Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 05

This is the final installment of my nasty series, Common Groupthink Regurgitation.

17] “The Rape Culture myth”

Rape culture is a speculated myth regurgitated by the average modern white woman, who feeds it onto “other” women also. It’s an attempt for women to keep getting away with wolf-cries and duck-calls in order to emasculate, stifle and criminalize male sexual expression.

Everything spells out “rape” to these lowlife cunts. Strip clubs = “rape culture”. Escorts = “rape culture”. Flirting and cat calls = “rape culture”. Sex with drunk chicks on college campuses = “rape culture”. Most of the shit they consider “rape culture” are actually lifestyle preferences that makes it hard for women to surrender their lives, time and resources to them, so that laws and society can continue giving women the upper hand.

Women yell loud from the rooftops about “rape culture, rape culture, rape culture”. – Yet who are they most attracted to? The motherfuckers who are most capable of raping them, beating them and banging them in the ass, putting ‘hot bruises’ all over their bodies. Plus, it goes back to the natural instincts of men providing, protecting and making women feel desirable. In order for that to occur, women would have to pick guys who are stronger, taller and more domineering and cutthroat than them. Since the beginning of time, women have always attached themselves to the dominant male, especially if he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. No one every attained a goal by sitting on the sidelines being meek and humble.

In the age of attention whores and desperate men, it would help if men became more stingy with their time and their bodies. Then women would probably fight like hell for a man’s attention. So I say, for said females, do not give them the attention they pretend to not crave. Let them hoes rot.

18] “All black children are born out of wedlock by deadbeats, whores and no-hopers”

Flawed perfectionists, conservatives, overachieving on-point simps and other infallible-types embrace and push this stereotype. What they are saying is that over 70% of black children are not only born out of wedlock (aka “enslavement”), but they are produced by society’s “bottom feeders”. I reject this as not only a racist, but a misandrist lie.

These statistics are bombarded down black America’s throats annually, religiously tossed around by conservatives. – but somehow, there are no accurate statistics about the escalating rate of white single motherhood and white “deadbeat dads”. We love to criticize sexually irresponsible black athletes while sweeping the dirt of reckless white celebrities under the rug (i.e. Charlie Sheen, Steve Jobs, etc.).

Is there any accurate research that shows that some of these children are born by people who became victims of circumstances (poverty, divorce, break-ups, sexual violation, etc.)? Do we even require research when real-life observations show that people can become victims of circumstance? Is there anything written in stone that says perfect Kodak moments are necessary?

Blacks do just fine until white societies and fake moralists attempt to colonize, “legitimize” or devalue people with “fear and smear” campaigns.

19] “Matrimony is the ultimate goal of human existence”

Our current world along with the fact that “shit happens”, plus to concept of “trial and error” says otherwise.

Monogamy was and is an inhumane social conditioning, created by matchstick men to keep people and property under their radar. It only lasted for so long because of lack of resources, options, contraceptives and technological advances. Add in the fact that people were “sheeple” who didn’t have the balls, nor the brains to question or revolt against it. Marriage and children was never about happiness, but rather necessity, control and survival.

Throughout history, there were arranged marriages – not just for women who had no choice in who she married – but for men who inseminated women amid a one night stand and black slaves, whose “owners” felt married slaves had more weak points and therefore, were less likely to rebel or run away… even though their families could have been raped or eradicated, even if they were being “good n*ggers”. The game lasted for a very long time… but then, the civil rights movement (integration) happened. So did contraceptives, the sexual revolution, feminism, MGTOW, hookup culture, recessions, credit crunches, social media, etc. Collectively, these game-changers did a number on their enslaving agendas.

Fast-forward to today: Since records began, singles outnumber marrieds. Not just because feminized laws allow women to exit them with huge paydays, but because men are reluctant in jeopardizing their empires, freedom, lifestyles or virtue. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great thing. Singles step their “A game” up for every new and intriguing person they meet. Whereas most men find themselves stuck in marriages with depreciating, foodie-obsessed, decrepit and slow-witted wives who ration sex and randomly dish out tantrums and other BS.

20] “Suburban life is optimal”

Suburban life is in all actuality disingenuous, expensive, solitary and strenuous. What is optimal about boring domestic routine, overpriced houses, highway robbery, life-long mortgages, nosy fucked-up neighbors, high taxes and homeownership drama?

Why is it that young suburbanites escape their lily-white towns and head south, to big cities or metropolitan areas to engage in spontaneous interactions? What is in in these areas that cannot be found in quiet, overpriced, pompous suburbia? Is the nightlife more enthralling? Are the men or women more pleasurable to be around? Is it true that urbanites have more fulfilling lives than their overachieving, burned-out suburban counterparts? Or are suburbanites too busy earning papers, plaques and paychecks to maintain status or buy homes and furnishings to impress irrelevant people?

What’s the point of excess or luxury if it doesn’t attract high-quality relationships – or if you spend more time working for it than enjoying it?

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One thought on “Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 05

  1. “Rape culture” falls apart the moment you put it to even mild scrutiny. If you believe that bullshit stat that 1 out of 5 college women are sexually assaulted on a college campus, that would mean a college campus is statistically more dangerous than the rest of America. Even in the inner city, with higher rates of violent crime, do not have a 1 in 5 rape figure.

    Regret is not rape. 2 young adults can consent to have sex, and the woman may very well still feel awful afterwards. Whether the man was abusive during sex or if she regretted the choice of man she had sex with. Perhaps the man is a cad and spread the news far and wide. That makes him a terrible man, it does not make him a criminal.

    I was always the shy guy. I was also the odd-looking guy. All rape culture does is ensure that guys like me (but half my age) are going to be even less likely to approach a girl they like. OTOH, the guys who are know what they want and are upfront about having sex will be more likely to get it. So shy guy has to wait until the girl of his dreams is dumped or left as a single mom before he can hope to get some.


    A woman can always reconstruct her delusional self-image by false rape accusations when she feels regretful. You know a year ago, some woman made a Facebook status about Elliot Rodger. And she says shit like “Who is going to teach these boys to not objectify women?” This is coming from a former ‘video vixen’ whose aging body caught up with her and now has kids – guys aren’t giving her as much attention as they had several years ago. One of her cohorts co-signed with her, saying “This is rape culture”. So, I respond by asking “Who got raped?” She gets defensive and tells me to “expand your mind” (learn about so-called ‘rape culture’). I politely told her that there’s no such thing as a culture of rapists and that myth AND her wasn’t worth my time before blocking her.

    In regards to so-called rape culture and the epidemic of mass-shootings created by sexually frustrated white guys, I predicted shit like this happening a while back. While I have no issues getting sex (paid or unpaid), hypergamy is a MF. You made a valid point about rape statistics – in the ghetto, shootings are more likely to occur than rape. And most shootings are drug-related or over guys fighting over pussy. Not fighting because they can’t get any.

    And while bragging is counterproductive, it’s not criminal. But the way things are now, guys are getting jailed for ‘revenge porn’ while females get away with putting guys on blast on social media to distort their image.

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