Winter Hiatus #3 – A Blogging Dynasty

Here goes…

First off, I want to thank all of my readers, fans and subscribers to reading my topics. I do this not only to express myself, but to enlighten a world of many who are struggling trying to find life’s answers and the right lifestyles for themselves. I also provide knowledge to help cool the flames of anger inside of today’s young men.

I will be taking a short Winter/Christmas/New Year’s break from writing or posting anything starting December 16th thru January 7th. Before my break, I will be posting three new topics. Two of them will be about MGTOW, how black men created MGTOW and it’s effects in the black community.

Sooner or later, I will update my list of The 50 Essential Writings of Home Is Where the Hate Is. A list that may not be completed as I still have more topics to write about. Also, there will be no long-winded posts here – though I’ve put an end to that already. Some of you may assume that I discuss women and sex a lot, but trust me, I will bring more host of issues to light in regards to our economic destruction in western society, tyranny, legalism and it’s personal vendettas, societal groupthink, the “weaker sex” lie and how the black community screws itself.


Thank you,

Mr. Odessa.

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