple pleasure and necessities. Either way, if you want to fuck up your life, that’s your business…

11] “Women hit ‘the wall’ when they approach 30”

This is a common lie and wishful thinking created by PUAs, “the wall of silence” and “the manosphere”, who failed to score with these women repeatedly – or who just dislike them based on personal preference. What’s a conundrum to me is when these same idiots say that cougars, MILFs, single mothers and fat women are the easiest women to run game on and fuck. But these attention-whoring males are contradictory, just as their longing for traditionalism.

In my experience, I’ve seen multitudes of cougars and MILFs of all ethnicities who are total 4s & 5s (most of them live in major, metropolitan cities). This only depends on how women take care of their health, their bodies and diet. These women also put out quicker than younger, flakier chicks in their 20s.

Cougars, MILFs, single mothers and (unfortunately) BBWs dominate America’s dating landscape. While it’s true that essentially, these women don’t look great naked in comparison to younger women in their 20s to mid-30s, they biologically flip the script on the societal lies (that women their ages should “settle down” or find their biological clocks ticking). Ironically, some women (single or married) do not reach their sexual prime until they’ve had a kid or two and this is when their hypergamous, promiscuous urges skyrocket. This could probably explain the epidemic of cock-juggling single mothers – hence, why even they outnumber younger chicks without kids.

Another lie is when insecure men (and women) say that as a woman approaches 30, she should relinquish her attraction to “bad boys” and move on to traditional, family-oriented guys. Again, this lie is created by feeble “nice guys”, since LTRs/marriages are the only way they can ever get a woman to have sex with them. These dudes’ social conditioning based on indoctrination is invalid. They don’t understand that bitches love drama. All of them – just in different form.

12] “Being hard on children will save them from prison (or death)”

I understand that fathers being active in their sons lives could same them from misery and being victims of circumstance (granted, their fathers aren’t pussy-whipped yellowbacks, useless bill payers or broken down losers). And yes, more black men need to be involved in their sons lives, whether they hate their baby mama’s guts or not. But in our current status quo, nothing will save even the most “law abiding”, “cordial”, “respectable” or “upstanding” person from unforeseen challenges, power-hungry hyena-cunts, trigger-happy bureaucrats or anything else beyond their control. Truth is, even if you were a one of those things, their existence would be null and void. Hence, all of the attempt for our legal system to criminalize harmless behaviors.

I can go on about the historic birth of where this slave mentality comes from. I can go on about how the relationship of black parents and their children is similar to that of a master/slave, or a pimp/whore relationship. Either way, it’s an attempt for infallible-types to cut off their noses to spite their faces, under the assumption they will receive complete and full immunity from legalized tyrants and other “less than” predators.

I agree that teaching kids to be resilient, pragmatic and to come up on the rough side of the mountain will prepare them for life’s challenges. But all the strict, conservative BS is done out of fear and regurgitating so-called methods and fashions created by total strangers, “experts” and wage slaves (teachers) who don’t give a shit, and therefore don’t mean shit.

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